Can You Achieve Things with Your Dominating Attitude?

Can You Achieve Things with Your Domination Attitude?

Yes! You can win things. But you can't win the hearts! Why should you win the hearts when you already got success or achieved something? Because, even though you achieved a thing here, you may get temporary happiness. But your heart will always look for permanent happiness and inner peace. It won't come from any kind of Irritating negative attitude of humans.

You know one thing? The people who earned millions and billions, who earned fame among society, who traveled to many countries with fulfilled wealth and more kind of lavish spending lifestyle are still searching for INNER PEACE! Their achieved materials became useless and still, they are in the path of searching the truth! I swear, there are infinite people who are still looking for the truth which can give them answers! So what's that truth? The Disadvantages of Domination are following below.

That is nothing other than "LOVE & PEACE"!

Many people come to know this secret at their last stage of living life only! Because the maturity comes only in that last time. What's the use of it? Your old age can't do anything! Only regretting will be there! I hope, now you got my fundamental point of winning the things and also winning the hearts! Let's go more in detail.

Assume that you are a BOSS in an office. And you want to finish some work through your staff. Staff may be poor in financial things, poor in knowledge level, or maybe lower than you in any way. At that time you are having the power to do whatever as you are a boss! Because God had given you the position to control everything that you need in your place. You have a key now! You can drive that scenario in any way.

Do you know where exactly most people fail?

Actually, when people got power and resources, they are thinking that they earned it on their own! And they got everything from their talent. It is pure ignorance! The situations and opportunities only made you a potential person. Situations and opportunities are created by God fundamentally!

The people without knowing this, with their dominant character and ego, they think that they are bigger (In Position & Ability) than anyone and insulting or hurting other people by their power. If you are going to dominantly compelling people to finish their job or target, they may finish it once. They may complete the same like this each time by your compulsion and domination.

But indirectly you are training them to work under your pressure and dominancy! Their mind will learn that taste unknowingly! As the mind is the very crucial savior cum destroyer, you should train it in the right way! When you fail, then everything will fail! Actually, you are starting it... Moreover, the works which were finished in compulsion and domination, it won't be perfect or crystal clear!

Apart from all these, you will make them tense with your attitude. What will you reap then? They will curse you like anything behind your presence for your irritation! No matter if they are good people or bad people, their curse will push you in pits! Nothing will get shaped properly! Keep that in mind!

Instead of showing dominance, show some Mercy and Love!

Don't think that, if you are giving space for love, gratitude, and mercy then they will start to behave more freely and they will take over-advantage. Because LOVE can win the whole world! But hate can't win even a single heart! Mind it...

When you have power and resources, you shouldn't use it in any wrong way! Because God had given you the testing things only now. That is your position, wealth, power & all of your backup. Only when you are going to use it in the right way, and the people around you got happy and benefited, by seeing that positive sign of outcome, as a token of next gift, the god will give you more happiness and all the needful things in your life!

Perhaps if you are using your available resources and things in the wrong way, you may earn money, but you will live life like hell. The bad vibrations and irritations of the people around you, from where you earned that bad money, it will put you in the stage of ILLUSION where you will run only behind money!

But the Fulfillment, Happiness, Inner peace, Comfortability, Gratitude, Respect, and all other positive things won't come to you. Because positivity is a sign of God. He won't give you all these when you are going on the wrong path! Moreover, he will leave you somewhere to suffer. At that time only, you are getting more bad experiences. So that people are saying, bad experiences are learning phases.

When you are facing many bad experiences in your life, and still you are not regretting it, then it will get continued throughout your lifetime. So that you should wake up from the Illusion world from just earning the money! I didn't say earning money is wrong. But earning money by hurting many people is fundamentally wrong!

See, you are having your unique wavelength & mentality. When you have this, can you accept & entertain the people who are completely opposite to it? You will hate them Nah? Of course, your mentality will not accept their character, attitude, wavelength & activities. So you will purposely avoid them. God is also the same as that! So you should know the value and importance of God!

If you are not fit as per his desires and rules, then HE WILL THROW YOU OUT from his heaven realm!

When you lose his support, then you will lose every winning possibility and survival-related things one by one gradually! So keeping your place in the right position which is accepted by God (In Positive Side) is more important to shine like a star! So that the iconic personalities who are in higher positions in all fields are so unique, genuine and more grateful for what they are having!

When you are about to show more love and mercy in your kingdom, some people may take over-advantage. I am not denying it. But, being a good boss or leader, you should know to control it too! Because, when you show more love, gratitude, temperance and good agenda for the neat and excellent atmosphere in your place, you will get a long time of pleasure and comfortability in that place! It is called living heaven! Speak nicely always to people heartily!

Some people may go away from you. Don't worry about them, because those who run away, they are called DEMONS! They can't stay in the circle of POSITIVITY! Positivity will irritate them! So you will finally get the gems around you! I mean the positive people! You can literally feel the positive vibrations from them! When your place was surrounded by positivity, then it will become like HIGH VOLTAGE ENERGY SHIELD, which will make the miracles to happen in your place!


Everything in this world is made out of ATOMS! Atoms are made out of ENERGY! And the energy is made out of CONSCIOUSNESS!

So when you have higher consciousness towards your workplace by eliminating negativities like Domination, Tension, Anxiety, Compulsion, Irritation & more related to that, then you will suppose to grasp all the winning and positive happenings around you! From wealth, health, joy, happiness and everything!

I am not saying you like Don't show domination ever! Domination is needed only. But that is only in needful places. Use it only with needful people. Don't use it with all! Simply to say, Use it like a Pickle. Don't use it like MAIN COURSE FOOD!

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