Media is DOWNGRADING Your Intelligence and Self Growth!

Media is "DOWNGRADING" Your Intelligence and Stops Self Growth!

The upcoming truths about Media & Media People around the world, will make you tense and also think forward positively towards opening your self wisdom in this earth life. Have patience and read slowly and completely in this regard of, Disadvantages of Media.

First of all what are all called as Medias? We can categorize like, TV (Television), News Channels, Entertainment channels, Any kind of other TV Channels, Social Media Causes depression in Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, Online forums, Podcasts & more on Internet, Newspapers, Weekly & Monthly Magazines, Radios, Cinema & Video related Mediums, Books, Banners, Billboards, Brouchers, Flyers & all other Advertisement related Mediums, etc, etc.

These are all mainly called as Medias around the world. If you are a business person or consumer of media by any chance in the past, then you can easily recall it and can understand what I am coming to say! One thing you have to know very deeply and clearly is that, everything is happening around the world are because of HUMANS only! Positives & Negatives, Both.

Humans are also called as CONSUMERS! Without consumers, there is no sale! Without the sale, there is no money! Without money, there is no wealth! Without wealth, we can't do anything in this world! To go the Restroom itself in public, it takes some PENNY! So easily you can understand that without money there is nothing possible in this world. More simply to say, everything is HUMANS' business here! 

Rulers and Sellers can't sell anything to Aliens or other Creatures! Because they Don't have money. Hence, where the crowd rise, there Business happens!

So everyone in this world is in the need of humans to fulfill their wishes. You can take it as Money, Lust, Friendship, Relationship, Experiences, Desires to come true, travel, learn something, deny something, born, die, etc, etc...

Whatever happens in this world, that is because of humans only. From Politics, Games, Cinema, Entertainment, Teaching, Preaching, Converting, Killing & everything needs humans to prove something and get satisfaction.

When the big crowd have any same intention and rise together as huge for a cause, then the Government itself can't control anything! Because Common People's Crowd and Count is More giant than Ruling Government People, Cops, Army, Bullets, Tankers, Rocket launchers, Missles or anything! To know about the media lies, we should basically Understand the power of the CROWD first!

So that explained about the crowd and it's irreplaceable power first. I hope, now you came to know the POWER OF CROWD! If you are a public speaker, then you know this well! Now let me tell about media & media people.

Before 50-100 years, communication with the public was very tough and late; because there was no technology and its growth. (Technology is now taking us completely to hell. That is a different story) Let us talk about only media now.

As the technology grew gradually till the Internet, people are easily communicating with any kind of person around the world in Minutes with the above-mentioned Media categories. This is not a small thing! The huge and tremendous manipulation starts here only...

True leaders are getting killed very early in this greedy world! Do you know who is a real leader and which are all Good Leader Qualities? To know the truth of this society, you will need the guidance of real wisdom people and Good leaders first.

Running the world is the same as running a country. When each and every country runs as per rules, conditions, law, order, and more it's related things, their business happens. The money also will get rotated in Billions & Trillions in their respective currencies. Humans' fundamental needs like FOOD, DRESS, STAYING HOME nowadays turned into Big businesses and Humans became trading material to governments.

Apart from these fundamental needs, Now humans are living with GREED in everything! Banks, Business People, Corporates, and all other traders are using our greed as main weapon to earn millions and billions to make themselves financially high and they are in the need of keeping their position in RULING PLACE too! Ruling place means, nowadays it became FINANCIALLY SOUNDING only! It doesn't need any quality.

So everything became money in this world now. For the money only, people are getting greedy. Slow poisoning in each other foods, destroying other things and all other trading materials, Polluting the society, cunningly make the fellow humans to suffer, killing each other just for money knowingly & more cruel activities related to making the fellow human beings and other creatures to suffer!

After seeing this cheap and killing activity of Humans only, Nature/God is creating Natural disasters like Flood, hurricanes, earthquakes, Fire, Viruses like Ebola, Sars, Hanta, HIV, Corona & more to teach life lessons to humans.

But still, humans are learning nothing from it as the greed on Money is closing Wisdom eyes!

