Richness is Kind of Curse! Don't Read this Post If You Want to Be Rich!

Richness is Kind of Curse! Don't Read this Post If You Want to Be Rich!

Rich People Problems!

Everyone wants to become rich in their life. Why everyone want money? Because they can buy any things with that. After buying those things what they get? They will get temporary fulfillment on their desire. Thru that fulfillment, they will get limited time happiness. So if we go deep to see, we need happiness only. Not money actually!

Many people think that having millions of dollars in a bank account, very big bungalow, costly car, beautiful wife, familiarity in society, continuous foreign tours, lavish lifestyle, etc, etc, only will give a happy life. Many people not even know what is really called HAPPINESS! The majority of people think that money only can give happiness to their life! 

In this case, I really wish... 


Because then only they will come to know, it's not real happiness & still didn't get the right answer on searching! The search also will get continued even after! Above mentioned things may give you temporary happiness. But you will get lost in that fake richness illusion! You know what? Actually, the real Richness is in your heart & Happiness is in your mind only! Not in money!

Ya, happiness is not in any other thing. That's why Spiritually Enlightened people say, Grow your Heart & Mind than Growing your wealth! So, earning money is a crime? No... I didn't say that! Earning money for your comfort needs are much appreciated! But greed on earning money will destroy your life long happiness!

Then how should you live like? I mean.. Each and every burger that you eat even after your fulfilled hunger is Not Yours! This applies to all other things.

Do you think rich people are very happy? Are they living a very happiest life as having a lot of money? No dear! Not at all... Let's see how they suffer at their level!

Common people are suffering in monthly EMI pressures, Debts, Sudden Medical Expenses, Daily Expenses, Shopping needs, Marriage pressures, Savings for family, Education, Buying a home, Kids Life Safety, Fixed regular income, etc.

Same like, rich people are suffering in BIG monthly EMI pressures, Privacy Related Issues, Life Positioning Problems, Branding Issues, Compulsion on Holding the Visibility, Court & Lawsuit problems which were caused by opposite parties, Respect Related Issues & Handling it, Big level Tax Problems, Criticisms, etc!

So you can completely understand that problems are surely there for Poor & Rich also. Size of problems only different! In fact, RICH people are facing more problems, more tensions, more pain than common people! Depends on your desire, your problem will get a start. Till you change your mind in way of thinking & understand the ART OF LIVING, you will face pain till your last breath! This is the law of nature!

If you think that, once you become a millionaire, you will handle things very easily and you will enjoy only happiness with your money mean, it's completely childish & immature talk. 

Because no one will give you free money! If you want more money, you are supposed to work crazy hard & smart! The competition also from worldwide! Or if you want millions in a short period, then definitely you have to go in the wrong way, which is against country law! Also, you will be in danger zone and you will have more chances to be in Jail. 

In basic you started your life for happiness, once money came in a short period, you will face more tensions & pressures from this society. And it will end Jail. Even if you win in lawsuits, your complete life will be like living in jail. Because your freedom will go as your mind will think always about coming out of problems. 

Perhaps, you want millions in a very honest way, then it will take very long years to reach that place. To reach that position also, you have to give your Time, Age, Hard work, Health & Everything! Literally, you will become old even you became a millionaire. When you are in an honest way to become a millionaire, then you may definitely have health related issues like anxiety problems, blood pressure, Insomnia, diabetes, etc! 

So however you earned millions, you can't enjoy it completely when you are suffering medically! The world's many top icons like Steve Jobs and more, who were millionaires faced many problems mentally and physically & they didn't live a happy life! They may be top in business, but not top in happiness! Living life without happiness is like, drinking salty water for your Thirsty!

So those earned millions will go to your next-generation only. Further, do you think, will your heirs enjoy that? Yes, they may enjoy it! But they were not experienced like you in business. So they will enjoy it in every way at the start. But they will gradually lose everything later. Because self-control and self-discipline is the main key to happiness. Those who grew without knowing all these, gradually lose life's real happiness. They also fail!

In fact, compared to the rich, poor people can easily start a happy life. Because, those who grew in a lavish lifestyle, can't leave it physically or mentally that much easier. They will always think about their past life and respect when they want to travel in the truth. But common people easily can start a happy life by knowing money is not the answer to real happiness! As your circle is also less visible, you can easily change your mind and way towards the truth. Happiness is fundamentally in mind. Not on any visible things in this world!

So how to get Real Happiness & Live Freely?

As money is based on Numbers, your search for money also never ends as Numbers are infinite! First cut down your greed. Because, ENOUGH MENTALITY IS, GREATEST WAY TO HAPPINESS! You can't do it easily after reading my post just like that! It's a very long process! You have to practice to be in this state of mind! It's art! 

Question yourself that WHO AM I? This question has a very big power & the secret to teaching who are you & what is life! You no need to answer this question when you ask yourself! Just question yourself repeatedly! Take months! Because Each and every time when you ask this question to yourself, then it will gradually break the fake illusion wall of your mind! Later you will come to know the JOY of LIVING! 

Give always! I mean, in thoughts, teaching, materials, wealth, help & more! Those who are happy in giving, then this universe always will give them back more! Be clear in giving, because, no matter even if you are rich or poor, you will always get more back what you give! That's the law of nature.

Start loving everything! Showing love to people and other creatures will set your mind always peaceful. When your mind is always peaceful, then you can make any decisions very perfectly. You will also find the truths of your life gradually! Be thankful and show gratitude to what you have till now. Without showing gratitude, you can't get happiness. Because your mind will be always in getting, not on giving! It won't be matured living too! That's why Kevin Kwan rich people problems book got tremendous fame & there are many crazy rich problems than mentioned!

This World Has Enough to Give Everyone's NEED! But Not to Everyone's GREED! 
-Mahatma Gandhi

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