Taking Bath Teaches You Some Important Life Lessons!

Taking Bath Teaches You Some Important Life Lessons!

How to take a relaxing bath? When we take bath daily, we may have used soaps, shampoos, brush, paste, shower gel & other bathing kit items. But did you use your complete consciousness when you take a bath? If not, then this post is for you! Bathing indirectly narrates some important life lessons to us. Let's hear how to take a good shower!

Undressing clothes inside the bathroom show us nude & it shows top to bottom openly when we stand in front of a mirror! We think that we can see us completely who we are in the bathroom. Kind of private show right?! I dare, that is also not REAL "YOU"! Each time when you are undressing, the situation says that you should open up to see you! In past years, did you really find YOURSELF even after being completely naked? If not, What should you open to see the REAL "YOU"?

Being showered by water is to clean our body from dirt. Dirt really goes out. Outside is clear! But our inside thoughts are clumsy & some of those are so dirt! Without cleaning inside dirt, will you be fresh? Aren't we dirty still? Don't you think we are acting in front of society like we are clean? Which water will you use to clean inside? Holy water? Is it really enough?

Each time when the soap touches our body, the external thing has the opportunity to touch our private parts. In this case, will you punish the soap? Will you feel that you lost your privacy or lost your virginity? So funny right? Same as that, when the external thing called CIRCUMSTANCES touches your private life sometimes deep, punishing yourself with sadness won't be funny? Can't you pass it with maturity?

Chemicals called hair conditioner & shampoo cleans the hair while taking a bath. It only cleans. But it doesn't vanish the hair or head instantly! The outside chemical material itself reacts well for some time. In some of the life situations, when cunning people & useless people use their words sweetly & brainwash us, our hair, head, inside the brain, neurons, cells, and everything becomes vanished & we stuck into the trap instantly. Are we that much weak? Are cunning people's words that much poisonous than chemicals?

After taking bath, wiping the water on the body with a towel, immediately absorbs the humidity. That means we are transferring the humidity from body to towel. The towel may not have a mouth to speak. But in our daily life, same as that, we are transferring our problems & situations to other people knowingly & unknowingly. Didn't you think ever that, as per newton's third law, you will get more from this universe by calculating what you gave! Didn't you live your life by thinking about Karma?

After come out of the bathroom, when you dress up, you will be stylish. Dressing up may show you handsome, beautiful, etc. But each time when you dress up, you are wearing the kind of mask named clothes for this society. I didn't say, you do not dress up. But, If you always become like this to live here, when will you start going to find the truth? If you don't want to know the truth of life, then you should accept that you are living in a fake life right? Illusion World Nah? Finally again,

Why are you taking a bath? To smell Good? Isn't that hiding your real smell? Going always for fakeness is the beauty of human beings living! This is exactly how to properly take a shower!

Well, I made you crazy :)

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