7 Efficient and Matured Styles in Learning Something!

7 Efficient and Matured Styles in Learning Something!

Learning is not only for students! It is there till our last breathe! So all age people should be very clear & mature in learning in this life! Learning something daily will improve our knowledge, mentality, nature, and thoughts. Good learning students will get marks in their exams! Good learning other persons will grow well in their areas of interest. But

What Is Called Real Matured Learning? 

Do we really do justice in learning? What are all the styles of learning? Let's see!

Eagerness without Ego

If you want to learn something from this society, you have to be very eager. Because life winning secrets are not for free! If you want to learn something more valuable, then you must be very eager & polite too! There are hundreds of people are here to advise you! But you can't take all the advice to your life as it is useless scrap! But there are more meaningful and & useful things that are there from matured people around you! You should be very polite and non-egoistic person to learn it!

You may think "Why Should I be Eager With Others?" when there are many excellent poems, books & quotes are there to learn! You know what, even though you have COSTLY DIAMOND in your hand, if your eyes are blind, then you don't know the value of it and throw away!

Likewise, All the wisdom quotes & poems won't inspire you! All you need is the right situation & the right moment! That time only it will get sparked with you in Deep! That's why I am saying you to be very eager to learn something always & live without Ego with other people! Then only you will start to receive Highly valuable & Secret Notes from this Universe! Prepare yourself for it! Because, To the Eager ears only, The Wisdom's Lips will Open!

Observe like Owl

If you are learning something from someone, first listen to it fully! Don't go to judgment even if it's wrong! If you cross them with your questions or conflicts, they will gradually lose interest to explain in their past and instant agenda! You will lose the opportunity to catch those life changing points! You know what? Only a Single Word or Single point will change your entire life! This happened in many persons' life! So you should wait for your moment!

Observing fully not only will get you full secrets, but it will also say to them that you are a gentle and matured person. When they understood that you are matured, then they will gradually teach the deep area of their lessons which is more expensive! Kind and Observing nature will make many impossible things to make it happen in any circumstances! Give a try!

Mind Has Unlimited Storage Than Notebook

Don't always look for note & pen to any place when you are in the learning process! Noting it in a notebook is good only if it is theory related exams! But the lessons for your life should be noted in your subconscious mind! Practicing this will be your long time treasure! Train your mind to take note always in your mind.

At the start, it will be so tough only. But you will enjoy the unimaginable magical results till a lifetime! Looking for an external thing always to note and make yourself better is a kind of addiction! Get addicted to nature! You will not shine for a long time if you won't get that external thing like notes in an urgent time! So that I am telling you to use your most valuable & most efficient body and mind as your tools to make it happen always! Come and thank me later if you become a PRO & tasted the essence!

Imagine the Visuals

In many situations, you can't remember all the main things which you heard in the past while learning. It's really hard to keep all the unique main WORDS in mind and it won't come instantly at the needed time. So practice this technique of Visualizing! Visualizing has amazing power! 
For instance, When I give you the storybook to read, and after that playing the Same story as Film, which you will enjoy much and will you feel easy to narrate? 

Of course film Nah? Because Visuals have that power! So whenever you learn something from someone, hear and imagine that with situations with real life characters as Visuals. Because visuals will enter into your subconscious very easily. 

So you can remember it instantly 100 times better when compared to just hearing or reading! In the process of learning anything, Visuals have the bigger part! Without wavering your mind outside, concentrate deeply into it & visualize the words with situations (Means Create The Simple Story) to become Fast & Brilliant learner!

Don't Kill Your Own Baby

Your mind and your life is like YOUR OWN BABY! Don't compare it with other babies! The way you grew, the situations you faced & your mentality and everything was different. Others' are different! Everyone is unique here! The person from Ethiopia is eating Wall Lizard & Some other Poisonous Insects to eat and they are living without any health problems. It's their country & their way of living!

Can you compare them and change your eating habits like them instantly to live? Not right? Same as that, comparing yourself with others will stop your growth in learning! It is exactly like killing your own baby! Respect yourself! No babies will like to see if they compared with others! You were a baby once! And still, you are a baby of God! Remember it... Be always empty minded to grasp the knowledge more easily and effortlessly!

No matter if another person learns fast or they have more knowledge than you! Your peaceful, calm and composed mental state only will lift yourself more than them! Be happy with what you got till now in learning! Be kind to the situations even if it is worse! Thin it is a learning experience to cross the same scenario next time cautiously!

Be a Dumb! Not a Deaf!

Become a Great Actor for a while like a Dumb when you are in the session of learning! Even in some situations if you have been insulted, don't react! Be a Dumb! This is called situation handling! This maturity will get you all the needful things for you! Great things come, only when you are eligible for that! Equip yourself towards it! Being dump in the Learning process (Not in All the Times) is a great quality of God's Own Learners!

As you went into the realm of learning which is new to you, you shouldn't be overactive nor overreactive! Even if they wrong, listen to it or watch it! Once they finished, come to the stage of analyzing with your previous knowledge as per your need! Especially to say, the main players in the place of learning are Eyes & Ears only! Not MOUTH! Keep it in mind! There is no need for mouth's work! Perhaps, if your teaching person is expecting or interested to hear your thoughts, then you can use your substitute player called Mouth!

Get into Accidents

Finally to say, learning things not only going to happen in expected places, fixed situations, knowing persons, expected materials, ordered books, downloaded videos, reading blogs, etc. Deep learning mainly will happen in Accidental Situations! So that I am asking you to go with that kind of Accidents happily! Let them pass into you! If it's positive learning, it's good! Suppose negative, then it's more Good! Because, in God's designed way, you can open the 100th right door, only if you have passed 99 wrong doors in the past!

Likewise, be ready for anything and everything! No moments shouldn't disappoint you! Mainly the wisdom says, you can learn minute to minute! There are thousands of things to learn from many things! Seeing ant, you can learn Vivacity & Consistent Working! Seeing fish you can learn to swim! Seeing horse you can learn to run!

Seeing a knife, you can learn to cut (Thoughts or Things) in life! Likewise, there are more available creatures and things! It's already happening there. All you have to do is, cut down your urge mentality in everything and stay calm first! Then watch this world! This universe's each and every creation will teach you many things! You can get the Sureshot Wisdom in this way! It's all about how you see!

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