Even 100 Fathers Can't Replace 1 Mother!

Even 100 Fathers Can't Replace 1 Mother's Place!

Being a mother is not a small job. The importance of a mother in a family is need to be examined well! A good homemaker called Girl / Woman is the main key for the family's fulfilled happiness & aligned setup in the home. Gentlemen mostly take their part in earning from outside. Because, without earning, we can't settle our life. Settling is secondary. If we don't have a regular income, then we have to stand supposed to be in a financial crisis. I completely accept that, without money, we can't do anything in this world. 

Because money became the very first solution and need for all humans. But at the same time, I can't undervalue the efforts and compromises of Women too! Do you know, What is the Honest Reason for People Getting Married? 

Research says that those girls who lived their past life with their own family and another lovable circle, after marriage, the same women compromising much in their needful desires, longing, wishes, plans, and all other expected things just for her husband, his family, her kids, etc. 

Even if your partner is not good at characterwise, you no need to worry or get tensed about it! When they are not good at activities, then it means that they should learn! Teach them politely and humbly. To teach them, you should Learn to Impress the People in First Impression!

You can earn. But homemaking is not a small job. The homemaker is the most responsible and reliable person in the family. Without proper homemaker, the family head will lose PATIENCE, HAPPINESS, PEACE, CLARITY, TIPS, IDEAS, WORKING METHODS, COMFORTABILITY, etc. 

Yeah, without proper family you can't win in life travel, as your main part of taking rest and being in peace mood is majorly in the side of Family only! So you should learn first to lead your family because parenting is an Art! At the same time, you should understand the pain, efforts, adjustments of your family woman or your partner. Having kids in the home is like having an RDX bomb at a home. It may blast anytime! So, mothers should watch it always without blinking their eyes! Apart from these, other tortures from kids to mothers are following below...

Bathroom Atrocities of Kids!

Kids love mothers the most. Till some age of babies, they will see the mother like their life partner only! They will always come against father to save the mom. Sometimes kids wanted to enter the bathroom with their mother. So whenever a mother is urgently sitting in the bathroom, the atrocities of kids will be too high. The most irritating and tensioning activity of kids to mothers is, stopping the mom going to the bathroom! 

In some cases, kids enter the bathroom and demolish the peace of the mother. Sometimes kids knock the bathroom door from outside and irritate the mother till coming out. Very rarely mom is taking rest. That too in the restroom only after had kids in the early stage. But kids won't like that too! That doesn't mean that kids are cruel. Actually, the kids don't know the aftermath of their childish activities. That's why they called kids. But, when we have a baby, we should be very careful in everything like Gas, Wires, Electricity, Fire, Other Infections, Eating, Cleaning rooms, Taking Vaccination, etc, etc. Becoming a mother needs many efforts!

Purchasing Problems!

Women's main life vein is called shopping! You know it well. Most of the women are love to spend the time outside as they majorly spend their time in the home. So women are always fascinated by shopping. No matter whether they buy or not, but they just love to roam and see the new things. If they are buying, then it's like Double Dhamaka to them. The role of mother in our life is God's boon.

In this case, when a mother has kids, they can't happily & comfortably purchase anything in any shops even if there are no persons in the queue. Because kids will run here and there in the shop. They love to play there. Sometimes when the rush is high on holidays, then we should keep an eye on our kids always. Or else we have to miss them in-crowd. 

While carrying the shopping materials in the trolley and other bags after paying the bill, carrying kids safely to the home is an undeniable and most responsive job. Actually, the bitter truth is that we really don't know the frank reason to make babies after marriage! Moreover, many women are learning life and it's real struggles after marriage only! Till marriage, you can't judge anything! And it will continue till your last breath.

Sleeping & Eating will be Your Lifetime Achievement!

Without enough food and enough sleep, no creatures can live in this earth. It's the fundamental truth. Sleep and food decide everything in a lifetime. People are earning money. And earning money for Food first. And then eating food to sleep peacefully. This happens in routine dear! Exactly, now you came to know the importance of taking sleep and having food. After marriage, women mainly spending 95% of their time with their kids!

Father just goes to the job. In some cases, perhaps if the mother is also working in an office, she has to take medical leave after fertility and delivery, until the baby becomes healthy and mature. That much important job is called MOTHER! In this case, the mother will lose their sleep first, after giving birth to babies. Because babies cry for a long time and often too. As kids don't have communication language, they use crying to communicate. So when we got into family life with kids newly, we can't come to know the meaning, aftermath of a baby crying. 

That too, babies cry much at midnight only. So the parents will lose peace, eating proper food, sleep, tension-free living and more after had kids. Further, there are some strict diets, taste control, food control in eating. This is particularly applied for Mother only. Not for father. As the mother goes under breastfeeding to her baby till some months, she has to control her food habits to take care of the baby!

Cooking Superwoman! 

Why I said superwoman? Yeah... You are cooking in one hand, and carrying a baby on another hand! Twice in a day ok. Thrice in a day also ok. But the major time is going for carrying the baby in a day! Cooking is the toughest job, as it is related to taste. Not just for hungry. In the time of cooking, when the kid is in a mother's hand, and she works on another hand like a superwoman, she will face the critics in her cooking taste.

But when the mother has continuous practice and acceptance in parenting and takes this as a big responsibility, then she will become really superpower having human being! The understanding couple will pass this taste variance easily. But the complicated couple will get into fights because of the change in food taste.

When the mother's mind is not clear on kids' safety, then she can't do anything in a proper way or fulfilled mentality. Some of the notable things, it's essence, her basic nature somewhat will get missed only. While cooking, if the kid has a running nose, then she has to wipe and clean the nose immediately too. That's why generous people say that, respect the women and mention special to them about their compromises towards family! Always be open to appreciate your women with a fulfilled smiling face!

Clean Always Like Mad!

I already told you, they are kids. They don't know anything. They are just seeing things and doing their activities. Cunningly they are not doing anything. You have to understand it. You also grew from this stage only. Your mother, family, and other family persons also took care of you like this in the past. You are now grateful for your growth. So now this universe is recalling you to do the same to your kids. When there are kids in the home, then there are many possibilities for cleaning and rearranging work. 

No matter if you are in your home or other people's home. Whenever you take kids with you, then you have to be prepared to clean the room and rearranging the things which were caused by your kids. You will literally feel hell at this stage because you have to clean the room often and taking care of your kids too! Come on, they won't stop until they mature dear... Decluttering Your Room often is a really boring and time-eating job ever. Some immature kids will continue this even after their teenage too. Big problem to women Nah? So that saying, they are in the need of us. Men should support women always & take care of them.

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