Listening Music Often Will Really Give You Peace?

Listening Music Often Will Really Give You Peace?

Music is really a boon from Nature to refresh our mind & body! In many cases, music gives the ultimate energy and results in our life. Some case studies also say that Those trees which grew in the surrounding of MUSIC SURROUNDED places, grew more healthily & it's vibration rate also perfectly high. We can't deny any of these proven things.

It's really true! Moreover, people who listen to music often seems to be more creative, Unique, Calm and Composed. Because whenever we listen to music, it drives our cells to some enjoyable frequency. As we know, our complete body, organs, and everything is the formation of billion cells, whenever we listen to music, it really drives us crazy! It's the fundamental truth! But...

Do you really think Listening Music Often will Lead you in Good Path? Will it give you good growth in your career? Let's have a look!

Just listening to music is really an appreciable thing! But addiction towards music will not give you any good growth in your life or career until your profession is Music-related! You know why?

The person who started to do all the things happily with the support of listening to music, it will be a happy mood only at the start. But it will become an addiction later! So you will start to hate to do things without music later! Which means you are not working on your efficiency! You will always need the push (Music) to do many things!

Because unknowingly your subconscious mind will addict to Music. Which means, your whole body and mind will ask music often like Bribe! 

In some situations when you are not able to listen to music, unknowingly your deeper mind will be disturbed. When your deeper mind is disturbed, you can't do any things at that time happily! Energy and Happiness should come from your body automatically, you shouldn't give external medicine for it! This means you should train your mind and body for the natural inner side happening! If you don't do this, then you will suppose to Act like an Actor in you Real Life to show the people that you are clean and happy!

When you continuously hear music for everything, you will start to forget your REAL BODY & MIND'S fullest efficiency & secrets. You should practice to Focus on Everything. But you shouldn't let your mind to waver on music or somewhere when you are doing something! When your focus will get more clarity, then it will open the doors of the brain's enlightenment!

Like Drugs, Alcohol, Cigars... Music also a temporary comfort thing! You shouldn't get addicted to it! Instead, addict towards Focus & Meditation! Because these things won't need any external things for results. It will guide you on excellent path and also will give you permanent peace in life!

To know the real potential of Body & Mind, train yourself on focusing, knowing & unknowing activities of yourself. When you start to notice it without hearing music, then you will gradually come to know what all are you were doing these days! Once you start to know gradually what is Body & Mind, and also Who You Are, then you will come to know the deepest potential of your birth!

When the Focus without any external things are there, then you will start to know everything one by one and you will get all the answers for your all kind of past questions. Be calm & Focus on what you do!

Simply to say, don't depend on music or anything for your happiness, growth or inner peace, as everything is in You! All the inventions are created by humans! So human is the ultimate Invention of Nature! Have a belief in you! Focus on yourself & What you do! When going deeper and deeper on what you do, then you will become a Master in it!

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