Be Happy To Be An Idiot! It Will Set You High!

Be Happy To Be An Idiot! It Will Always Make You Happy!

In this world, most of the people are really don't want to declare themselves as an Idiot. You are maybe brilliant. But there are some unbelievable plus points are behind this acceptance as Idiot even if you are brilliant! What are all those? Let's see...

You may have achieved something big among people! In that time, if you are in a composed state of mind and if you think that you are an Idiot still, then that mentality will get you more good things to learn!

Accepting yourself as an Idiot will never put you in the stage of Head weight! When there is no head weight, then positively you will reach more heights in your life!

If you behave like an Idiot by keeping silent (Not blabbering like Idiot), then you will observe more new things from people at their complete end! At the point, they will feel empty in words & you will feel fulfilled as you listened!

Accepting yourself as Idiot says that you are more mature than anyone else! Because common people won't do this! A matured person only can accept this truth!

This mentality will gradually decrease your meaningless desires! That means you will start to travel on some other meaningful path which you never thought! You can only know that way when you start to live just like that!

When you think that you are an idiot even if you achieved many things in your life, then you will be in the position of learning everything easily! So at that stage, you will be like a powerful speaker! This means You can speak anything in any topic boldly & perfectly as a rare quality!

This acceptance will improve yourself as a Good leader too! Ya, you can easily earn more people's hearts by showing yourself as a temperance person!

So when you keep the mentality of you are just a learner & idiot in all the times, then this world will give you more things to learn! When you learn more things, then you can shine, become unique easily! Once you stop learning by accepting yourself as Brilliant, then this world will leave you separately and you will become an outdated version of humans! 

Updates are everything! For every millisecond there are thousands of updates are happening around the world! In between that, you are just nothing whatever you learned! So just be very calm, mature & accept yourself as Idiot to learn more without any bad aftermaths!

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