Is Your Sorry Really Makes Sense With People? Truths Behind Apologizing!

Is Your Sorry Really Makes Sense With People? Truths Behind Apologizing!

The very common word which we are using in this world to everyone very easily is, SORRY! Do we know the real meaning of it? SORRY really stands for what and who? Using Sorry often with people really make any sense? Let's see!

Asking sorry for people is really an appreciable thing. Society says those who are open to ask sorry with people are really kind and good hearted. Ok, Cool! But, what is the need for it? Why are we asking sorries with people? Because we may do some mistakes and going forward to apologize for it! And we get pride as good person as went forward to ask sorry!

Ok, you apologized for some mistake in your life with someone. Tell me honestly now, Didn't you repeat the same mistake with the same person or another person? Isn't it? I know! The human mind will definitely repeat the same mistakes again and again!

So easily you can understand that, even though sorry comes from your mouth for your mistake, your deeper subconscious mind doing the same mistakes often. As we have 6 senses when comparing to other creatures, we should evolve ourselves to go to the next level in each and everything. But we stuck in the same place, as we don't know the fullest potential of our mind and power. To know this, we should be unanimous in our situations!

SORRY is not just a word! It's a shame of Your Activity! When there is a shame on your gesture, then it shouldn't get repeated right? Yeah! Completely you should cut it down! But what's really happening commonly? The same mistake is happening again and again. We know it just in knowledge level. But not aware of it in DEEPER LEVEL! 

If we think this in a completely different way to know the deeper truth, You are apologizing with someone! But do you think, won't they do the same mistake or more than that in their life? We can't assure, right? So apologizing and recognize them as pure people does make any sense? You may say me that, "I am not worried about their character & I should apologize MY MISTAKE". 

Well! I appreciate it! After seeing your sorry, some people may follow it to ask sorry for their mistakes too as a great gesture! That's good only! But, you are teaching them unknowingly to say SORRY only! Not teaching them the truth! What's that real truth?

In my point of view, If there was No Eraser, then We definitely Not Supposed to have Errors or Mistakes! Mistakes start when there is an option to correct it. If there is no option to re-correct it, then our consciousness will be in High state, we will be very deeply aware of what we are doing! Unfortunately, we have options for everything, so that our consciousness level is very low! That's why we are not doing things in a perfect manner! 

I really appreciate, when you sorry with people for your mistakes. But learn and train your mind to be in a higher level of consciousness always! Wisdom's Son the great OSHO says that, being in your BEING! As our mind is a monkey, it will always roam somewhere in the world even if you sit calmly somewhere. When you practice yourself to be in a certain level of conscious state (ALPHA STATE), then you will use every word perfectly, think all the things in the right way & will do everything in the winning ratio. 

I bet, if you practice this continuously, you no need to apologize forever. I am not talking about those irritating people who cunningly make you tense & expecting you to apologize to them! I am completely talking about gentlemen & gentlewomen.  

Moreover, this practice of being in ALPHA STATE may take months or years too depends on your involvement! But when you follow this & get success in this mentality, then everything in this world is just a piece of cake to you in achieving! As everything is the reflection of your mind, if you can change your mind, you can change everything in your life!

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