Amazing Things You Forgot With Your Vehicles!

Amazing Things You Forgot While Riding Motorbike and Driving Car!

In this world, maximum numbers of people have their own vehicles like Bicycle, Motorbike, Car, Jeep, Van, etc! Daily we are riding a bike or driving a car from one place to another place for any kind of works. In that happening most of the people busy in thinking about their life, problems, remedy, results, and all other kinds of thinking which will not make you travel in the Present. 

This means, your mind is always traveling in the past or future! But not in the PRESENT! This is not only happening in Driving, but it's also happening in your entire life. Because we trained our minds like that. What are the consequences of it? Simple... You will not get permanent happiness as your mind always jumping like a monkey and worrying always. 

Happiness is based on your thoughts. Not on any SHAPED MATERIALS. If I start to say about mind & happiness, it's a very long topic. So let me tell you some of the interesting things you can do, which will give you complete happiness when you Drive or Ride! Our anxiety & urgency will never end in this mechanism life till our last breathe until we start to search what is real peace and happiness. So find little time in your daily living to Live in Happiness! These following things will give you greater results! 

Speak With Your Vehicle!

This is maybe Crazy... But, Speak with Your Vehicle! Touch it, Sense it, Feel it, Thank it & Love it! Just show your gratitude to your vehicle! 

Because, car, bike, bicycle, van, jeep, helicopter, plane, jet and each and everything have it's own living frequency! When you start to speak with your vehicle like a good friend, your speech's vibration will touch your vehicle's vibration frequency. And your vehicle will gradually start to hear what you say! Each and every reaction of your activities will evict it's appropriate body vibration outside. So always show gratitude to your vehicle for its help in reaching your destinations. 

Respect Your Vehicle!

Your vehicle knows everything! Don't underestimate it! Apart from showing love & gratitude, completely respect your vehicle. Don't allow your travelers to put trashes in your vehicle. Ask them to keep the legs in right place. Clean it often. Be possessive with your vehicle like your girlfriend/boyfriend! Because your vehicle always loves it! Treat the technology in a mature humanistic way!

Have Faith In Your Vehicle!

Don't always doubt your vehicle in the long run or short run! Even though if your vehicle's tyre condition is bad, even though if the traffic makes you tense, don't be rubbish with your vehicle. Whenever the situations are bad while driving, your faith in your vehicle will give your best results! Confidence & Belief matters!

Celebrate the Anniversary of Your Vehicle!

Just cut a simple cake, or celebrate in your unique way, take selfies & upload it in your social media pages. Do you think it's just a waste of time? Let me tell you a secret behind this! When you show this world that, you respect even your vehicle & celebrating the anniversary of it, people will start noticing it. 

Some people may think it's crazy, some people will appreciate it, many people may follow it too! Those people's thinking also will convert as vibrations and hit this universe. So when the universe receives whatever kind of signal, it will give back the same many times! Finally, your vehicle will come to know that you did all these & it will be so grateful to you in all needful times! Don't think it's just a vehicle! Each and everything matters in this world! Think, while driving if some accident happens, who takes the Damage first? You or Your Vehicle?!!!!


When you do this continuously, you will start to see all the magical wonders! When you started to feel & love your vehicle, then you will definitely come to see, your vehicle's Tyre Life, Mileage, Luxuriousness, Brake Condition, Safety Comfort and all other part's life will stand for a long time while comparing to other same vehicles! 

In some scenarios, you will literally see How Your Vehicle Replies To You! It knows your language, it knows your feel & it knows your value! When you start loving your vehicle, then it will be a perfect companion for you always!

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