How "VOLUNTEERING" Will Make You to Grow in Life?

How Volunteering Will Make You to Grow in Life?

The first thing you have to know is what is Volunteering! Volunteering means, the SELF INTERESTED & SELF INVOLVEMENT WORK or ACTIVITY that you can contribute to anywhere that you are interested in! In many places, volunteering has very main part to grow the institution or that particular profitable or non-profitable organization. 

Not only growing the place, but you can develop yourself in living life to the next level in volunteering. When the topic is about volunteering, you can get doubts about WHERE TO DO, HOW TO DO, REASONS TO DO, HOW IT WILL BE BENEFITED, etc, etc. Let us see the volunteering related explanations below. 

Places to Do Volunteering

Firstly there is no particular mentioned place to grow yourself by doing volunteering. Commonly, spiritual related places, mindful coaching classes, meditation classes and more its related areas only many people are mainly doing volunteering. They learn much from there. But to see apart from that and think outside of the box, we can do volunteering in any place. For example, you can contribute your time, efforts, works, creativity, etc, etc in all the places that you wish to do. 

I mean, assume that you are going to a bus stop or any public place. And seeing an old age person is suffering out there. Contribute your time to them immediately. Let them recover from that. Not all the time the MONEY will help people. In many cases, caring words, confident approach, spreading positivity, lovely smile, a small and gentle hug & more mature activities of humans will make the people to travel in their path more happily and confidently. 

Like that you can do volunteering in any kind of place. No need to give money to people always. Your concern is more than enough. Be always available to the needful people without expect anything in return. From prayer room to public bathroom! I mean anywhere.  When you do volunteering, don't expect anything from people.

Because, when there is an expectation in volunteering, then your mind will expect the same result from the person who got your help. Sometimes people may thank you for that. Many times people may just pass away. So be ready for anything! This mentality is the essence of GOD! When people react differently from your expectations, then you will feel irritated instantly.

So that saying you to help the people like a TREE. Why tree? Because the tree always gives. It won't expect anything in return!

Main places to do volunteering are homeless shelter, medical volunteer, volunteer with kids, volunteering to animals, hospital volunteer opportunities, environmental volunteering, teen volunteering, volunteer to hold babies, best volunteer abroad programs, non profit court ordered community service, virtual volunteering, pet shelter volunteer, crisis text line volunteer, sick kids volunteer, nursing home volunteer, special olympics volunteer, food pantry, red cross volunteer connection, samaritans volunteer, planned parenthood volunteer & more!

To find more nearby places to serve, you can type "volunteer opportunities near me" in Google or Bing.

How to Do Volunteering

Go with the free mind. When you involve in work, assume yourself as a Body! I mean just body. Don't overthink about who you are! Forget your name, forget your nature, forget your past, forget your family, forget your circle and forget everything which will remember who you are! Project yourself as a living, Walking & Speaking Conscious Coma Patient!

Why should you project yourself like this? Because to know the truth of this universe or everything that you want to get shined, will happen only when you deal VERY CASUALLY! Casualness will give you stunning and miracle results! I didn't mean Lethargic. I meant just NORMAL CASUALNESS. Don't be a multi-tasking person! Do One work in One time! Because muli-tasking may be nice to see and people may appreciate you for your work. But you can't grow in your life if you can't concentrate fully on what you are doing!

To do volunteering, the mindset and speaking is the most important thing. What will you do if you are in the place and compulsion to clean the toilet? And more embarrassing moments like that? Immediately your mind will start to collect that data from your brain to show you that Who You Are right? When the Identity comes, the EGO will come.

When the EGO will come, your mind will think of many things immediately. So when the mind is disturbed with your past life data, then you will stop the volunteering work. Do you know? You should have more courage and guts to finish the volunteering work which you take, as it is the powerful play between the soul and EGO!

Even though you are about to finish the work in volunteering, you will be a little disappointed/disturbed and will do the work for namesake. So that saying, always do the volunteering work by erasing your identity! Because an empty pocket and empty mind only will give you the most precious moments! You will learn everything from every aspect. All you need to do is, just go with the flow. Let it happen! Whatever it may be! Be always ready for accidental and unexpected happenings around you! You will get million-dollar experience from each and every volunteering work. People also call it as Non Profit Community Services.

Reasons to Do Volunteering

There are many reasons to do volunteering. The main thing is, YOU NEED TO REALIZE that, all these days what you assumed YOU is not actually YOU! It's the mask for society. Depends on the situation, humans are wearing many invisible masks in the name of character and attitude. So, self-realization is the most important thing to achieve big things in life. When you have big and miracle destinations and goals, then you should equip yourself for it!

For that, Volunteering will help you to come out of EGO issues, the actual face of humans and real human nature. When you are in a comfortable zone with enough money, you can't come to know the real face of this society! With the money, you can enjoy the temporary happy life. But you can't live lifelong happiest life! That's the difference. That's why I am saying you to do volunteering in all possible and available places without having your pre-designed, assumed shape in assumption. Forget everything and watch the happenings. You will start to enter the stage of enlightenment!

After EGO, you will taste the essence of REAL HAPPINESS & REAL SATISFACTION! I bet, you can't get satisfaction although giving millions to people who are in the need. But you will get immediate satisfaction when you give the solution by the idea of people's life problems. Money is not a king! Situation and Mood only decide it! So that saying, learning manners, temperance, kindness, gratitude & all other related positive habits are very easily can be followed through volunteering! It is the place of Wisdom literally! Some organizations are offering these volunteer opportunities.

When you are in the mind of helping/guiding people always, then your mind will start to work in different aspects. I mean, when the thoughts change, then the situation also will change and you will get results 20 times more than what you have and what you like to taste! Those who realized themselves by doing volunteering, then they will immediately see the TRUTH of this human life too! When they travel in this path, then getting peace and living in happiness is just a piece of cake to humans!

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