Why NEGATIVE THINGS are Getting Reached Faster?

A single bad word is enough to get people's attention than many good words! Because nowadays, a negative thing goes into people's minds very easily when compared to the positive things as we are living in the maximum level of negative things around. That's the bitter truth here! Most of the people who are living in this world, easily getting many troubles since they are adopting bad growing culture gradually & people say me often that, "All I have are negative thoughts" badly...

They fail to know & examine the value of good things! For example, eating organic foods & doing workouts for the body is the ultimate prevention from being affected by diseases! But how many of us following the right diet and body workouts even after we know the value of it? Very very less right?! So that I am telling, people are adopting the bad culture, stylish life, killing habits & more negatively! And they think it as fashion!

So when they are following bad things without considering, likewise they are listening and appreciating the negatively criticizing people easily without knowing it's in-depth reasons and truths! We are giving more value to them badly when compared to good people!

Simply to say, Sweets are maybe very tasty and looking good. But when you take it daily in your life, you will be a diabetic patient one day! At the same time, Bitter gourd may taste more bitter, but if you take it daily in your life, you can prevent diabetes and more diseases!

In very short, we are living in a namesake society where many negative things are worshiped as Good things unknowingly! We should wake up! Sweets are like negative approaches and Bitter gourds are like positive approaches. After examining the aftermaths, we have to choose what is needed for our life! People mostly use negative words to describe someone.

Why? Let's take a brief on "Negative Bias Psychology" here! 

The one who achieved something in their life which you are looking for, they crossed many problems and struggles as per their character! 

The goal may be the same, but the character differs from person to person, the ways, problems, experiences also become very different to all. You maybe follow their same way to reach the goal easily. But the fact is that you will get stuck often somewhere blindly to cross that point! To cross that point, you have to react the same as them! That means you are losing your uniqueness and identity!

Without uniqueness and your own identity, achieving the goal is called worthless victory.

Actually to say, most people just living this life by having less confidence which leads to getting fed up easily on life achievements. Not only achievements, they actually fall in their daily living too! Why confidence is so important? In fact, What is called Real Confidence? What real confidence will give you? Let's see!

The building without a strong basement may look good, but it will fall very easily! The same is called confidence! Without your strong confidence, you cannot build any stable success! Whatever may be your field for success, there may be already the one who achieved it!

If you see their past history, there may be many struggles, experiences, sacrifices, and learning. So, first, you have to believe in yourself that, you too can achieve it! But it should be in your own way! Because, when it's in your own way, then the struggles, experiences, sacrifices may be very less since you already saw the bad experiences from achieved people!

The REAL CONFIDENCE is called, not 99.9% or even 100% trust, hope, confidence in the expected thing! It should be 200%! Did you get my point? Yeah! it should be Highly Predominating, Non-shaking, Unbreakable, Giant & Unique confidence!

Among 100% of people in this world, a very very less percentage of people only have this type of confidence! People may say it overconfidence! Don't bother about it! Because, the one who has overconfidence maturely, only will get unbelievable, unimaginable growth in their life! Ya! It's a fact! Scientifically to say, practice your subconscious mind to store this 200% confidence permanently! Because, when your subconscious mind is very conscious about high confidence, then in your sleep even, you will observe the positive vibrations and the ideas for your success around the earth!

Our nature of Air, Water, Fire, Land & Space (Beyond Sky) knows & sees everything about every human! Every secret is getting noticed by this powerful nature! All I tell you is, just make yourself, your body is ready to read and know everything from nature! The subconscious mind is the powerful key to know the unknown powers and sources from nature! Nature always loves to enlighten and teach people. But the question is that, did you make ready your body to receive it properly? Just think about it!

If you want to shine, you can get ideas from different people, read the experiences of different people to know about, what are all the wrong ways which shouldn't go on and waste the time! But to reach your goal, you have to create your own way, own style, own mannerism to get succeed! That kind of success only will get more valued among people! The negative effects of procrastination will make you sick more.

So, just get brilliant ideas, winning methods & formulas from them! But don't copy or follow them completely! Once you got the techniques from them, with those intellectual collections, just start building your own brand! It really matters!

There are two types of advice. One is called time passes immature advice from meaningless people. And another one is, valuable experienced advice from meaningful people! So, before getting advice & following it, first, you have to know that, what kind of person they are, what are they coming to tell and what is the gain for them for giving that advice!

The people when coming to know that you have money or rich sources, then they will try to stick with you as Advisers! Yeah, they will use you like anything, if you don't know their intention blindly! So clearing subconscious negativity is much important to avoid them.

Advises are the freest things available in this world! But the thing is that we have to value ourselves & we should take the right advice from the right person who experienced it! Some of the people may be experienced.

But they will advise you for their hidden benefit! At that time, we shouldn't be their victim! So before go on with them, analyze the truth and value on advice! Once you came to know their healthy intention of giving advice, then you can definitely hear, nod and follow it! Finally to say, you cannot have a positive life and a negative mind together!

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