Have You Ever Concentrated Completely on What Were You Eating?

Have You Ever Concentrated Completely on What Were You Eating?

In this mechanism life of human living, humans mostly not concentrating on what they are doing! When there is no focus on the things that you are doing, then you can't get complete output or results from it! It's like, choosing the BOLL when there is a tasty FRUIT! Nature has many wonders to give humans apart from visible materialized things too. You can only get it when you are in that frequency! It's all about how you see & how you take it! 

Food is a very basic need for humans to live in this world! So it has a very crucial part in saving human lives! When there is a topic on eating food, then the concentration part has a very important role to make the food magical happening! Follow these things to see drastic positive results in the body and also in mind when you concentrate completely on what you are eating! So eat consciously!

When you are in the dining table or at the moment of eating anything, the first rule is, surrender your complete self to that eating session till finishing! Your complete concentration should be in eating only! You shouldn't think anything at that time! I mean anything! Even if it's a million-dollar business! Because your eating session is going to take some minutes only. If you can't do that small sacrifice on that minute that too for your growth, then you are literally killing your growth in all ways! Not only health, but it's also like showing dishonor of your food! Those who failed to give respect and show gratitude to the food, then they will lose everything in their life later! It's the law of nature!

When you eat something, if your concentration is on speaking on the phone, watching TV, browsing the internet, thinking something, or doing any other things, then it's like you are eating only for your hungriness! Actually, food is not only for your hunger, but it's also actually to grow your life-changing energy levels too! Non concentrating food eating will grow your body parts only. But concentrated food eating habit will strengthen your cosmic level energy growth! Your unseen chords with the universal energy will get connected deeply in the second said scenario!

When you eat the food very fast just for hungry, then your saliva will not get mixed with your food! Which will make digestion problems for sure! Digestion problem is the very basic start of all other body problems! That will lead to constipation! When you have constipation then you will get all other instant diseases easily! 

Research says, concentrating on what you are eating, chewing with full of consciousness will cure the Diabetes problem in the root cause itself! You won't believe, if you have diabetes, just concentrate on your food completely, chew slowly, have time to mix your saliva with the food & then swallow it! You no need to take tablets or Insulin! I bet you, Within 2 or 3 days you will literally come to see your Diabetes problem will be in complete control! Give a try! Consciousness the key to wisdom! Nonconcentrated eating habit is the root cause of all early age diseases in the human body! It's proven! 

Non concentrated eating habit is the root cause of all early age diseases in human body

Concentration on eating food also improves your soft nature! Yeah! When you start to eat slowly with full of consciousness, then you will love to taste it inch by inch! When there is involvement in eating with LOVE, then you will start to love all other things also later! Because concentration power gradually will get improve as per your involvement! When the concentration goes high, then it will grab all the positivity around you! You can get whatever you need in this world! You know why? Because concentration is the key to open the secret world of manifestation! 

Concentration is the secret of many successful people! Meditation also teaching this only! FOCUS!!! Concentration is the thing which can't do or practice by all people! Those who are able to concentrate, they can get whatever in life! So you can easily start practicing from EATING! Mediation is like focusing on emptiness which is really hard at the start! But when there is a taste in your tongue, then you can focus on it easily! This is the healthiest way to eat!

That's why I say focus always on what you are Eating! Start to respect your food! Show gratitude to your food! Then you will come to see your life grow very early! Mark my words! You will suppose to get many winning opportunities which will make your life more beautiful! The secret is, the GRATITUDE SHOWING attitude will pull more positive energy from the universe to your food! So the normal food will become positively blessed and vibrated one! When you eat that, it will get you complete positive energy throughout the body! When the body is full of positive energy, then it will pull more positive energies towards it, which you will call HEALTH & WEALTH!

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