Copy These 3 Things From People to Get Shined!

Copy These 3 Things From People to Get Shined!

"Stealing", the word itself stands in the immoral side. But you know what, there are some interesting and acceptable things also in copying. Yes! Stealing is also an appreciable thing if you really intended to steal these following things from people! I mean the enlightening things from successful and mature people! The things related to money or materialistic properties will go away from you one day! But the upcoming stealing will make you like a Gem amongst people! Are you ready to copy?

Basically, we should understand that no one knows all things in this world! People are unique & master in their fields. There are still millions of things to learn for each and every human being, as the learning process and learning things are very high. So we should admit that, till our last time of life, we should be keen to learn something new and valuable! This type of mentality only will take us to many heights while living!

Observe the Positivity & Omit the Negativity!

Understand, you can't be good to anyone and everyone! The same applied to all other persons! They can't be good for you at all times! So always open to accepting the conflicts. This will not make you disappointed! Don't expect anything from people! Expect always from God! He is best in giving! Not people! Through this word, I want to make you clear that, Humans are unstable at time to time. So don't take anyone as your Valuable teacher, as you will be disappointed with them one day!

But you can observe their positivity and appreciable activities! Even bad people have many impressive habits and the nature of approaching! So, learn from everyone! Their way of speaking, attitude, character, thoughts, understanding level, smartness, escaping nature, handling the situations, etc, etc will be unique and nice to watch. Steal those good things from everyone! Be always hungry in learning something new! You can copy the positivity of all people! At the same time, they may also have many negative things. Just leave it without thinking much about it. It will set you so mature!

Copy the Best from Books!

Books mean the best! Because books are there to enlighten souls! So read books much! Knowledgeable people should read books much! Wisdom people should read their soul much! If you want to be knowledgeable in this society, then you can read books. At the same time, keep remembering the main quotes, points, underlined special words from your books! Because this society will immediately admit if you speak the same from the book by mentioning the familiar Author!

This type of Copying won't make you feel guilty. Because this world's need is the BEST in everything! Those who have ability and maturity only live in this world happily. Others are just living life for namesake. They suffer so much. But the people who are smart in becoming the best and giving the best in all things will stand unique and most potential people one day! See, the competition for earning millions became worldwide need! So heavy competition is there for all. So, if you want to become successful, then you should equip yourself to become resourceful. In this case, books are your irreplaceable treasures!

Copy other People's Experiences!

In a word, Experiences called Life! Simple... But, do you know the value of Some important experiences? It costs really millions! Sometimes Billions! Do we have that much money in our hands to lose and then rise up again? Is it a small thing? No right??? So all i am saying is, just copy other people's life incidents! They've already lost millions and billions to learn in that field. You please be open to learning all those experiences effortlessly without having EGO to learn that!

Experiences are everything in life! Your experiences will tell you what is right and what is wrong! Even though you copied other persons' experiences for your life, you will feel little more pressure in the same situation as it is new to all! But comparing to the newcomer on facing the issue, you can easily handle the situations if you read and learnt from other people's lives! That's why I am saying you to learn from everyone's life! Especially you can take the examples of living and lived legends!

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