Blaming Others For Your Mistakes PSYCHOLOGY!

Blaming Others For Your Mistakes "PSYCHOLOGY"

Most of the people living in this world never accept their mistakes immediately. They always complain about others. Even though if we particularly point out their mistake, no people are here to accept it. Do you know what is the reason behind it? Simple... It's called EGO!

EGO is the biggest destroyer of your wisdom! Not knowledge! Knowledge is different & Wisdom is different! Once the wisdom hits a person's head, it will lead the entire human life in a different way. But our EGO has the main part in stopping our growth in getting wisdom. Stop blaming others!

Everyone in this world is mainly expecting money, and all other materialized things to live their life in a very luxurious way. We call it DESIRES! Because, each and every one of our minds mainly thinks that, once we get the money we will get happiness. But Happiness is completely in OUR MIND. Not in any other things. You may think easily that everyone saying the same.

EGO says, Find More Money, And You Will Get Inner Peace.

But Wisdom Says, Find Your Inner Peace First, Then Everything Will Fall Into Your Place!

Psychological reasons for blaming others!

Blaming others for your mistakes psychology says, when you come to know the deeper value of the mind and its real potential, you will come to see the miracles happening around you! Because the mind has a very main part to get happiness in this world! When you come to know this deeply, then you will literally stop searching things outside and you will start to search this ACTUAL EXISTENCE inside of you!

Further to say, whenever we are having any trouble or inconvenience in our life, our mind thinks that some people did this to us! But that is not the real truth! Actually, to say, the Good things and bad things never come to us by other people! That is fundamentally happening to you by yourself only! Can you believe it? Yeah... Everything is happening to you is that because of you only! Not because of others.

I know very well that, you can't accept this truth that much easier. Because you are clearly seeing that, some people did that issue to you! It was happened by others.

I accept now that it was happened to you by others. But do you know what the wisdom says?

You only did it to you! It means everything that was happened, happening and going to happen all are because of YOU ONLY! How? 

Let me explain it in detail. You should have patience and a clear mind to see the actual truth! People who complain always others should read this fully. Blaming someone else for your problems is called pure ignorance!

Relax & Think one thing on a very deeper level... In this world, especially in your country, there are more deaf and dumb people. Further, there are more physically challenged people also. But you born in this world without physical or mental issues. Even you born with any physical issue, you are not having any more physical or mental problems like others! How? 

Many people in this world are suffering even for one-time food in a day. Many people are homeless. Many people don't have parents to care for them. Many people having critical illness problems. Furthermore, there are thousands of people born in this world with many issues mentally and physically. But how did you born in this world without any issues? I meant only Physical & Mental issues. Not other life-related problems! (Other Life Related Problems will Take more 10 Posts to Explain, So...) Did you ever think about just above mentioned Physical & Mental Issues?

How did you get a healthy body in this life birth? How did you get Healthy living by birth? How did you get Healthy parents and healthy circle to live? After seeing this, now you think, why people are suffering here? Anger & Ignorance!

That is mainly because of their non-understanding of life pattern and they really don't know, HOW TO LIVE THEIR LIFE HAPPILY! Now you say how you got a healthy birth? Did you think about it? (Even though we born healthily, later we are killing our health by consuming drugs, alcohol, smoking, and more health killing activities by ourselves. That is a very different story to explain in detail) 

Now I explain it clearly! Whether you believe it or not, it's the actual truth! Healthy Body, Non-Healthy Body, Problems, Tensions, Happenings, Incidents, Circumstances and each & everything from pin to pin are happening in this world was pre-designed by God!

That all because of your past life karmas only! 

The consequences of blaming others will destroy your growth! Do you know what is karma? It's a big subject. Let me answer you in a very short line. Karma is the thing that will come to you for each and every activity of you! Starting from moving the glass to killing a person! Walking, Smelling, Speaking, Thinking & Each and Every Damn of human activity Count! Karma has two types. One is Good Karmas and another one is Bad karmas. 

How this Good Karma & Bad Karma is been calculated? I can say you the bit. It's all are depends on your INTENTION only! For example, if you think that killing some person is really a bad thing and it will go to bad karma mean, then definitely not! Because this supreme power/God has an entirely different calculation. How? It will calculate from, FOR WHAT INTENTION YOU KILLED A PERSON! 

