In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth!

Importance of God's Creation in This Earth!

In each language, letters have an important role in communication. Without communication, there is no way for clean and neat happenings around society. In this, letters have a very unique and important role in this world. That letters themselves have their first letter also called the main letter.

Same as that, God is the first letter of this Universe! Every world stands with the support of God only! We can't deny it. Because, without a creator, there is no creation! We should understand it! Let's see the importance of earth further. 

Some people may have very good knowledge and excellent talent in their careers. But all the guys couldn't get shined in their field. We can take it as Karma or the Results of our past activities. So that we are saying, Knowledge itself won't win! You want to surrender yourself completely to God so that you can get the blessings from him to make your doors open! All the successful persons of God's worshippers only! He is the only energy, who can destroy the Evil! You should remember this always! Don't stop worshipping God and thanking for what you go till now!

Surrendering to God means, surrendering to your Ownself! God is not material! God is not in a particular place! And God doesn't have any partiality! The only thing is if you move towards God to realize and feel, God will come down 100 times more for you! For that, you should understand that God is within you only! Your soul is called God!

You should know the deep power of the value of your soul! You should start worshipping your soul! Whenever you keep happy with your soul, then at all those times, you will get the blessings of God for sure! When you follow this, there is not even a minute of Sadness for you! You will live in Living Heaven! In the Beginning, God Created the Heavens and the Earth!

You should worship your soul & keep your heart very pure to see God and Get his blessings! Do you know when will God will like you more and stick with you to get nature's secrets? You should start to live life, Without Pride, Jealous, Illusion, Lust, Anger, Greed, Fascination, Unjust Desires, EGO & Community. So that you will enjoy the freedom to live and you will start to see things from a very different perspective! 

And also, those who stick with the god without having these habits and mentality, then they will not live the common human life. Because, as per God wishing, they will glitter is the side of Wisdom and they will also know to cut their Negative & Positive chords with this world, which is called Karmic Structure! So that they will enter into the complete realm of Universal Supreme Power Energy!

And also those who will come to know the value of controlling their 5 Main Parts' (Eye, Ear, Mouth, Nose, Body) behaviors by the support of Wisdom, will detach from the illusion world gradually! When they come to know the truth in this Universe, they will start to hate this complete world and will live in the side of God's special Kid position!

We got the soul & mind, On the first day god created humans! The one who knows to control their 5 Body Parts mentioned up, will come to know the secrets of everything in this universe! You know why? When the person has control in their body, then he can control everything else in this world with the support of Soul and Mind! 

Moreover, if you are living in this world by believing, and getting the support of other human living, definitely you will get disappointed one day, as the human mind will change from time to time. So you should understand this truth and learn to know the immoral life is really what? And which will start for long even after death?

You should follow that one to remain in the stage of peace! That only this is Your soul also called God! So keep looking at yourself! Your Deeper self! It will guide you like Master! Without the support of God, you can't change other persons' life. Even yours in a bright way!

The only thing which will follow you and which we can take even after death is our Good Earns of Karma & Bad Sins of Karma! We are not taking anything apart! We leave everything from here itself. So keep concentrating on what you are doing! Whatever you do, it counts! Don't think that no one is watching you! God is the one who is watching you from all degrees! Stop having a desire for materialistic things! Live in the real! Give the positivity in the name of God! Avoid giving negativity to the people. Whenever you practice to give the things in the name of God, then that Earns & Sins will go to God only! You will not get it. So you will easily pass the Magnetic field birth!

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