Avoid These 5 Killing MISTAKES in Marketing!

Highly Converting Marketing "STRATEGIES" - (MAKE MIRACLE SALES)

Everyone has doubts about how to do marketing! Everywhere around the world, without marketing persons, there are no possibilities to make sales. In any of the products or services, the sellers will be in the need of right marketing persons. To make sales, finding the techniques to promote is really secondary. 

But before that, we should learn to AVOID the MISTAKES in marketing first. When you came to know the list of, What are all not to do, and What are all the mistakes that people are commonly doing in Marketing (In-person, Online or Whatever), then easily you will reap the miracle results in sales. Because avoiding mistakes automatically gives you the maximum fruit!

Don't be like Poor Guy!

This society people always love to have friendship and dealing with top persons even if they are bad. That kind of society this is. Even if they like to buy a small Soap, they will buy it in Super Markets or Online only. They never Go to small shops as that is respect related issue. So whenever you approach your consumers with your products/services, show them your uniqueness, specialties, neatness & unexpected knowledge on those things.

Don't go and approach the consumers like Poor or Less knowledgeable guy. Your smartness and knowledge should impress them automatically. They should love to deal with your brand or store. They should be proud to buy the material from you! Even if your product is worthless, your ability and knowledge should be more worthy to convert the people!

Don't see the consumers as ATM machine!

This is a very big mistake that is been done by the majority of marketing persons. Sellers are seeing the consumers just like the ATM machine. Which means, they will go and promote whatever, and they will need money for it. Isn't it so rude? The consumer may have money. Some times they may not have. In that case, if you are going only in the motive of getting money from them at any cause, then you will lose your reputation, brand's respect and also some good approaching manners. 

Show the quality of you and your product in a genuine way. If they liked your decent approach, they will like to buy it even if they are not in the need of it. If you fail in manners, even if they are in the need of it, they won't buy anything from you! Treat them as Human beings! As you got monthly sales target and urgency in selling, don't push anything to consumers like a Mad. Manners is much important in Marketing, Mind it... It may be digital marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, internet marketing or whatever! Do a little marketing research.

Don't Treat all the Consumers as the Same!

Everyone has some extracurricular activities. Mostly marketing persons are Good at speaking. The right kind of approach in speaking even will make rich people stick with you for lifelong! Speaking has that much power! The majority of marketing persons are failing in compelling the consumers to listen about the products/services which will irritate them.

A good marketing person shouldn't do stuffing of their products to the consumers. All the consumers are not the same. And also all the consumers' situations also not the same. Everything will change minute to minute. Way of thinking, approaching, speaking, reacting, responding is so different from the person. So you should understand that You Shouldn't treat all the consumers in the same way! This means depends on the situation, you should use your words and approach! 

Some consumers will like a short explanation. Some consumers will like a detailed explanation. Some other consumers will not like to listen, anything from you. In that kind of situation, you no need to explain anything. Just make a friendship with them by your speaking talent! You may have knowledge of some other things too. Your consumers may like it too! 

Instead of buying things from you, they want to listen to your knowledge in that particular needful thing. So make friendship with them by your talent. Later you can make sales! Which means, your good memories with them will make the consumers to call you personally and visit next time automatically to buy!

Don't stuff your over Knowledge!

Many people hate to listen to what you say. So learn to read their minds. Mind reading will help you to give the expectation of what they like to listen to next! Speak always what they like. Following that, add your product-related knowledge further. Impress them first before selling! Once you impressed them by your words, ability, other talent or anything towards impression, then making sales will happen automatically.

You should show your Good knowledge to them. But you shouldn't stuff it. Which means, Be a Good Speaker, at the same time Be a Good listener too! Because people always love the persons who are all good observers! When you follow this kind of approach with your consumers, then it will make very big miracles too! How? 

You may meet or face rich people, upper-middle-class people and also poor people too through all mediums. At that time, when your approach and talent impressed the top people, then they will like to have you in their place! Then you will immediately get the chance to glitter and get the highest pay in their big places! All big things are happening after seeing your level and knowledge only. Simply to say, your Narration should be more impressive to hear!

Don't Compel to Buy Your Product/Services!

This is much important to make sales. Exactly to say, this is called Mind play. Actually, you are in the need of Product selling only. But you shouldn't compel the people. Because when you compel the people, it will make them think why is he/she compelling to buy? Even if you have Good Product/Service, your immature and childish approach to compulsion will make the consumer to avoid buying!

So instead of compelling the sales, show the best and qualities of your product. Good Reviews and Benefited people's testimonials. It will convert many consumers instantly at the mind base. Show your product's uniqueness and qualities in a very simple and short time. Make them to ask more. You should create the curiosity to make them to listen. This will make many people buy your products instantly!

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