Who is Called Real Leader? What's the Job of Leader?

Who is Called Real Leader? What's the Job of Leader?

A leader means not only a Real King or Real Party leader! Family head also called leader! The one who takes leadership qualities to any kind of life circumstances is called leader! No matter how many hours this nature gives you to become a leader... Just prove it whenever!

A real leader should create 1000 more leaders! Not 1000 workers! 

Being a leader is not a small job! You may be a leader to small pax or high pax too. But the people who elected you as a leader will expect good things from you for their goodness. So if you become a leader, you should take care of your people without they ask for it! Your mind, thinking, ideas, plans, and everything should be towards the people only! The person who emerged as a leader never turns back to see their basic needs. 

I am not saying about namesake worthless people who are roaming in the name of Leader. I am completely telling about the people who really stand for people's goodness. So how a leader should react? How a leader should lead their people? Should the leader learn first to run their kingdom? Who is called really a leader? What's their job & attributes do you think? Let's see in detail.

A better, efficient & potential leader should have Army (Their Supporters), Own Kingdom, Healthy friend circle in everything, Safety measures, War plans, Basic Wealth for people, teaching good things, putting appreciable rules, etc! Those who have all these will be standing, very unique and most successful leader among others. But this world mostly has leadership traits only. Qualities of a good leader are very rare to be seen.

A good leader also should have Courage, Spontaneity, Helping mentality, Brilliancy, Appreciation mentality smart thinking nature, Planning talent, etc. Apart from these, those who can control their sleep & food to stay with a higher level of consciousness say that Wisdom itself gave a leader! Because Food & Sleep can't be controlled by common people. It's an Art of Divine & it's Pure Living way of Sidhdhars & Rishis!

As the leader is the decision-maker to everything, he/she should be very punctual in all the times! Because society always follows what the Leader does! A leader who learned life lessons through Vedas and stands very bold in any circumstances will be glitter. So always be keen to learn something. It will always take to you the top position in this world! Be hungry always in learning new things! At the same time, a leader shouldn't lose their respect too in courage related things! 

No matter in what circumstance a Leader stands in, he/she should always give justice without seeing his own desires and other activities. A good leader always should give judgment in the right way! Depends on leaders' orders only the people will start respecting the leader. It's all like a chain. People may get afraid of you. But they won't give respect to you! Respect is always there on how a leader behaves with people and how he runs his kingdom!

A good leader should increase the sources of income to the kingdom and also to personal life too! Because income runs daily life. Earning an income, properties, health, good name among society is much important for a king! Saving the earned things are the next biggest and most needful step for Good leader History backup! Shouldn't waste anything! We should learn to spend it in the right way!

Do you know, which kind of ruling in being a leader will be positively portrayed in history? Very simple... The leader who knows to live life in a simple way, handle the people with Good Heart & Good Words will stand for years even after death! Positivity has that much power! This nature will show her all secrets without fail to those who dare to face the people with heart... Not brain!

Especially the leader who knows to stand on the moral side in all times to save his people will be a star anywhere! His respect, fame, value, efficiency & opportunities will be everywhere. The leader can easily extend with his unique mind and good heart very easily! Most successful people in this world are most notable in Helping Others & Expecting Nothing from them.

Mainly to say, the leader who learned to be Dumb when people yell, and deaf when people appreciate or flattering, will stand unique and special always. Because, the one who is not aware and not feel worthy of his pride, and also stand non-egoistic person, this world never wait to felicitate immediately and after their life too! The styles & nature in having Grant, Blessing of God, Ruling Nature, Saving People will make any person into a Historical leader! No one can stop his/efforts or way of living! It will come as a Monument too!

Characteristics of a good leader!

A good leader should create Thousands of leaders like him! Not thousands of volunteers!

True or Lie that doesn't matters! A good leader always love to stand in the side of people, by considering their goodness and growth!

A powerful leader always have a self-involved mass crowd! That leader's look & appearance itself will get more whistles, claps and huge respect from the audience! Not namesake crowd!

A good leader's powerful speech will awaken many sleeping souls to know their real value in this world! Yeah, they will tell you all the secrets to make yourself more strong & valued!

A good leader even fight with Law & government too, to get good things to people's welfare!

A good leader always concentrate on Peace! Not on war and it's related things! They will teach their people also to be patience, being in humanity & matured!

A good leader firstly will eradicate the Hungry & Famine among their people! They will create many plans for their common people's basic needs!

A good leader always stands unique & highly enlightened! They are very brilliant and smart in all people related things!

A good leader knows very well that, money is nothing in this world! And they always keep a good name & good gesture! They won't loot money for themselves nor their family!

A good leader also knows that their ruling power also temporary only! And they were elected to serve people by people's money! They also know that they are just a tool of supreme power, and God gave the opportunity to them to gain good karmas by serving people!

A good leader even will be ready to die for people's goodness! They will be the seed of notable Good start and they will become a giant example for all!

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