Heating Discussion on Women's Hot & Sexy Dressing Sense!

Heating Discussion on Women's Hot & Sexy Dressing Sense!

No matter, how many millions you have in your bank account! People judge you immediately by your look & dressing sense only! That's why sayings quote that, "DUDE HALF, DRESSING IS BALANCE HALF!" in judging people and giving respect to them. This applies to both genders. Costumes have 2nd place after Food in human's fundamental daily needs in this world! The clothing industry also became really big and it makes billions of Dollars business around the globe!

When the costumes became covering the body to showing the body to the public, they call it MODERN WORLD! The culture changed, responsibilities changed and everything changed in this fastest growing modern community. People are getting addicted to modern & it's related things immediately and spending much, even ready to keep Debts for it badly. Particularly, more than men dressing style, Women's Hot & Sexy dressing styles, and costumes make huge problems in Society! Let's discuss it frankly!

Even though the Cops & Strict Laws are there; Rape, Molesting, Women Harassment, Sex Related Tortures are happening often to women in this Modern Society! When there is no clarity on Sex Education & don't know the difference between body and mind, then some men will do this kind of punishable offenses against women. So it's women's fundamental responsibility to safeguard their body & living! How? That is very basically starting from Dressing Sense!

You can't expect justice from someone who is mentally cracked! If you are showing up your body openly to this world means, then you are opening the doors for Street dogs to come in! If you say that, "It's Women's Freedom & I can dress like whatever I want, it comes under Feminism"! For this answer, I strictly say a big NO! Because, Freedom, Women Empowerment & Feminism not at all in Dressing, it's completely in how you think and how you behave! You may think, I am anti-women person or I am against women's freedom society or I am an Islamic supporter! Nothing..... I am just telling you the frank truths!

"If we dress hot & sexy, Why you men feel seduced? Control yourself!"

You can easily say, "If we dress hot & sexy, Why you men feel seduced? Control yourself!" 

Control? That too in women thing? See, the human mind is a savior in very fewer times, but a big destroyer many times! Many people are struggling here very basically from having control of food itself. LUST is a very highest deal, which can't be controlled that much easier! 

Many Yogis, Spiritual people, even spiritually enlightened persons itself suffering so much & doing many Yogasanas, Breathing Exercises, Pranayamas & more practices to control the LUST in their body! In between, comparing with those highly focused spiritual people, do you think, a common human can pass the LUST desire easily? No way! Once lust mania hits the head deeply, then it won't know even it's an animal! Lust's mind will push the person to release the porn feel on it hard!

Even though many Gentlemen are not doing anything with those sexy dressed women in public, the same Gentlemen seduce, have pleasant sex or rape those women hardly in their minds! Whether, it's happened physically or not, but they finished it in Mind level! Which means, they often train their mind like that to become silent killers unknowingly!

Men seeing hot dressed sexy women! When their eyes saw this visual, then the orgasm parts will start to secrete certain liquids and acids in their body healthily! Medically it's proven that, whenever the men or women suddenly stop the erotic feel when it flows, then you are stopping (Not Handling) the flow in your organs. When you do this continuously, then your body orgasm parts gradually will stop doing its actual duty, which leads to less sperm count, infertility, baby problems and more issues in Erotic Privacy related things! The erotic feel is the boon of God! Now in this modern society, "SEX" the word itself went in the very bad term!

The next big thing is unknowingly you are destroying society's culture! People are not following the good things, they follow the impressive things even if it's bad! Many people now days started loving Negative character than the Hero movies too! They get inspired by bad things without understanding the deep consequences of it. 

Whenever girls dress hot & sexy, then men will keep an eye on them! As most of the people here are called Attention Seekers, women use their bodies as attractive material to show themselves as celebrities! As a result, other dignified women who covered their bodies by decent dressing in the past too, will start dress less, and show much of their body! Bad fired high, and you became a cursed tool!

Instead of showing the women body to impress people, increase your valuable abilities like creativity, efficiency, hard work, good attitude, talent, kindness, care & more positive things to get appreciated! Those men who attracted to your body will go to lust! Which means, the impression will be in body level only. But women who attracted men by those above mentioned positive things, then the impression will be at heart level which will stand for life long! That is not lust, it's pure Respect! Even lust comes later from them, the respect will safeguard your being!

No matter who reads this & changed their thoughts in the dressing! I clearly know, definitely, this post won't make any big changes too in this world! But, truth is the truth! And that Truth needs to be Nailed at any cause! 

It is much better & sensible to close the FISH POT (Girls Body) than REPEL the CAT (Men)!

This post is mainly for women who dress hot & sexy in public. That doesn't mean that men are not doing any crimes like this! I will take another post deeply to describe what Men do bad more than Women! Think about it...

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