A Saint's View on This World's Irreplaceable Technology!

A Saint's View on This World's Irreplaceable Technology!

The world is the same only for all. But it will be different from each pair of eyes, depends on how people see it! Any material can be criticized positively & negatively too. For some people, it is good. To others, it may not! But the material is still the same only. To know the truth, we can't see from Human life. Because the entire life of humans is fake only as it is an Illusion world. 

But the real spiritual people are able to see the truth from the right place as they are living in the TRUTH only! That's why they hate this fake society & living their life isolated. Common people think that technology is the most needed thing in this world. Without technology, now no one can live their daily living happily as we are addicted to it. In this case, do you know how will the Spiritual People & Saints see this world's technology? Let's see the downside of technology.

Spiritual Saint Asks...

People believe technology is a must & Technology is everything! They are busy with technology & live with that! From eating to dying, everything was covered by technology & it's upgrading. We should really appreciate the growth of this human knowledge. But when the people stuck, only in KNOWLEDGE, when will they start travel for WISDOM? Do you think the real purpose of this human birth is, only traveling in technology & it's related? Not at all!

KNOWLEDGE is called knowing something daily! But WISDOM is called, leaving something daily! 

With the support of technology, Now only the scientists say that there are 9 planets, 15 days once there is Full Moon day & New Moon Day, there are more powerful stars, Big bang theory, Proton, Electron, Neutron, etc, etc! But 7th century B.C itself, Ancient Indian Saints like Pathanjali, Agatthiyar, Bogar, Pulippaani & more spirituals saints, from the sitting place itself accurately found Navagraghas (9 Planets), Panchangam (Monthly Detailed Calendar), Hora, Panchapakshi Sastram & many accurate Vedas (Ancient Notes) for human life's better living!

They didn't have any technology! They used only their body & soul to connect with this cosmic energy to travel around the universe! Technology & Science still have millions of unsolved mysteries about this nature, cosmic energy, superpowers & more! But our past saints did every wonder like flying in the air, walking on water, astral body travel, accurate prediction of future, etc, etc!

Technology can make money, connect the world, invent more things, etc. But can your technology give permanent peace of mind? Connect the souls? Teach the truth of life?

Technology should be a supportive thing when there is a need. But always holding it for everything won't make you lazy & materialistic? When you always depends on some external things, one day, perhaps it has gone, can you live your life peacefully? Or will you feel addicted to it?

You may think that technology won't get destroyed. Because this world completely lives in it. Yes, that's true. Suddenly if hurricane, flood or other natural disasters come into your place & destroy your complete living things, can you live peacefully? Not right? But forest animals, birds & other creatures can live their life even after any disasters peacefully. Because they live with nature. Are you? Comparing to other creatures, do you think now humans are really good?

From mobile phones to satellites, everything was invented by humans only. Modern Technology also has a very crucial part of daily human life. The technology was invented by Humans from available resources of this Universe. But the Humans ever wondered about this human body? From Inside the body, the knowledge came. With knowledge's support, humans are inventing many things. But we are still ZERO in finding our BODY'S TECHNOLOGY! If everything was found by humans mean, then why humans are not finding their fullest potential of this body & soul? Some research people & spiritual people only interested in it. But every human body & mind has this power! Why 90% of human living fail in this?

I am not telling you to come out of everything completely. If you can do that, then that is a great step towards immortal living. But as of now, I am asking you to have space & opportunities to live in reality & nature. Those who connected to nature always, they only will find secrets of this universe. Think in deep, we are doing everything for HAPPINESS only... Not for routine sake!

In fact, no one likes to be in a routine, as our mind is always longing, only for happiness! Actually, real HAPPINESS is in finding yourself only! All your other searching towards earning a lot of money, building a bungalow, doing business, marrying pair, having often sex & no other thing will give you permanent happiness! Short time happiness will fade away in days! But permanent happiness is related to your Mind! Technology & artificial intelligence is a trap.. See it in deep & question yourself clearly on what you are doing to know the secret of life! Can you have this clarity on the advantages and disadvantages of technology?

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