9 Winning Ways to Give Most Impressive Narration!

9 Winning Ways to Give Most Impressive Narration!

The right way of narration will win any hearts! From Filmmakers to common persons, everyone is narrating their life incidents, past happenings, film stories, oneliners & more to their circle. Knowingly or unknowingly, people are getting into narration often in their life! You too! At least once in your life, you might have gone into the narration! It has that much importance in our life. 

You know, there are more people will like to be with interesting characters who will make them happy! Yeah... From your life partner to other persons, everyone will like to stick with an entertaining person and entertainment place! It exactly starts from a discussion on something impressive! That too should lovely to hear! Well, humans are most desired to be with interesting Gossips! Aren't you? Come on dear... Let's get into the world of Impressing people by our narration skill!

Be like in Bed with Your Partner!

If you want an enjoyable session in bed, Will you be so fast with your partner? No right? Same as that, treat your listener like your partner! Handle them gently! Imagine the narration place like your bed! Don't be so hurry! Start slowly! Watch their reactions! Proceed further as per their interest! Touch the sensitive parts (in the story) at the right time! Don't go intense in the starting itself! You should be a Good player in Narration Place! If you play well, they will come to you again and again! Further, enjoy the taste of entertaining someone! That happiness & feel can't be described in words! Be the best Narrator of the outsiders!

Involve like Innerwear!

Can you relate this Innerwear term? Lol... Once you wore your innerwear, it won't fall down easily right? Same as that, when you are into the narration, you should stick like Innerwear with the narration & it's related points deeply! Don't make your mind to waver somewhere! If you concentrate somewhere, then you can't give a great experience to your listeners! 

Moreover, you will get disturbed by your mind itself! I didn't say you to stop your mind! It's really hard dear; because in this Technology World Spiritual Saints are hardly trying to stop their minds for decades to mingle with god. I am just saying you to stick with your narration deeply without wavering! What if you fail in this? Simple... If your innerwear fell without your knowledge, it's puppy shame, right? The same applies to your mind in your narration :)

Be an Oscar Nominee in Body Language! 

I said, Oscar Nominee! You got it dear? That words itself indirectly said, don't be overacting or so silent! It should be appropriate! God has given the body for many purposes. In that, our body has a very important role in narration! Use your body language well! While narrating something, react with your body parts as per situations! 

Body language will make the listeners stay in your narration! It will be so impressive to see too! Don't think that you have to practice much for this! Just go with the flow... The reaction will come itself. Be like water! Let it flow in the way! Flat narration without body language will make the session very bored! Your listeners will get diverted often into this disturbing world if you fail in this!

Your Face Should be Impressive to Kiss!

Even if you have an ugly face, your face reactions while narrations should impress the people to fall in love with it! Gently express the reactions as per narration in your face! Don't be so flat! At the same time don't be overreacting too! A memorable narration will be in your face of expressions only than words! The visual of seeing your face reactions and body language will remember the similar incidents instantly to your listeners in the future! Give your taste in it! Let them live in your memories! Isn't it kind of heaven!?

Don't Prepare like an Exam!

Prepare yourself a little as per need! If your field is related to Proper Narration like Marketing, Films, Leadership, Speech giving, etc, then prepare yourself properly before & take notes in paper to the excellent narration. Other than this, if you are going to narrate for fun related activities, a small preparation with Learning and Taking Notes in Mind on the particular topic will be more than enough. This will get you important points when you are into narrating something. 

Treat like Treat Fest!

Don't overthink your narration! Because your anxiety will make you forget the good things even if you prepared well! Remember one thing, cool players are always winners! In some scenarios, even if cool players lose the game, they will win the people's hearts! Face the narration session most happily! Think like you are going to the treat & making your people happy! Be very cool & very easy to handle anything. Meanwhile, get the little guidance from third person limited omniscient too.

S(h)its Inside Direct and Indirect Narration!

When you narrate something, always have suspense in opening the next! That will make the audience to stay in curiosity! Also, keep sudden twists & turns when you narrate. Even though you have the moment to open immediately, just pass little time and open later with suspense! Use your voice modulation as per the situation! That will melt & impress them more! Shout, laugh, threaten, cry, beg, smile, worry, think & more unexpectedly from the character point of view! Mainly don't hesitate or worry about What will they think about your activities and reactions, whether is it good or not!

Just do it without any hesitation! Give your 200% to it! If possible, touch your listener and treat them like a narrative character to make them more connected to your narration! Question your listener from the content to make them more engaged! In this, you should question them like a friend! Not like you are brilliant! Be kind! Add any social message into your narration which is related to it! Because many people will feel it more worthy! Don't take so much time when you narrate! Depends on the circumstance, use their time accordingly & entertain them. 

Don't be an Unreliable Narrator!

Once you give your blood to test, wait till the blood report comes! You shouldn't enter the lab and examine it! Same like, once you narrated to the listener, don't be eager to know the results by entering their realm! Let them share their experience by themselves! Even if they don't say anything about your narration, let them go! Just finish your part! In some cases, some people will appreciate you instantly! 

Some people will discuss your ability with others! That is more good! Once you finished your narration, start doing your work! That is called a mature and cool attitude! In most of the narrations, you can easily know the results by seeing the face of them! Even if they lie like, that was not good, then easily you can come to know the results by seeing their face and body reactions!

Expectation is Evil's Baby!

No matter even if you gave first-class narration! Don't expect anything from the listeners! This mentality will take you more heights in life! Because you will fail instantly when the people didn't give you what you expected! Your deeper mind will be so sad till you get that or always worry about that loss! Don't be a victim of your useless and cheap expectations! At the same time, when you expect nothing, then you will suppose to get anything as a fulfilled good gift! Being empty in thoughts and expectations are the quality of the world's Top Peaceful People!

End of Metanarrative Things!

Narration means entertaining people basically. You are making them listen to you! They are giving their most valuable material called TIME to you! Understand this first. So always find the gaps to make them happy! Not everyone can give the best narration in 1st time itself. Don't worry about it. By narrating often to different people & different subjects, you will get more ideas and other techniques in it! Making people happy is the purest and heavenly job in the world! If you can possibly make a person happy by your narration, then you will be blessed by the Almighty often! I swear dear!

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