What Our Food Will Speak To Us If It Had Mouth? An Open Conversation!

What Our Food Will Speak To Us If It Had Mouth? An Open Conversation!

The three main basic needs for every human living in this world are, To Eat Food, To Wear Dress & To Live Home! Especially Food has a very main part to save lives. Without food, no creatures can live. 

That's why, Tamilnadu's Revolutionary Poet Bharathiyar Said, "We will destroy the World, If a Human Struggle & Doesn't Have Food to Eat!" It's a very important & fundamental truth of Food needs! Just assume, If our food had a mouth to speak, what will it speak to us? Let's see an honest conversation between food & humans.

Food Speaks To Human...

Hi dear! Hope you are living well. Your body parts also healthy because of me! Even if it's not healthy, you know well, it's because of your other bad habits only. I'm really happy that you grew because of my support! I am not the pride of it, But I am aware of it! Did you ever think..

  • I came to your plate by some farmer's mercy and kindness. What did you give to them back as Gratefulness? Money? Do you think only money will give them happiness?

  • The farmer took the resources from nature & made me as food to eat for you to live in this world. Now Nature's resources are getting destroyed in huge amounts by Humans Greed. What's your stand on it? What did you do to save nature for your next generation? Only sharing posts in Social Media to Raise Awareness? Is it really enough?

  • You are eating Thrice a day! Sometimes more or less! However, you are eating me to grow your body & health. But there are millions of people don't have water to drink & food to eat even once a day! Tons of wasted food is in the trash. The government is taking efforts to serve people. But what is your individual effort to save lives? Didn't you waste me ever?

  • I  gave complete myself to you! As returns What did you give to me personally? I mean only TO ME???

  • If you helped someone in their bad circumstance, and if that person didn't thank you for that, will you help them again? Yes, you may help them once more. Good! Again and again, if the same person didn't thank you for your timely help, will you help them again? Of course not right?! This is the same situation which I'm facing with you! How many times did you THANK ME for saving your life? I mean I'm LITERALLY SAVING YOUR LIFE! If you didn't show gratitude to me, why should I save your life again???

if food had mouth what will speak to human beings

  • Having Food festivals, food related events, food related to all other happenings are going in this world. Do you think will it entertain me personally when many poor are suffering out there?

  • I came to your plate as FRESH! You didn't pay money to me for that! You paid to some other human only. Which means, am always there for FREE to everyone's well being. Human's only made price tag to me. I didn't! In this case, how many times did you donate me fresh to Some Hungry Stomachs who don't have money?

  • You are calling it dishes name. Before naming me, did you ever ask me that, Did I like that name or not?

  • Do you think Am I side dish for a beer or other alcoholic drinks? You are giving more fame to beer by using me! Are you spoiling my respect and fame? Why are you always in the need of me after drunken? Leave me alone!

  • Some people scolding me for taste, blaming me for late arrival, etc. What if I scold you back & blame you for Not taking bath & Not brushing teeth before eating me, Making me Decomposed, Not using me on the proper time, Throwing me fully away, Spitting on Me, etc? I feel so embarrassed!

  • Nature's law is, If a tree has 10 Fruits on it, then it should go to 10 people who are standing under it. That's justice! But in those 10 people, who has POWER, fighting with all other people and cunningly climb the tree to grab all 10 fruits. And giving only 2 or 3 fruits to the rest of 9 people. What's happening in this society! It's nature's Asset! Who gave you the rights for this Injustice? Did I make you healthy to cheat & beat your fellow human beings and their needs? 

Likewise, I have hundreds of questions for humans. I know very well that, if I go so deep in asking, no one can answer properly, as it all depends on unknown bitter truths which can't be explained in words. 

What I say simply is, before going to do something which is not good & honest, avoid it! Serve the needs! Help the poor! Don't do those things when you know well that It's wrong! Be grateful to what got! Show gratitude to those which helped! Be humble! Be honest! And Be Genuine! Because those questions were triggered by God itself in Nature's Law! You may escape from my questions, but you can't escape from Karma's Karmic Structure which was designed by Supreme Power! 

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