5 Impressive Ways to Convert Any People Crazily!

5 Impressive Ways to Convert Any People Crazily!

Human activities are completely based on thoughts only. Whatever we do, that is coming from the thoughts. That's why wisdom people always say to think positive always, as we can change our entire life by changing our thoughts and changing seeing the perspective.

Connecting with family, friends, strangers or anything is completely based on our thoughts only. They are exactly like mirrors! They will show themselves depends on how are you treating them! This is the fundamental truth in Human psychology & nature.

Perhaps, if some people react bad or odd in the starting, even after seeing your kindness, don't worry! I assure, they will gradually behave well & treat you especially for sure if you always have same nice approach with them! So,

How to Express our Feel & Thoughts nicely with people which will get us the greatest results in life?

The first rule is little Acting!

Do you know? Even though the people who have very good knowledge on something, those mature people never express their thoughts are perceptions immediately! They always love to be an observer first! So, when you are discussing something with some person, first listen to them fully even if they wrong! For your goodness only saying, Be an Actor for a while! Don't interact! While listening, show your comfort & smiling face like you are hearing them nicely! That feel will tell them that you are hearing their words!

Listening means maturity! Don't urge or inject your points to them. Learn to control your thoughts! Please don't wait for your turn to speak! Listening means, really listening! Once you listen to them completely, you can easily come to know their knowledge level! Further, you can impress & convert them easily as per their knowledge level!

Being silent doesn't mean that you don't know anything! Once they finished comfortably, you can start telling your points. Whenever they react mad or bad, if you still react maturely by without losing your calm & cool observation, that means that you are heading up towards a magical way of living which will open the doors of positive Vibrations!

Appreciation Secret!

Even if you yell at someone as you want to express it badly, you can do it! In some the situations, people have to break their silence & blast like anything to show the situation! Because some situations always need a hitting approach. That is ok! No issues in that. But whenever you yelled or expressed your feel badly with someone, immediately get into the heavenly realm of APPRECIATION! Because any kind of bad approach will be gone if you approach the same person for their past good things!

Did you hear this? Some tribe people from one of African territory, do this amazing job! In their very small population around 300 - 500 tribes, if any person does stealing, raping or any other bad and immoral activity, generally they don't punish that person! Yeah!!

Instead of punishing, the whole families take that person to one enjoyable nearby island and cook favorite dishes for him/her to eat. Then more positively every family starts to PRAISE & APPRECIATE that person's past activities continuously for a long time continued with partying and dancing celebration in their style! This approach immediately converts the bad and worst thoughts of that person and bringing the good soul from inside of them! It worked a lot of time with them! That's the immense & unbelievable power of APPRECIATION!

Lecturer loses! Lovable wins!

Even if you came to know something right in your knowledge, don't express it like taking a lecture to them! Be friendly & be easy to handle always. Taking lectures will make you get pride in your knowledge itself. Knowledge should be like water which is much needed and easy to use. Shouldn't be like a flood! Because It will damage everything!

Be gentle, temperance & mature in handling the situations. This kind of nature will make you express any situations in a very proper and winning way amongst others! Once you start to taste the results of being in this nature, then you will not be able to live in normal life. All of your closed gates for success will get opened! You will get opportunities from your home, next door person, too! All you need is the right level of seeing the things! Then literally you will see the life of happiness!

Taking the Support of Iconic Personalities!

You Should be friendly in this too! People won't accept any things that much easier even if it's right. Even though if you give them hard-hitting hours of preaching, you will fail to impress them. Because Narration is the most unique thing! It won't come that much easier for everyone. So, whenever you want to express your feelings or thoughts to anyone by your narration or explanation, take any same incidents which were happened to other persons in the past.

Show the people with real proofs of Images, videos or any other Audios which will make them get converted 100 times better! Moreover, use some of the QUOTES, POEMS, SAYINGS written or said by iconic personalities! Whenever you use their words for people, they may not agree Immediately. But that words' usage of yourself in the right moment inappropriate pronunciation will make them think much on it! They will get changed gradually later! Which means you planted the seed of change by taking the support of wisdom people's! Always express your words by achieved or well-known people's experiences. That really converts like crazy!

Say Sorry for Your Words!

While you express your thoughts and feelings with other people, even though you said everything right, ask them SORRY! Tell them that you are asking sorry because, you may used little harsh words too! Some words which they don't like! Some words which are may disturb them! So ask them to accept your apologies! Do you think, Is your sorry really makes sense with people?

When you ask sorry like this with people, their mentality will be like, Knowledgeable person itself coming down for their mistakes! So  "why Don't I consider myself for my past mistakes?!" This is called indirect approach & also inducing the needed thing from them! The only person who can give everything to you is, the same person who has it & who is intended to give you! Love, Lust, Knowledge, Advice, Money or any other things... Whatever it may be, you name it! It will come to you definitely if you know the art of expressing your thoughts and feel & convert them!

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