Be an Actor For a While When You Get into Airplane! It's Bliss!

Be an Actor For a While When You Get into Airplane!

Actually, human nature is not a fixed one. It depends on the understanding, way of approaching, perceiving things, thoughts, way of seeing, etc! It differs from person to person. But we can be like whatever we need! Like an adamant, matured, silly, crazy, intelligent, idealistic, worthless, idiotic, childish & more! We can change ourselves as per our needs by practicing it daily. When the practice is continuous, then obviously we can become like that! But we should choose how should we project ourselves to this society, as you know Attitude is Everything! Airport travel tips are below.

Everyone has their unique, own attitude and character. In the filmmaking term, we can say it as characterization. It is really so hard to change someone's character instantly. Even yours! Because character & characterization is the long process and growth from baby age itself. 

So if we want to change anything in our character or attitude, it won't come instantly. Because we have to practice it often. Should inject it in our minds always. We should remember it whenever our mind & character reacts like the past. 

But for an instant change, we can Act as an Actor for a while whenever we have a break, leisure or whenever we want to. Everyone in this world is actor only, in the film named called LIFE. That too from Supreme Power God's direction. For society, we are acting in the needful moments. But this thing which I say to ACT is, short time play for a while to taste the living life pleasure!

Do you know what is the benefit of acting like this? 

This will entertain us & show the very different side of us! You will feel very blissed, blessed & and see more abilities in you! But the main thing after acting that you have to do is, WATCH YOUR INSIDE FEEL! What does it give? How do you feel?! That is more important! Once you start noticing your inside feel, you will come to know life's secrets very easily! From earning to dying, and everything! You should practice these abilities inside you to shine like a star!

Now I am going to tell you to Act as a short time Actor when you are in the Airport & get into Airplane! 

Can you act like this only when you get into the airplane? No! You can act whenever & wherever you wish to! For instance, I am going to take an Airport & Airplane as a Hot pick! To do this, You no need to be a well trained or professional actor. Chill! 

But the main thing is, you should watch your inside feel whenever you start to act like this! In the end, you will feel really blissful & blessed! Being an actor, you can act like whatever you need! But this acting which I am going to teach you is, mainly to make yourself more Happier & Blessed by your surroundings!

Entering into Airport Gate

No matter whether you are in domestic or international departure. No matter who you are, how you were in the past & what is your character! When you get into the 1st gate of the airport, in the Personal ID checking place, once you give your ID to police guard, Smile at them. Once they checked, tell them 

Thanks for allowing me in Sir/Madam! You have opened my today's first positive gate! You are really doing a Great Job!

Once you say this, watch their face! Don't expect any reactions from them! Expectations lead to tragedy! Just give them positivity in words without expecting anything in return! Once they allowed you in, Watch your inside feel immediately! That's more important!

Walking on the Airport Floor

If you are not urgent in Airport & have enough time for departure, then watch your footsteps! Walk slowly & Comfortably! Don't be rush like the same in past times. You became an Actor for a while! So act like a peaceful and matured being when you walk! 

Watch your footsteps! See the beauty of the surroundings! Watch other people's needless urgency and their activities! Observe everything! Other passengers, Babies, rush, sounds, police guards, their face reactions & more! When you watch those, your mind shouldn't think of other useless things! Just watch it with full involvement & a peaceful mind! Whenever you watch something with a peaceful mind, watch your inside feel also! You no need to describe it! If it's First time travelling alone airport, Just feel & enjoy it...

Walking on the Airport Floor

Getting Boarding Pass

When you are in the queue to get your boarding pass, Act like a Kind person! Even if someone crosses the queue, allow them in with a small gentle smile! Ask them to head forward! Don't make unnecessary talks to them. Don't speak badly about them inside to you too! Let them pass! 

Allow the situations to travel inside you! 

Watch the situations too! Be the best observer for a while, as you are acting now! 

Once you reach the boarding pass deck, give your details. Compliment the boarding pass officer's look or costume or anything! Compliment their job! Compliment their continuous needful job towards serving people! You can compliment any one of these to them! In any other bad situation, even they yell at you, show them only your love! Show them your maturity! If you shout, you fail as an Actor! Once you complimented them, watch their face and your inside feel too!

Greet & Thank the Security Guard

Security guards are 24/7 standing inside airports for your safety! That's really an appreciable & irreplaceable job! No need to panic or get afraid of them! They are there for your safety only! They are not there to threaten you! Being the best Actor, Obey & respect their job! 

Once they checked you in security check, handshake them and Thank them that they are doing a wonderful job! And say them that you feel very grateful because they made your travel very safe by checking all the persons! They are getting a salary! But that is not enough for their comfort living! They gave their most valuable time, discipline & dedication to that most valuable job! Without them, it's not possible! 

If you are an Award winning actor, then give them a Hug!

Give Tip with a Confidence Note

If you buy something to drink or eat at the airport, give the bill desk person small cash as a tip. If they accept it's good. Then give them confidence by saying, 

God is watching you & your desires will be fulfilled soon! 

These words will give them instant energy in their life to reach their goals faster! Even if they didn't accept your tip, tell them that 

God is watching you! And you earned his concern! He uses me here! Get the tip! Your desires will be fulfilled soon! 

The confidence which you give to unknown persons in an unexpected moment is, Unimaginable Transforming Energy! Because most of the people always roam here and there with their life desires & needful expectations only. At that time, your confident positive words will give them great positivity which will boost them!

Likewise, you can Act more with Pilots, Airhostess, Fellow nearby passengers with your positive words & matured way of thinking! Once you did this, watch your inside feel! That will say you, what is Real Happiest Life! The best way of living is always in Giving! Not in getting! I mean not only money! The positive thoughts, kindness, spreading love, showing mercy, understanding nature & more related to God's nature! To act for a while itself will give you this happiness mean, if you always become like this, How will your life turn? Living Heaven Right?! You can take this as first time international flight journey tips also.

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