Be Careful in Other People's Sympathetic Situations!

Be Careful in Other People's Sympathetic Situations!

When you fail to find the truth in this illusion world, then you will suppose to face many losses. Especially with humans' nature and their activities. If you are reading this post, then you should be careful with your circle. Words of sympathy will shake your basement if you are a light-hearted person.

If some other person from your circle is reading this post, then they should be very careful with you! You, Me, He, She or Anyone in this world is not the same! Because in this life, each person is different and each person has a different approach

In this case, when you overthink or so worried about other people's situations, especially in their SYMPATHETIC situation, you should be very very careful when you are light-hearted. Even though if you are a stone-hearted person, you should keep a distance with them to analyze the truth.

Because your sympathy for that person and showing mercy financially, or in any other way without any limitations will make you worry forever! 

Don't think that you can find always right and you will always see the right things only! This is purely an illusion world! So easily anything will close your wisdom eyes and conscious thinking. So when you lose your control in seeing the good in bad, it will stick with you and you will be answerable for a long time in all ways! There are millions of examples with people who got suffered because of helped other people as showed sympathy! You can help any people. But don't give everything and the main things which are saving you to live in your style of living.

I didn't say that you shouldn't show mercy or sympathy to anyone. Because, if Mother Teresa didn't show mercy and sympathy on sick people, they might not get support or care about their life. Moreover, this world also may not get a pure soul like Mother Teresa! But you can't compare yourself always with Teresa.

Because her way of thinking, living, approaching method, knowledge level & wisdom is entirely different and it will trigger in high ratio! 

We can't even stand in front of her efforts and sacrifices! Because it's her NATURE! Nature can't be designed by us. It's the boon from god. Coconut tree's nature is giving coconuts only. It can't give Mango. Mango tree's nature is Giving Mangoes only. It can't give coconuts.

Likewise, each person has their respective nature. We can alter slightly as per our needs. But we can't change it completely as it was pre-programmed! If a person is able to change it completely upside down means, then they are not a human being, that person is called Living God!

So, further saying about showing sympathy to other people, you should see the situation and it's complete length of further travel immediately. Without knowing the deep, keeping the leg inside the river will swallow you completely!

Sympathy has that kind of power. When someone cunningly shows their situation like they are affected or they are in the need, before going to help, analyze them completely. Or if you don't have time to analyze, better avoid it. Perhaps if you feel that helping them with their small need will not affect you in any way means, then you can contribute whatever you wish.

In this world, nowadays many people are misusing other people's kindness and sympathy in the wrong way. Cheating persons are roaming around like monsters. They are waiting with a net trap to cover you. If you are unknowingly getting into their trap, then getting out will damage you in all scenarios.

Mostly cheating people are using their brains to cheat us mainly for money only. In their agenda, there are many ways. To list out, they will use all of your LONGINGS & DESIRES to convert as a trap. Because in this world, most people are easily getting trapped by their greed and desires only. That's why Buddha said, "Your Desires Are Your Real Killers!" Smart people are now using the internet mainly to trap you easily. You know how?

Mainly to say, they are taking social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other mediums to analyze a person who are they pointing out! Don't think that they will target mainly rich people. Many of cheaters are mainly targeting middle-class people only! Do you know why?

Because they only will not go to higher-level influence to catch them. Cops and Justice also will react slowly to middle-class people. Because everything became money nowadays! They will not consider small people. But they will value rich people immediately! So their main target is middle-class people only.

They will go any extent to cheat you and destroy your fundamental resources and eat all of your money by blackmailing & in all other ways! So you should be unanimous in your life changing moments.

Through social media platforms, cheaters are watching our Posts Type, Status putting Style, Photos analyzation to know the contact level of a person, way of living, way of thinking, their friends list, and their all other activities. Through our comments, likes on posts, chatting style, friends circle they are easily sensing our nature. Once they come to know our nature and level of thinking, they will start to play with our minds! In sympathy for loss of father, mother, grown son, homeless people, etc, etc. A small pet sympathy messages in the phone was cheated many people.

Keep in mind, those who are masters in playing with common people's MINDS only now are getting paid in millions in higher positions in big corporates! Mind players are getting paid in very huge at corporates. And they are called official stealing persons. Independent Mind Players are from outside are called unofficial stealing persons.

However, in this world, Mind Players are looting our money in millions officially and unofficially around the world and around the clock! Banks, Corporates and all other mediums are working in this way only! They are mind readers! So we should be very careful with them.

Because handling the mind is the very toughest and most powerful job! As you know everything in this world is the outcome of Mind's thoughts, the one who knows to play it well, they can get whatever in this world! They can impress girls by mind play, can cheat people's money, can convert any people easily as per their desire (Terrorists are using this way only to brainwash the people), and all other things related to mind play! 

You know one thing? Mindpower is the most influenced and irreplaceable power on this earth! Those who are so mature to handle the mind, they can control whatever in this world!

Some mind players are stopping as per their need, some players know to play till certain level only, some players are doing only for money, some other players are doing for all other desires & some other crucial players are doing nothing even though they came to know how to do and what to do!

Don't panic and don't excite! We are living in that kind of world. This world has many secrets! We don't know anything yet fully! Secrets are shattered around the world.

The main and basic thing to make ourselves to get cheated is, showing mercy and sympathy for other persons only! That is the starting point. As I said before, prevent yourself from blood and money suckers. Everything starts from you exactly!

Don't worry later and Don't complain others for your mistakes, because prevention is better than cure. Don't be over greed. Start live your life with enough mentality! This mentality will save you from many life issues.

Trust me when you follow this, you will live a peaceful and happiest life. Stop running for a while like 5 sense Horse, and start to think like 6 sense human being about why are you running and towards which are you running! When you come to know this wisdom gradually then, You will literally come to know the secrets of this universe one by one. That is the art of living by realizing your Real Self!

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