If that dead person which was killed by you was really bad and he/she did many mistakes in their life, and you killed them for Good purpose mean, it will go to Good Karma & It will not come under Bad Karma! (Perhaps if you have even 1 Good Karma or 1Bad Karma, You will born again here in this magnetic field. So you should go to the level of 0% Karma to Avoid the birth & Mingle With God. As of now we are having billion of Karmas in our past life Calculated Reservoir. It differs person to person)

Now you got it right? The incident is not a matter. But your intention matters a lot! Like that, you are carrying unseen & unexplainable past life karmas in your head. Through that head only your mind is running, and through your mind only your body is running. And further, through that body only the activities/incidents are happening in this world! Wisdom people call it "CREATURE"!

You are living a life now. Why don't you think you may have already lived another life in this world in another name in another body? Isn't it possible? If you don't agree, then you will not get wisdom! I am not threatening you! But this is the truth. You have many lives here in different names and different bodies. But the soul is the same.

There are more proofs and explanations to prove Rebirth/Reincarnation on this earth! You should believe it. Explaining it will take more time. So let me go to the point directly! You read about reincarnation later. So why should you believe it without seeing it? Simple... If you don't believe it, then you will live this materialistic torture life forever even though you have millions in your bank account! Are you really living the happiest life now? No right? 

That's why saying, to live the better and happiest life you should come into this circle and belief of Trust. Once you start trusting this, then everything will come to your mind automatically. That is called WISDOM! Because your mind has unbelievable power. To know the real potential of it, you should start to trust it. Because trust is the SECRET key to MIRACLE LIFE to manifest anything that you want!

While saying about karmas and Supreme Power's (God) calculation, it is putting you in a body that depends on your Karmas only. That's why wisdom people and Vedas say that, do only good to people. If you do the bad to people, you may earn money. And also live a luxurious life. But the Law of Supreme Power's Nature will put you in a very bad body in your next birth! You will face more irritations too! It will happen for sure! Don't underestimate the power of the Existence/Supreme Power/God/Nature/Almighty. 

Like this only people are born in this world with many issues in their bodies! Touch your heart and say... Are you doing the mistakes, cruelness or any bad things with your knowledge or without your knowledge? Mostly with your knowledge only you are doing it right? Then do you think won't you get justice for it? Do you think no one is noticing it? Not at all! That is purely an Ignorance. Wake up, dear... This world may not watch you, but the existence is watching each and every movement of you! So the things which come to you now in all mediums are the aftermath of your past happenings, incidents, and activities only!

You really don't know what kind of damage you did to someone/something! That's why I am here... -KARMA!

Once you understand the deep meaning of it, you will stop complaining about other people. When you stop complaining about the people, then you will suppose to drop your EGO automatically. Because it will drive you in that way! When you are about to drop your EGO, then you will effortlessly drop your tensions, anxiety, and every bad habit of you! When you drop each and every bad habit of you, then you will find inner peace (PURE BLISS) inside the body and mind immediately! Want to know how it feel? I may not give the exact taste in word. But I can explain a little.


That's why wisdom people leave temporary happiness from this world things and finding permanent bliss inside their body by doing meditation and other kinds of Yogic Methods! Now can you understand, why spiritual people are so happy and calm in their life? Because they don't have an EGO!

EGO is the very main part of your illness and problematic life. When you drop your ego, then trust me, everything will fall into your place! 200% its the truth! Many people are experiencing it in their life. Ego is the very and hardest & illusion door to open. But once you open it with more consciousness and focus, then all other problematic doors will open by itself automatically!

Now, do you think complaining of others will really help you? Not at all... Good and Bad everything will come to you depends on your activities only. Even though if you face any problems in your life even after dropping your egoless living, you will face little more tension to handle. But gradually when your wisdom mind grows, you will literally start to see the wonders of this nature and happiest living on this earth!

When you get wisdom, you will drop all unnecessary carryings immediately! Stop complaining others & start finding your happiest, peaceful and successful life! Do you think, how success will come when you don't have EGO? Simple... Because when you don't have EGO, wisdom will come! When wisdom comes, then it will show you all the secrets to win this materialistic human being's life!

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