Bitter Truths Behind Making Babies in This World May Irritate You!

Bitter Truths Behind Getting Baby in This World May Irritate You!

Reasons not to have kids! 

Actually, I'm not advising you to not make babies! But at the same time, we should also think about the truths from different perspectives to travel our life more clear & confidently! Once you start to learn & think your life in this way, then enlightenment is an easy way for you! What are all we didn't know about making babies as our next generation of heirs? Do you think it's living memory that you left in this world after your death? Is it good or bad? Is it needed? 

Then, the first HONEST question that I raise is, why are we making babies? Think at a very deep level! And answer me!

Simple... The society said, getting married & making babies are a responsibility! And they said the babies will take care of parents in the future. So you feed the baby & you want the baby to feed you back right? Isn't it selfish? Do you think getting babies & living in this world is only to feed you? Aren't they have any other work as a birth reason? In between, many parents are compelling their kids to grow as per parents' wishes and desires. So some babies also start living life as per parents' need for some length. Literally, those babies are living the hell life!

Not all babies are saving parents in the future. Maximum numbers of born babies grow & live their life in their way only. Even though the parents are advising, they just hear it, but they take the call as per their desires only! So we should basically understand that we can't show the complete way to our kids that what is life! Because, when the babies are going into society they see many things & wonders apart from family! They learn much from society. So parents are just a tool for babies to born! We can't decide on our baby's future!

Next... You born in this world for what? Only Eat, Live & Die? Of course no! So what's the purpose of your birth? Did you find it? 

The answer If you say, Achieve something in your field? Make More Money? Just Being Happy? Marrying a beautiful pair? Buying a costly house? Or you say whatever! Making more money also a kind of sin! When you do something & if it gives you happiness then you will do it again and again. When you do something if it gives you pain & more pain, will you do it again? No right??!!! Because everyone in this world is like to get happiness. No one is ready to take the pain always. Moreover, you can come to know that, getting pain is not the purpose of our life. Whatever we do in this world is, we need to make HAPPINESS only. 

In this case, from your birth to now, did you get continuously happiness or pain, suffering, tensions more? Can you be in happiness always? You couldn't right? Because you didn't come to know how to be in permanent happiness! Which means you didn't find the purpose of your life till now! Even millionaires' stories are the same! They also suffer much at their level! Money won't get you happiness! So more than 90% of people in this world really didn't find, what gives them permanent happiness! 

This means, you already living a questioned & confused living for your birth itself. In between, Why are you making a baby to this world & putting it in the same confused living? Being a parent you should learn first. Only for your sex desire & it's temporary happiness, why are you giving birth to baby & put in this confusing world if you can't teach what is right?! Even If you teach, they won't listen! I told above right?

Some people are getting baby to see their naughtiness, cute reactions & kiddish behaviors, etc. At the start, it may be good to see. But in the future, there are more chances for your kids to turn in their unique style of living. You may not like it. Some times even if you like, many things you may hate from them. You loved your kids at the start. But you started to hate some of their activities in the future. So are your kids giving you permanent happiness? No!

In some cases, many kids are demolishing their parents' hard-earned reputation by their cheap & cruel activities in the future. In many cases, kids are living more smarter than parents. This means, you should come to know, however, your kids are not going to react & live the same as you! Sometimes smarter than you, sometimes lower than you! Definitely not the same as you! After understanding this, how can you say that it's your kid? Because they grew much after seeing this world! So the kid is this universe's one right? You can't take pride in it! It's useless & foolish fundamentally! When you say it's your kid, then it's called ignorance! When your ignorance goes next level, it will become EGO!

See... Babies are just an aftermath of your unprotected SEX! Simple... Universe call it life cycle chain! You can judge or plan anything with babies as everything is happening perfectly planned & designed by supreme power! 

So think deep on, Logical Reasons to Have a Baby!

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