You Should Have Affinity on Soul to Get Enlightened!

You Should Have Affinity on Soul to Get Enlightened!

Love god with all your heart means it's your own SOUL only! Affinity on unimportant things will lead your life in the wrong way. We should align our desires first by thinking about what is needed in our life! Apart from that, Affection and affinity towards unrealized materialized things will close our wisdom doors! If you live only for that always without thinking about it further, the fulfillment won't come in your life. So living in this world with the clearest thoughts on desires is more important! Shall we go beyond normal human beings' point of view to know the truth and value of Affinity? Who should be a true lover of my soul? Let's see...

Firstly, What is an Affinity?

Simply to say, when you like or love something or someone, the affection which you are going give them & also going have in your own thoughts in living life is called affinity. So, you have complete freedom to have an affinity with anything. But did you ever think, that your affinity in past days took you positively or negatively? 

The bitter truth is to say, whenever you have an affinity on someone, you will suppose to give them everything in the best way. They will also have the benefits of using it. Unfortunately, as human living is fundamentally based on sudden changing thoughts and unstable attitude, your affinity person may react as per their situation! 

You should understand one thing that, all the people can't react in the same way as you expect! Even you too! So, whenever you have an affinity on them, if they react in a disliked way, then your expectation will get spoiled and you will feel bad about that situation. Madly you will get into the self-punishment too! This is called sadness. Assume the same situation, if you were living with them without any kind of expectations in their attitude or reply in their reactions, your mind will accept it without any sadness. 

So you must admit that affinity with expectation will spoil your happiness and freedom way of living! Then how should you have an affinity with people or other things? Simple... Be like NATURE! Give everything without expecting anything in returns! This mentality won't disappoint you forever!

But you should practice for it to become the happiest and peaceful human being! Keep in mind that, whenever you are going to have affection for any person, any kind of thing, or even for your own body, definitely you will get disappointed. Because nothing is true in this world except the Existence! So, in which thing can you have Affinity to be happy?

Affinity on Your Higher Self Soul! Not Body or Any other Kind of Materialistic Things!

Forget the world! Forget things! Forget the living creatures! Forget even yourself! Just think only one thing... We are all and everything in this universe is the shapes of ATOMS right? Proton, Electron & Neutron's incorporation, inside the Atoms creating all kinds of materialistic, visible and invisible things in this universe!

So whatever is in this world, that is there inside us too! Because our body also made up of the same Atoms. Shape and Size only different. But the CORE SOURCE is the same for all! So that saying, everyone, and everything is the same or we can call Everything is "ONE"! Let's see the things in deep with little wisdom's view!

When you are worried about nothing, then there is no sadness for anything! Being like a wire to pass the energy! As you know now everything is one, you no need to be worried or get conflicts in this world people's activities or their attitude. How?

I told, everything is ONE! Which means everything is you! So, will you be worried about your own wrong activities or will you correct it next time to make it right? Mostly we never want ourselves to show bad. So we will try to correct it to live in the correct way or the happiest way! The main thing, why we can't correct it? Even though we know many philosophies and successful disciplined quotes, why we can't live our lives in the happiest and peaceful way?

Because we are thinking that, even though we will react gentle and mature, people will make us turn bad! So that I say, Everyone is the same! They are also You only! So don't worry about this society! Don't concentrate unnecessarily on other people which will spoil your self-growth! Don't go for success! Go for happiness! Longing for success won't get you happiness or peace! You know what, being Happy and Peaceful is more important than being successful! Really? How?

Because, if you become successful by destroying others' life, will it give you happiness and peace? No right? Even if you get temporary happiness, when your life taught you some important lessons, then you will feel guilty for your evil activities till your last breath! That's why I said, being successful is easy. But being happy and peaceful is a very big deal!

So how to live life then? Which will give us real happiness? Can we get permanent peace in this human living? What are all the real ways to be enlightened by getting wisdom then?

Cool! The only way to be happy and peaceful to get wisdom and become an enlightened person is Concentrating and Growing your level of Awareness by Watching Your Soul! Do you know what is the soul? Simple... 

Assume that you are watching a TV in your eyes. At that same time, you are getting an important Phone call and you are picking it. Your eyes are still watching the TV. But your concentration is on hearing the phone voice. Even though your eyes are on TV, you are not able to see the Visual it. Because your concentration is on the phone. That AWARENESS is real TREASURE! Yeah... That is not the mind too. All these days, you were thinking that, your eyes were watching! But no! Through your eyes, your SOUL was watching everything! That Awareness is exactly called as SOUL! 

Easier to say, once we died, our body is still there. But it is not functioning. Why? All these days something was inside our body and functioning us. Once we died, it went out invisibly! The thing which went out is called as SOUL!

In this world nothing is permanent! Our body earned money, relationships, desires, passion, fame, character, attitude & nothing is permanent! Everything will go away one day! But the SOUL only true! It is there inside all kinds of creatures including humans! It won't die or it won't be born! Because it's the ENERGY of Supreme Power or God or Divine or Nature... You name it whatever! Soul is the Essense of Supreme Power! You may read in Law of Conservation of Energy which states,

Energy can neither be Created nor Destroyed; Energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to Another!

People say, you have bewitched me body and soul. SOUL means energy! So, You should improve and increase your level of awareness by watching the soul to be enlightened! The soul is the only thing, where you can have Affinity, which is worthy and real destination! What will be the benefits of watching the soul continuously? 

You will come out of suffering human living and enter into the realm of Wisdom! When you have affinity only on your soul, then you will see this world very practically! Your third eye will get opened! Your soul will teach you the secrets of this existence and nature! You can't learn this in any books or films! You can learn it only by seeing inside of you by watching your soul! You will come out of Mind's illusion play and will start to learn true things in life which will give you permanent peace & happiness! Where you invest your love other than loving your own soul?

When you start to watch your soul continuously, then you will suppose to see the idiotic humans behaviors, your past ignorant activities and more mistakes which are happening here in life drama.  Your soul will destroy the illusion gradually! You will become unique in the Side of TRUTH! By traveling always on this path, you will become an Enlightened Person! The very first start of this success exactly starts from removing the fakeness and believing your SOUL! Affinity on Soul will never disappoint you! It will get you more superpowers!

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