Currencies Are Killers! Color Papers Closed Your Wisdom Eyes!

Currencies Are Killers! Color Papers Closed Your Wisdom Eyes!

To live life peacefully, you will need daily just, Enough food, simple living place & clothes. But the search towards making more money to be a millionaire has a very struggling & long way path! Each and every person who runs for their basic needs will enjoy happiness & peace in living. But those who run with big desires will not get mental peace forever even if they have millions! Because happiness & peace are particular states of mind! It's not in outside things! Buddha said this simply, 

Desire and ignorance lie at the root of suffering. By desire, Buddhists refer to craving pleasure, material goods, and immortality, all of which are wants that can never be satisfied. As a result, desiring them can only bring suffering!

From this fundamental truth of human life & their ignorant run towards earning useless color papers alias currencies, I would like to give you some deep explanations about it!

Everyone's need is to live is a happy life! Isn't it? Or did you born to live with sadness, pain, irritation always and die? Not at all right?

About earning money based wealth, There are many quotes & sayings say that without struggles, no one can win in life! Yes... It's true! But what did they mean by WINNING IN LIFE? Only earning currencies? Do you think earning currencies are only called wealth? No! Currencies are just a part. Apart from money, there are some other important wealth also there!

Education, Knowledge, Wisdom, Reputation, Popularity, Strength, Body Health, Mental Health, Enough Mentality, Good People, Understanding, Forgiving Nature, Healthy Pride, Helping Nature, Keeping Young Age, Self Confidence, Courage, Long Time Living, etc, etc.

If you always run only for earning currencies, when you will start running for the above mentioned highly needed wealth? With currencies, you can buy some of the above-mentioned things like popularity, education & some other things. But do you think will that stay with you forever? If you bought those with money, when your money is gone, then everything will go away instantly! The real wealth should stand here even after you passed away from this world!

When your longing is always for money, as the competition is the same for every human being in this world, then your travel for money will be life long! It won't end even after you die! Your family will run for it! So you should pass the truth to your circle! You should set them free! You are madly earning the currencies for you at the start & later to your family too very madly! This indirectly teaches them that currencies are life! Aren't you making your family people's life also ruined by passing the fake painful travel which won't end?

For instance, even though you won the lottery & became a billionaire overnight, you will get only money & you can buy the needful things in this world. But, will that give you good hearted people? Needful real life experiences? Can you pass the arrogance of billionaire life? Will you be humbled? Can you find the evils which are in that money? Can you repel the fakeness around you? You can just say now, "YES, I CAN!" But saying yes is completely immature now! Without knowing the proper destination, where and how will you drive there?

Life is the same! You will come to know the situation & it's real complications at that time only! Your mind won't support if you didn't practice for that moment from the beginning itself! You don't know the value of your life. In this case, if you become a billionaire suddenly, how will you learn other parts of life by handling it in that point of view?

If luxuries are there for you always, will your mind accept the lowest things, when you came down from luxury life? Now itself you are worried about your small problems. Do you think can you manage big time and big deal tensions and issues easily when you are a millionaire or billionaire? Not at all!

This whole world is going only to earning currencies as they are thinking that money can buy everything! And buying will give them happiness! Even the whole world is doing the same thing, that is not supposed to be TRUE! The majority of people in this world are intended to do things by seeing others! But not the right thing! You no need to be one of them! By saying this, you are not following my religion or my thoughts! I don't want any credits as everything is coming from supreme power! I am telling you to follow the truth by questioning yourself! Your heart & deeper intuition mind will show you the right way always! You no need to ask anyone!

Then think, your run towards earning currencies is for what? To buy something right? Why are you buying it? With any bought things, your mind will get fulfilled (Temporarily)! Again your mind (Uncontrolled Monkey) will jump to some other thing! Again you will run for it with big pain, wavering mind till buying it, which is called unhealthy living! Think very deep! Most of the things you are buying are not for you! It's actually for this society only! To SHOW OFF them, you are taking more burdens by earning a lot of money. Whatever the god gives you, you are feeling IT'S NOT ENOUGH! To be honest, an Individual person's need is very very less & simple. But to show this society always, you are getting into many life killing traps! You know what, Being Rich Is Kind of Curse! You will come to know & admit it when you become rich!

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