The HISTORY OF MARRIAGE in Under 10 Minutes!

Why Are We Getting Married? What Are All the Real Reasons?

Marriage is the most important event that is happening with the majority of human beings. People also call Marriage is 1000 years of Crop!

Even though giving together culture is there, marriage is the official license to make babies together. From the small age itself, people have many dreams in marrying the beautiful/handsome pair, good understanding nature, caring attitude, unique way of approach, wealthy or healthy background, secured future, etc with them. Actually, to answer this, no one is getting the pair as per all of their past desires. They are accepting their married pair however what they got at the point. 

In the excitement of marriage life only, many people getting married. But, in most scenarios, the after marriage life becomes most irritated to most of boys & girls!

Whenever the past expectations are not getting fulfilled each time, then you will suppose to face the sadness. This leads to irritated marriage life. This happens often after marriage, as our expectations are very huge in marriage life. I mean in their character level, at the same time at the society level. 

That's why people say, "Don't get married! and you will lose your Freedom!" Come on! It's 100% true!

After marriage life is good or bad that is the secondary thing! But, what are all the honest & frank reasons for ourselves to get married? Did you ever ask yourself? The 4 fundamental truths are the following below.

Everyone is marrying! So I'm also marrying! 

For instance when we do business if that gives sure-shot loose, will we do that? No right? Marriage also like that only! We are doing marriage even there are many damages in the future! Moreover, marriage is becoming compulsive nowadays around society!

From our childhood itself, this society & our family injects it in our thoughts & living even if we don't like it! So at the point, we are getting married even if we don't like it! So if you marry a partner just for this society's compulsion without knowing or understanding the marriage life, then you will not face surprises in after marriage! It will be mostly irritations only!

Curiosity on Marriage Life! 

Many people have excitement & curiosity about marriage life! They just get into it without analyzing & know the deeper truths. Unfortunately, no one can guide you in your personal marriage life! Because no one knows how exactly your partner responds or reacts!

Infact, your partner itself doesn't know how will they react in situations! So literally your curiosity becomes shocking happening when you are living your marriage life! Sometimes you can't come to know how to get rid of that kind of after marriage life problems! 

Hungry in Body Orgasms!

The other main reason behind marriage is SEX's need for our bodies! So that our ancestors designed the culture like One Man to One Woman! We can fulfill our sex desires as per our need with our life partner after marriage.

Unfortunately after having many sex experiences with the same man/woman, they get bored and their mind is looking forward to other sex partners! If you didn't know the detailed aftermath of sex life with your partner, then you will definitely face the disappointment in sex life too!

We need a Care Taker! 

The other selfish thought is that I am giving my complete self to you, So being a family leaderyou secure my living by earning, homemaking, security for babies, daily works in the home, savings, shopping, entertainment needs, society pride, etc to show that I'm with someone who is really good!

This is complete to show society only! But no one is really not living in a happy mentality on what they got! Marriage is exactly like, they are completely surrendering their selves to you & you also to them! Which indirectly means, they will expect much in returns for their life sacrifice! when you are busy or not able to give your life partner's need, then it will be like hell of living life!

More in Getting Married

Other than these, there are no main reasons for getting married! If you ever thought, marriage will give you happiness means, then my deep condolences to you! As I said to you already, happiness is the state of mind! Not on marriage or any other kind of external thing!

To say frankly & honestly, men and women both are like North & South Poles! It is also like opposite energy waves. As both are in opposite energies only, we are getting connected to each other! It won't get mingled as one ever in life until we know the art of living as SOULS, not as BODIES! 

The way of human living also, with ADJUSTMENTS only after marriage! Our life itself designed like that only! I am not saying you do not get married! But, at least you should know, MEN & WOMEN BOTH ARE NOT TO BE UNDERSTOOD! JUST TO BE ENJOYED!

If you go on understanding each other, then the learning won't end! You will lose the moments of happy living! Because people may understand slightly each other, but they can't completely understand each other until last breath! Actually you can't win in your marriage life! But to live a happy marriage life, you should practice your mind & body to live towards where are all it takes & How are all it Drives you!

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