Life Lessons to Learn From Coronavirus! COVID-19

Life Lessons to Learn From Corona Virus! COVID-19

If someone beat us, we will beat them back immediately at any place. Because our patience is not there to ask why did they do that. That's common human nature. Some times our anger will make us to take revenge till killing them too! When humans are behaving like this, then do you think nature always will see us calmly without taking revenge for our cruel activities? Not at all! We should grow up mentally!

We are cutting the tree, killing the animals and birds knowingly and unknowingly to eat, sometimes for time pass, polluting the ocean, air, land, and everything, looting all other nature's resources like Sand, Methene, Gold, Rocks, etc, destroying nature's peace, damaging other living creatures' fundamental living just for earning money. This earth was made for all living creatures.

But humans are thinking like, the earth is only made for them. Isn't it ignorance & so cheap thinking? 

With the support of the 6th sense, we are ruling everything. God gave us the 6th sense to save to people, and all other living creatures to grow in a good way. We have all sense to take this world more better and forward. But we are killing the entire world's peace by our knowledge in the name of Greed and technology.

Do you think this nature will see all these without doing anything? Won't it take revenge to make the past chain and it's things to get aligned again and save the creatures which are trusting it?

Definitely, it will take revenge! That is the reason we are facing Flood, Hurricane, Tsunami, earthquakes & more related to killing us often. When all the time humans are crossing their limit knowingly or unknowingly, this nature will eradicate the base of the human thoughts to give justice! Likewise, we are getting into the Coronavirus (COVID-19) attack around the world!

Thousands of people are dying every day! Many viruses like Ebola, Sars, Corona & etc will come and go. But what is the lesson we learned from it? Nothing yet honestly! After losing many lives, still, people are doing the same shit activities around. Till the human mind change from bad to good towards helping society & respecting all other creatures on this earth, we will face many issues like this in the future too!

Because humans' greed is more dangerous and poisonous than Corona or any other virus!

No matter this coronavirus got spread from Snake, Bats, Dog meat or any other things. No matter this virus was created manually to destroy the world or to threaten other countries. At last everyone got suffered right? Many people Died right? We lost thousands of human lives because of this corona right? Yes! Nature is in Action to teach the lesson to humans!

No matter who you are! You may be a President, Health minister, King, Prime Minister or whoever! When nature decides, then everyone should answer! From Canadian PM's wife to many big shots and most influenced persons around the world got affected by corona and went under the treatment!

No matter they survive or not, this nature showed it's power more efficiently! I didn't say all the affected people are bad people. But it's the warning message to live your life in a Moral and Ethical way!

All citizens of the country around the world are quarantined inside the house and also in many unnamed locations. Corona got spread widely in Mass numbers. No one knew to control it at the start! The world's Economy also went down so badly. Even people are getting afraid to shake their Hands and touch other people!

People are getting afraid to come out of their homes. Everyone is wearing face masks to save themselves from corona, which means they couldn't inhale the Free Oxigen from trees like before with freedom! Even though medicines were found, it's getting so late to reach all the patients.

While we are getting locked inside the home, all other birds, animals, and other creatures are happily roaming outside. They expected this freedom only! That's the reason God gave this freedom time to other creatures too. 

Same as your life, other creatures also have lives! Like you want to save your life to healthy living, other creatures also wanted to live their living more freely and healthily! People are going into forests and throwing beer bottles. Elephants are dying because of trampling and breaking it unknowingly! Many people are using plastics more and many creatures are dying because of eating it. Plastics also stops rainwater to store as groundwater! Same as us, Goat, Hen, Pig, Cow and all other creatures also have a family! They also have more feelings than us! Their family members also expect that they will come back after daily search for food outside.

But for our cheap desires and illusion in taste, we are killing the animals and birds knowingly! They also have pain Nah? This world was created for all creatures, right? So don't you think, all these creatures will cry and appeal it to God? When it happens continuously, then do you think that God will see all these silently? Not at all!

Without showing mercy, he will take revenge for sure! Not the only corona, actually we are facing many problems like this before, now and still counting! Why didn't we learn any lessons from it still? Which is closing your wisdom eyes?

No matter whether you will survive from these issues or not! If God is giving you next chance, At least learn to live your life without harming other creatures. At least try to live your life without harming other humans. In God's creation, everyone is the same. Nothing is different.

The shape, size & look only different to see. But actually, the PRANA (LIFE) is the same for all! God had created everything like that! Obey and respect other livings too on this earth. Don't be over pride and so selfish! We are born in this world without our command and our acceptance. Same as that, we will die here anytime too! 

After our death, we really don't know where will we go and what are all the consequences we are going to face as aftermaths! So always be kind, humble and be afraid to God! He is the only true thing in this Universe! You take it Jesus, Allah, Shivan, Vishnu or Whoever. Just obey fellow human beings and other creatures. Because When you start to obey God, he will not show you mercy actually. But when you start to care for your circle and unknown people too, then the god will stick with you forever!

Even after seeing this kind Bio-war, natural disasters and all other kinds of human killing things, if you don't come to an end of your cruel activities, then no one can save you from life killing things in all ways like critical illnesses, unbearable financial crisis, and also most painful and most cheap reincarnation! 

Keep it in mind, whenever this nature wants to teach you some lessons, learn it without showing Ego! It is time to throw your worst behaviors away. You no need to be 100% genuine and pure human. At least try to live your life without having guiltiness as much as You can. But whatever you do, You will have Karma for it! Karma is a boomerang! It will come back to you for sure... Don't forget!

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