You Never Heard or Learnt These From Beer!

You Never Heard or Learnt These From Drinking Beer!

Beer is a very common alcoholic drink has been consumed by people from many countries. In many places, people drink it daily. It became a very social drink among people. You may also drunk in your life or you may at least heard about beer. In that case, didn't you Get inspired by food or beer ever? Ha haa.. You may think, what's there to get inspired by beer right? Beer does what? What should you learn from it? Is it really make sense? Let's see one by one as it is! That too from a different impressive perspective! Read fully, this post will be one among nice gifts for beer lovers!

You Should be Like a Beer! How & Why?

The Presence of Beer! 

Without beer, the majority of entertainment activities are not there! Most of the people hosting the events & important happenings followed by a social drink of beer only! People won't give milk or other common drinks in events or other important happenings! Same like that, at least your circle of people should need you in their important events & any kind of happenings! This indicates, when the people are in the need of you, then you became a valued person there & they need your presence! This also means that you are earning respect because of your impressive attitude!

Quantity of Beer!

Depends on different sizes, beer bottles & tins have a fixed quantity of beer inside it! No matter how much money people extra pay! But the quantity is the same for all in a tin or bottle! Same as that, you should have a limited quantity of giving mentality in your life! Take it as Wealth, Advice, Ideas, Plans, Secrets or Whatever! It should be in a limited quantity! That too in needful time! When the beer quantity became high, people will vomit! Same as that, your giving mentality will make people lazy or lethargic!

Side Dishes for Beer!

You can't eat all kinds of dishes or snacks while drinking beer. Because beer has it's respective appropriate side dishes to eat! All the tastes are not matchy with the beer! Same as that, you shouldn't accept unnecessary non-matchy things when you live a typical human being's life! You should choose what you need in your life! Situations shouldn't choose your options! When you became like this, then you will become very unique! You can't compare this to spiritual life, as that is totally different. 

Cost of the Beer!

Every beer has it's respective cost! Your friends may sponsor it free for you! But in the commercial market, you can't get it free! All the needful & valuable things are not free! Same as that, you should fix a cost for you & your efforts! When people are ready to pay for you, then it means that you are a valuable material! They are in the need of you! In sometimes, Give it free for the needy! But not for the greedy!

Color of the Beer!

Beer has mostly the same color only around the world! For the color itself, people get attracted to drink! The color remembers the same visual past moments! Same like that, you should have your fixed color in your attitude & character! People should get attracted when they see it! When they see you, they should come forward to enjoy with you or should spend time with you! Your character & attitude should remember them good moments in their life! These say that you are an attractive center figure among all, even whoever stands there!

Ecstacy End of Beer!

No matter in what mood you are! When you drink a beer, it will make you forget your tensions and it will take you some point of ecstasy stage. After that, you will start to forget this world when you are in the bliss state! Same as that, when people interact with you or would like to see you, you should always give them a blissful experience! They should love & come to see you again! Make them entertained & make them happy! Every one is the son/daughter of God. But all the people are not special to god! Likewise, If you can make the people satisfy when they are in the need of you, then it means that you are a special son/daughter of God itself! Because everyone can't make people happy! It's a boon! I hope this content will be the best gifts for beer drinkers, LOL!

Come on dears! Be like a BEER! Cheers!!!

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