Keeping Consciousness Always on Other People Will Stop Your Self Growth!

Keeping Consciousness Always on Other People Will Stop Your Self Growth!

Focus on yourself! The mind is the ultimate boon of god to live in this world. Thoughts are coming from the mind. So we can say that thoughts are the babies of mind. The mind is the baby of our soul. Our soul is a baby of supreme power! Without mind, you can't do anything in this world. A human without a mind is like, kind of brain dead person. To keep the mind in the right way to finish many works as per your need is an art. To make this happen, you need to be at a certain level of consciousness on YOURSELF! Not on others! 

Wherever we go, whatever we do, watch that, our mind always notices others. It won't notice ourselves first! To grow more efficient, valuable & clear, we should upgrade ourselves only! Not on focusing others. It's a basic thing. But, we are always noticing & exciting about other people's activities.

Assume that, you are in a theme park or any entertainment places. As happiness is inside you fundamentally, to enjoy the moment, you should focus on what you are doing! When you start to see others, then your mind will think that they are enjoying more than you, and you can be like them. If you see this from their side, they will think the same that you are enjoying more than them! It's a kind of mind game like focusing on yourself after a breakup!

Your words also will come out very differently! Wherever you stand or speak something, if you focus on yourself & what you are speaking, your words will be very appreciable & enjoyable. But when you focus on the people around you, their thinking, their look, etc will suppose to lose your confidence which will destroy your neat presentation which was needed at that place! The unwanted consciousness of other people will make problems in your self-growth! Focus on yourself and not others.

You may have changed in your good character & attitude too! Because you may grow in a good way! Even if you grew in a bad way, when the person only focusing on themselves, it will bring the best from them! It's a universal truth! I didn't mean that you shouldn't care for others! Caring is different, focusing is completely different! When you start to notice the people that what they did for good or bad, then you will start to lose your uniqueness! Taking notes from successful people is a good thing! But, completely transforming like them is sin! See... The base is the same! Alter it as per your wish! Concentrate on yourself!

You may get inspired by many people! But you shouldn't be the same as them! Your way of talking, way of thinking, walking, caring, reacting, responding, avoiding, analyzing, etc will change more negatively if you always concentrate on other people. It may give you short time knowledge. But it won't give you lifetime wisdom! There is much difference between knowledge & wisdom!

People grew in their circumstances, situations, their circle of people, their way of learning, etc! It won't be the same for all the others! That's why I said above, the base formula only the same! But the same scenarios won't come in all person's life! Keeping consciousness will open the doors of your deeper treasure called superconsciousness & collective consciousness mind! You can activate it only by seeing INSIDE of YOU! Not by seeing OUTSIDE! These are all the best ways to focus on yourself.

Moreover, if you always concentrate & have consciousness on others, then you can't come to know what is true in this universe! As the universe is completely inside your body, if you can focus on yourself, you can easily crack all the life puzzles easily! 

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