What is Called Real NEW YEAR? Are We Celebrating Really Meaningful?

What is Called Real NEW YEAR? Are We Celebrating Really Meaningful?

Many people are starting to celebrate their new year by Firing Crackers, Cutting Cakes, Drinking Alcohol, Doing Parties, Taking Their Partner to Date, Having Romantic Time, Taking Ecstasy Pills, Other Drugs Usage, Giving Surprises, etc, etc!

But do you really think, is that right way to start your New Year on End of December & Starting of January Every Year? All those celebrations will really give you a fantastic start to the NEW YEAR? Absolutely NO!

Those are called, only Immature way of celebration like Common Human Beings! There is only a small line in-between Normal Living & Enlightened Living! All we have to do is JUST QUESTION OURSELVES! This will open our Wisdom door to know the deeper Truth! Here let's see why those kinds of celebrations are Immature & Useless.

Only in Words we are saying that It's New Year! But people are start doing their same mistakes in New Year too! Most of people has no guts or regularity to follow what is good! Many people really don't know, WHAT IS REALLY GOOD!
Whatever New Year resolution people take, they are not following it! Because, happiness & change only come, when people have discipline & self control on FOLLOWING IT! Not on Just Deciding it on Thinking on it! You name it whatever..
New Year is not only on numbers or months! It's fundamentally on thoughts! So, even the new year born, if your thoughts are not going to change towards good change, then it's waste of New Year start! Your new year should be very Impressive and Inspire to Narrate in the future! 
Doing parties, Celebrating new year in hills top or even in NASA space center, it won't get you any lifetime happiness! It's all called temporary happiness. At the time when you realize that, New Year is wrong thought, New Seconds are right thought, then you will born fresh in every second! So Live in Your Present, Your Future will be Taken Care!
Don't follow what winners say! Follow what your heart (Intuition) says! When you follow this, then you will feel immense pleasure every day! Because, Those who dare to follow their heart, this nature will start to show her SECRETS! Learn to read What your Intuition says!
In this universe, everything is reflection of our thoughts! So change your way of thinking and thoughts positively first to MANIFEST YOUR WISHES in this Universe from this New Year!
Don't always think, having DEBTS, PROBLEMS came, DISEASE pain, TENSION irritates and all other negative terms. Instead, always think will have CREDITS, SOLUTIONS will come, REMEDIES are there, PEACE is within me!
When you think like this, your positive thoughts will convert as VIBRATIONS! And these vibrations will hit the Universe immediately. Whatever vibration you give it to this universe, it will give Many Times back to you!
So that Wisdom People say,  THINK POSITIVE, REACT GENUINE, SHOW GRATITUDE! Because, you will always receive from this universe many times back what you gave! It's the LAW OF ATTRACTION & secret Formula!

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