Be Unanimous in These 4 Life Changing Moments!

Be Unanimous in These 4 Life Changing Moments!

Being unanimous mean, taking a principle notes before from successful people & their ways, or your own unique ways & pre-planned way of living to live your life in a more successful way! Once you took notes, you should follow it! Beware, when you are on the right path, your mind will play with you to divert you! You can't win your mind sometimes! Because your mind will be your 1st enemy always! So in any situation, maintain the discipline & principles in your kingdom. It will make you Unanimous in rights moments! Accept the situation and move on!

You know what, earning money is very easy when you follow your pre-planned strict principles & discipline in it! Many people fail when they got diverted because of their real-life situations! You should clearly understand that those are real-life tests! You should pass it! Whenever you lose the tests & your identity, then you will step away from your destination. Keep it in mind, keeping your previous wealth and health safe is much more important than earning new wealth! For this nature, you should be Unanimous in some of the main situations!

Life has so many twists and turns. We have to be very careful and conscious while living. Even an unexpected small moment will change our life to any extreme whether positively or negatively, like choosing a lottery number to notice a hole in your traveling boat! So being in that conscious state is more important in Living! Some situations will shake our living life's root too! Be prepared!

It will check our stability! Even though we are aware of being matured and stable minded, the situations and its related pressures will change our mentality entirely! When the way is changed, then the destination may be sweet or bitter too! Strictly be unanimous in these following things. It will save you from many problems and challenges. So how to take right decision in life?

When You are in High & Happy!

Your happy moments will be a trap sometimes! You know how losses are happening? Because of the wrong promises and pride commitments in the happiest moments! Many big people themselves suffering much from fulfilling it because of their past promises with other people when they were so happy and high! A successful person should learn to say STRICT NO! 

That too in the happy moments! Don't worry about the opposite person's thoughts or reactions about your NO! You may feel a little bad because of your small no for some time. But it will save you from many big tensions in the future! Being unanimous without unstable is most important in your happiest moments! Don't give your word just like that! You should be your first savior!

When You are Frustrated & Sad!

When your mood is not good, then the words also won't come good! It won't be energetic or impressive. Your minutes of sadness will make another person's mood also spoiled! It will kill even your life! So be with motivating persons when you are frustrated or sad! Be with mature people who can handle that situation more efficiently in a positive way. Or turn yourself as a self-motivator! 

That is the most appreciable and more valued suggestion! Recall your past happy moments, the small or big achievements you did before! Also do the things which you love the most like watching a movie, doing your hobby, traveling, cooking your favorite dish, fishing, or anything that you would love!  perhaps if you are alone in these sad times, see motivational quotes, videos or have a phone call with a positive person! 

Admit one thing... Life was designed by happiness and sadness too! If you need happiness in your life, then you will definitely face sadness too! Because sadness is the continuation of happiness! When you avoid both and travel into a centered state called "NOTHING", then its called the spiritual path! So, be bold to face anything if you are into common human life living! So if you are not unanimous by doing these things in your irritating moments, then you will suppose to lose the joy of living!

Decision taking is Divine's Blessing!

In many situations, when you struggle to come to a conclusion and when you were showered by other People's many Suggestions or Compulsions, be very cautious and unanimous about it! You have to make a decision from driving the vehicle to signing the million dollar deal! Everyday life has many moments of making decisions! 

Just see and analyze other people's thoughts and suggestions. Don't over bother about it! Do you know when the clarity and right decision come from yourself? Only when you are empty in mind and peaceful! Just 10 seconds of mind emptiness will get unbelievable secrets to you on what you are searching for! Many zen quotes and spiritual people say this!  

Listen to your deep intuitions! It's the sound and guidance of God! Yes... In very crucial moments only it will speak. It won't repeat often like a blabbering mind! So catch your subconscious mind's intuitions without fail! You can trust it without any doubts! So whenever you are into making decisions, you should be calm & composed and also Unanimous.

When You Desired So Much on Something!

Our desires are leading our life! Your parent's desire for sex made you born! Your desire for making money makes you do your works! Your desire for some dream, makes you bring it to life! In these kinds of desires of each and every person only, this world is running! When your longing on desires is so much, then you will struggle much till getting it. Even though once you get it, you will lose desire on it and your mind will have desire on another thing! 

This is how this illusion-life is making us trapped! So if you are not sure about what you need & where your desire will take you, then your suffering on it's finding will eat your life days. I mean you should be very very clear about what you need, as you know now your desires are everything! Being unanimous on your desires is another kind of million dollar deal! You can stick into it or leave it! But don't become a victim of it!

Our Desires Always Disappoint Us! For though we meet with something that gives us satisfaction, yet it never thoroughly answers our expectations!    -Elbert Hubbard  

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