When You HURT SOMEONE There is No Enemy Within!

Are Your Habits Punishing Others or Yourself?

In many life situations, we are thinking that we should punish others for their mistakes. They should get pain too! So that they will come to know how you faced the same situation! With your nature of habits, approach or other decisions you can obviously punish the people for their mistakes or some other things. They will feel bad too! But do you think are they really getting punished? What if I tell you that you gave punishment to yourself only??? Yes! It is true! Let me say how and why!

The understanding of punishing others in this world is, We should HURT THEM MENTALLY or PHYSICALLY to get pain. Once they get pain, the human mind is getting happy. Punishment is a needed thing only in this world for those who do injustices & immoral activities. But you can't be a judge in all situations! Judgment is a very big thing! You can't come to a conclusion just like that in nailing justice! Moreover, there are 4 Biggest laws are happening in this universe. So when you hurt someone, remember these things.

1. Society's Common Law (Comes under limited human knowledge)

2. Nature's 5 Ultimate Law (Ground, Fire, Water, Air, Space)

3. Planets' Unimaginable Law (Comes under Karmic Structure)

4. Divine's Unseen Law (Can't Described in Words)

So when we are into judging other people & punishing them for their mistakes, it may happen for some particular reason. As justice or punishment, this universe itself will give them appropriate aftermaths from any one of the above-mentioned laws. In between, if you really think that you are smart and going to give punishment for other people means, then it's purely immaturity! Did you hear this? If yes, then recall it and don't forget this forever...

There is an equivalent reaction of every action caused by you! -Newton's Third Law (One of Nature's Law)

Specifically to say, when you get angry or disturbed, if you are going to punish other people with your nature of habits, you are not punishing them! Actually, you are punishing yourself only in the beginning stage of thinking itself on hurting someone! Moreover, you will face the aftermath of what you did to them! Keep this in mind! How your habits are hurting and punishing yourself first before it reaches other people?

Devil's Fullest form Called Angriness!

Devils will use you as a medium in the start to destroy others, once it completed, it will destroy you too! So that it's called Devil! Don't think that you are using your angry to make you unique and put safety bars from others. It's a fundamentally wrong thought. When you punish others with you angry, they will feel bad first. They will feel hurt too. But whenever you are angry, medically you are burning all the healthiest cells inside your body!

Anger means bad fire. That fire will burn your positivity first! Then health! And then all your resources of growth! How? Whenever you use your angriness as your weapon while dealing with people, then it will become your habit. Usually, human nature will stick to bad things than good things very easily! When your anger becomes your habit, then you will lose patience.

Without patience, you can't do any things in the right way, which won't give you results! When you don't have patience, then you will suppose to have Anxiety issues too! If you have an anxiety problem in living life, you will get Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and all other health-related issues one by one! The very basic start of your bad time exactly commences when you get angry! Keep it in mind! When there is No Enemy Within then It's in You!

Spreading Bad Habits Knowingly & Unknowingly!

This society is watching you! So whatever you do in this world, your kids, your circle of people & strangers too will have situations to watch it. As I said earlier, people will catch negative things very easily, if you showed them your bad attitude, nature, bad habits knowingly or unknowingly, they will follow it for some other needful reasons. Hurting someone you love is cruel!

Moreover, some people are compelling others in alcohol drinks, smoking habits, other usages of drugs, teaching angriness, lethargic way of approach, and all other negative sides of human living! So you became the reason for it! Destroying your own life itself a sin; In this case, who gave the authority to destroy other people's life too by teaching them bad habits which will spoil their mental and physical health? Beware! Newton's third law will be applied to you in a very bad way! That's why wisdom says,

Good & Bad are not coming from others! You will always reap, What you plant!

Thinking Negative & Spreading Negativity!

If you want to punish others, you should be in the thoughts of negativity! Punishing is a negative word. So, even though you are going to punish the people for their immoral thing, mentally you will carry the negativity somewhat to execute it! Negativity is always Negativity! When you learnt and tasted the taste of hurting others, you will become sadist! Your mind will induce you to do the same again and again!

Whenever you become negative in thoughts, then you will always be surrounded by negative energy which won't let you live peacefully! The person who is surrounded by negativity always spills the negative energy only from their body! People will sense it gradually and you will lose them! When you don't have good vibrations, then all the positive opportunities will go away from you! Literally, you will live in the hell of living life! So whenever you feel low or negative, try to Increase your Positive Activities!


Whenever you are in the mood of punishing or hurting others, you should be Unanimous and Stable in Thinking Positively, Ok? So... who will punish then? That's none of your business dear! This nature made you born here! It will take care of you! And it will take care of all other things from punishing to everything! How? Do you know Amazon Forest? In there, did humans plant all those trees and other plants? Not at all right? It's the creation of Divine! All those trees are growing good only! Even though forest fire is been coming, or other natural disasters is been happening, nature only taking care of it further.

Rain is coming at the right time to grow them! We didn't do anything other than polluting the earth! Nowadays we are polluting the space and other planets too! Isn't it too arrogant? Understand one thing... Divine is bigger than everything! It knows what to do and what not to do! This earth had seen already millions of years with other creatures and still counting! The complete universe has more unimaginable twists!

Evolution is still growing! Divine has still millions of years of plans in future! Likewise, dragons, dinosaurs, and all other Extinct creatures, Human evolution also going to extinct very soon! So keep this truth in your mind & surrender yourself to the most powerful and immeasurable truth of existence! Start to live life without wasting it! Time won't come again! Punishing yourself and others is the job of the above-mentioned laws' work. You just live life within the fixed lifetime which was given by God in the healthiest and happiest way... All other things will happen at the right time.

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