Do You Think All Seeing Things Are True? Illusion Explained!

Do You Think All Seeing Things Are True?

What does illusion mean? The human mind is 99.9℅ always like shown in the above picture only! We only see what the eye sees or what is shown to us! Similarly, we believe that everything we see and hear is true and we are relieved! When one understands the deeper causes and meaning of an incident, the mind, which was previously misunderstood, then attains a few hours of peace! Once again something else catches on and starts to make us stink! People need this TOO MUCH attention!

Because our mind is our first enemy! It takes a lot of training, great courage, and great patience to get him to realize the truth!

If a man comes to this, the ruinous mind, at one point, become a GURU (TEACHER)! On the other hand, the mind will melt and become bliss! In the process of transcendence of the unconscious "sorcery", the mind, the child of the soul, dissolves into the soul, and the full power of the soul, the bargain of the Lord, is revealed, and the soul is united in the supernatural "SUPREME POWER"!

The only thing is .. When you think about what you have seen, heard, and thought, you will be a great reason for everything that happened, without destroying oneself.

Once you become a Lord and touch that taste, then you will not live in this world but seek the bliss of Paradise and surrender to that Lord itself!

The Lord is now saying the same thing to everyone! It's very simple. But we can't follow that much easier. Do you know what is it?

Please don't always worry or overthink about past or future. Just try to spend much of your time to practice to live in the present (Each & Every Minutes). The Future will take care of by Divine! 

It's 100% true! We can say this in more short,

Patience .. Patience .. Patience ..
Peace .. Peace .. Peace ..

I swear to the Lord, I say this with a thousand times

The answers to the questions which you are looking for, the wonders of the realm will automatically catch on .. This is the truth!

If I say the truth more, You can't believe. Because it's spirituality! There are innumerable differences between the earthly life of human life and the heavenly life of the spiritual life as contradictory ideas, morals, and truths! For example, if we speak of this earthly life as a person living in the soil, there are some important things like, the affection towards other beings, the idea of ​​wealth, the imposition on the visible and the visible things & more! There is nothing wrong with that. Because how can one misrepresent the love of/on the mother or the affection of/on other people? Not by chance. 

But the spiritual place is neither the record for public life nor the place for it. They are well aware that we are disciples, formed only for spiritual development (To Live In Peace) of all. First of all, spirituality does not mean praying, wearing rudraksha, or dressing up like saint, or going out of the house for a saint life! What causes optical illusions?

Spiritual means “state of awareness”! That's all! In that respect, I would like to proceed further with an Explanation from the Enlightened Tamil Saint, the great THIRUVALLUVAR"

Those who do not have the desire, have the desire on GOD to release our desires. Because desires are the cause of all kinds of suffering in human life. It is not only Valluvar, but also the great mysteries of the world, and the most unimaginable feats of human life that existed hundreds of years ago. must say that the teachings of their grace. However, this fact cannot be accepted by ordinary people, and it is not so quick for anyone. Because he needs the grace to worship him! This is what he says, "He bowed to his grace"!

Humans unknowingly have Arrogance, Blindness, Illusion, Lust, Hostility, Lust, Religion, Contemplation, Darkness, Irritation, Envy! Every day millions of people born as human and die. But those who attain divinity from the human condition are very rare even from Billion! Do you know why is it really hard to reach that place? It takes patience, vigor, relentless training, and boredom to attain the supreme power of a state of "Psychological ruin or Samadhi".

Many yogis have attained enlightenment without belief in God! The reason is the understanding of wisdom. Choosing does not consent! Knowledge is the brain. Understanding is the heart's feeling! When a man moves with the help of his heart, everything becomes God! In that way, the love of the heart is essential for spiritual growth! To reach spiritual heights, a man must forget his brain and listen to his heart. But it is not so easy, as perceptual illusion is always there to kill your wisdom.

Because man always has many disappointments and humiliations in human beings whenever he loves the world. That is why it is easy to show love and it is not easy to show persistence. But this is entirely possible by a yogi who realizes spirituality! In that sense, the record and your opinion, though the subject is one, vary according to the understanding of the seeing man. This is what "Gnana Vallal Paranjodi Mahan" said,

All that is seen is the knower of the knowledge   -the knower

All that is seen is God   -the worshipper

All that is found in the combination of atoms   -the examiner

God is the One who seeks to see God   -wisdom person

Thus, although the object is one, only its name is interpreted according to the viewer's understanding. The character is the same! This is why those who have realized the truth in spirituality say there is nothing right or wrong here. Everything is in accordance with the karma and the grace we have put together! This is why spirituality is still interpreted in many ways by many experiences. Someone who realized that a wise man wrote that record! He understands and understands it deeper!

Before a thousand years ago, to find the truth of birth and living life, Yogis found this secret! "Watch the breath!" By followed this, many people god wisdom and attained higher self! There are more proofs for it. We are the same sentence now.

Read it. Even if we read it a thousand times, we have no chance of getting wisdom! Similarly, when Lord Ramana Maharishi heard the name "Arunachal" (Thiruvannamalai Now), he was heartbroken by understood the truth and attained wisdom at the age of 13 years itself! He has reached bliss in a moment! But we couldn't do it now… Because it's a gift of god! We really don't know when the Lord will open the lock of our house! Such sermons are shared here as people should continually travel on the same spiritual path to know the truth of living life!

Feel free to ask here if you have doubts about sharing. If there is debate or disagreement please excuse it. Because as I have already said, understanding can vary from person to person.

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