Be Bold and Don't Hesitate to Speak in Public!

Be Bold and Don't Hesitate to Speak in Public!

To speak in front of the crowd, you no need to be a very good speaker or experienced person in speaking. Because, the crowd-pulling power is not in using many words, but it is in crystal clear and hitting small words! You may have heard, Swami Vivekananda, when he spoke in Chicago (USA), he spoke many things.

But his first starting words, "Dear Sisters & Brothers" got fame, became popular and life long cherishing memory for many people. 

Why? The Sisters & Brothers word is very common only. It was used by many speakers and people around the world. But why his particular word of "Sisters & Brothers" became grand reach around the world? Nothing other than,


Yeah! That matters a lot! It's all about how you speak! When Swami Vivekananda spoke this, his intense, bold and confident way of speaking was hit millions of minds in a fraction of seconds. That is the reason immediately he got Blasting Applause for it! Fear of public speaking should get vanished first!

You may be a silent person in your life. You may have passed many problems silently like common people too. You may not have any desires or any big goals in your life. But being a human being, you need to prove yourself at some stage as God gave you mouth to speak! God didn't give you the mouth only to communicate for yourself. Some times, you have to stand and speak boldly for this society too!

Learn public speaking! And Speaking with confidence is an Art!

If you always run from problems, from dogs to everyone will chase you till you die. It won't end for lifelong. You have to stand boldly and look back at your enemies and other people. Your bold look, problem facing mentality will threaten more bad people for sure! Though you are a king full of wealth and grand living, to get respect in this society, Speaking skills will make you a most powerful person!

A king itself needs to prove their ability at sometimes! If not, everyone will start to play with your patience! You should keep this in mind to overcoming!

Particularly to say, when it is about speaking in the crowd, then it is an opportunity! No matter what you speak and how you speak. You no need to take notes from books and also hear videos of many motivational speakers! You had come across many life experiences. Your experiences are more valued and million-dollar worth. No one had passed the same as you in such experiences. The problem may be the same for others. But the situation and handling will be different to all!

Very rarely you are getting the situation to speak in front of the public. When you get the chance like that, just don't leave it. Because this life and God need something from you at that moment. That's why you are facing that kind of situation. So don't worry about your experience, knowledge or notable points. All I say is, go forward more positively and boldly! Don't worry about the results, Just proceed and finish your responsibility at any cause!

Your confidence and your own life experiences also have the power to get applause and it will convert many people to travel in a good way! Even if you are not traveling in a good way, your way of speaking and approaching have that much power to convert any people easily!

Because speaking has that much power. Oratory skills are giant! Don't lose any chances! 

Speaking in front of the crowd is not only to enlighten the people. But also to enlighten yourself! How?

Because, when all the time you speak something to the public, you will get new points, different point of view, and spontaneous winning thoughts from your own mind! That will be new to you. You got treasures from your own mind! I promise! That is the Gift from cosmic energy (Supreme Power/God) for teaching your people. That's why wisdom people are saying that, helping and serving people, is the same value to Serving God! You can't deny it. It is the law of nature! 

Even though if you are not getting any chances to speak in front of the public, nowadays in this technological living, you can use Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe & more it's related platforms to make yourself more visible and familiar speaker. It is making you a familiar figure around the world! Some people have a phobia of public speaking. That is not a matter to master it. Your speech anxiety will get fade out when you are confidently heading forward without hesitation.

Many successful speakers started their comfortable lifestyle in a very poor stage only. I am not speaking about rich life. I am speaking about comfort lifestyle! Avoiding things just take very few seconds. But analyzing things will take days and weeks. What is the difference between Avoiding and Analysing in public speaking? Avoiding will save you from many problems. Analyzing will make you to GIVE SOLUTIONS to many life problems. So you can choose whatever.

You will get more fans, followers, and supporters around the globe for your forward and unique thinking. In the starting, it may be, little hard to come in a wavelength. But when you start to post your self videos for public awareness as per your thoughts and taste, then you will grab all the wealth towards you! Not only for public awareness, but you can also entertain people with your speech! Because entertainment is the best medicine to forget our tensions and problems.

YouTube and other platforms are giving you the option for monetization too. So you will get paid for your life needs through your speech! At the same time, you will earn more hearts too!

Think that, only for your bold and confident words and thoughts, if you are getting Fan & Wealth means, isn't it a Boon? Yes, it is! Be open to debate!

Moreover, don't feel bad or panic for that you don't know anything! You can narrate anything to this society which is useful! Narration and public speaking will improve your knowledge to the next level! When you surrounded by more Good people for your words and it is getting converted as money, then no one can shake your comfortable and happiest living forever!

Moreover, what will you get from speaking in front of the public? Very simple but some powerful... HAPPINESS & PEACE!

Very honestly to say, many millionaires are still searching for Peace and Happiest life. Because they earned millions and billions in many ways. They have bypassed many hard workers and their efforts knowingly and unknowingly. As a result, that karmas are following them badly. When it is following them, then they need to put safeguard from those issues. So making shield personally and officially by spending money, more time, answerable to the society will eat their lifetime. So their MIND WILL NOT STOP RUNNING even in sleeping time! That kind of tension and pressures they will face. So, money alone will not get you peace. Because

Peace & Happiness is the Material of GOD! It won't be available to Demons!

I am not saying, money or it's earning persons are demons. But the Greed on money and it's related attitude and approach are peace and blood-sucking demons! All you need is Mouth to speak, Patience to perceive, Practice to pulling the audience & Confidence to creativity! It is time to grow and earn your followers! One day you will come to know the art of public speaking! Cheers :)

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