From top people to poor people like Millionaires, Billionaires, Powerful Ruling Persons of the Government, Unofficial ruling persons of the countries like Corporates, till Layman, everyone is using media as the main tool to communicate with others and learn something in their daily life. Particularly, social media issues are everywhere.

Telecommunication is the very biggest and Giant thing to control humans, Do you know? It is currently in the hands of Very Big People which we can't even think or assume! Their Network chain is unimaginable! It is that big! So the Medias also in the control of very very big people who are all the deciding authorities of each and every country in the world! They are fixing everything in every country from Prime minister to Local Minister!

They have Pre-Agenda! They are deciding everything from the world's top presidents to each and every powerful authority around the world! I mean in all countries. I don't wish to tell their Name and Common identity of those world rulers!

You just understand and realize the truth which is happening around you! It is enough for now! From the ruling, creating, destroying, bombing, coordinating, refusing, accepting & more are happening, as per their wish only from the very top level!

In this case, the Media is showing you the things which are all favorable to the Government only (Government is in the control of those world rulers only)! The media people are always showing us the News & Information which is needed to be showed and which is not to be showed by the decision of local representatives as per the past guidance of those world rulers.

Think deep about this!

Where is the world's most powerful medium is called the Internet's top servers run? Who is really printing the Currency notes? Do you think your country can print their currency notes as per their wish and they no need to answer for it to anyone? Do you think all of your country's natural resources like Land, Sand, Water, Light, Air, Vegetable, Fruits, Trees, Gas, Petrol, Diesel, All other Oils, etc, etc are safe? Do you think no one is looting it?

Even if someone loots how will you come to know? Assume that your house has 3 rooms. You are living in the first room. If the 2nd room has rice and other eating things when the Rat comes and steals that to eat, can you notice it from the 1st room? Not at all right?

Because your seeing capacity is very less. You can't see away from your room. Meanwhile, how can you come to know when some high-level official looting persons are stealing your country's wealth, which is happening away from your place?

You are believing only the media news by seeing, hearing and reading, right? Exactly! High-level people are playing the Life game behind this shadow screen called media only. They are throwing the millions to media channels to show what they need! In many countries, those high-level people called "world rulers" only, investing and opening media channels to hide the truth and collapse the peace in society. We are living as victims only!

Don't think that this media channel is Good, That is Bad, this channel is showing the right thing, and that channel is showing the partial thing! Dears... Everything is the mind play of those high-level demon players! Everything is in their hands only. They took control of each and every country around the world when the very first Invention was invented and got patent rights on this earth.

Top-level people are working in top-level and using their representatives countrywide, statewide, by giving millions and billions as an immediate settlement to make their wish to come true.

As their desire and greed also are based on money to buy anything in this world (There are more things which can't be bought through money, that is a different story), after getting the money they are working loyally for them. Money is playing a very crucial role in Ruling, Dominating the people, Buying and Selling, Achieving and all other materialistic things' success!

Do you know how humans mind work? Very simply I will explain now.

Even if you hate someone (You name it whoever in this world), if I start to show continuously about that same person's Photo, Abilities, History, Specialities, Achievements more of their uniqueness (EVEN FALSELY), daily thrice through above mentioned Medias, within 2 or 3 months, I bet you, literally you will become a fan and ardent follower of them, even if they bombed the whole country before! That is the power of media!

How? Actually, they are injecting, only the needful info to human beings thru their own Mediums called Medias. Because the right things and true things that are all happening around the world will blast the human revolution towards getting justice and destroy the peace of living which is very dangerous to those high-level people!

So what I personally say you are, Don't trust the media anymore! Just use the media to know the things happening around you only a bit. Don't take media so seriously and don't lose your life!  Live your life as per your wish and also learn to live happily. Don't take any of serious decisions after seeing the media news or information which are all portrayed, edited, altered, added unhealthily and publishing just for money.

Understand one thing... There are no people who really want to save you from this living hell other than God! Everything is shadow and illusion in this world. No one is true and nothing is true here!

Even your mother and dad! (You will come to know how your mom and dad are not true to you once you realized YOUR REAL SELF). If someone is coming forward really to help you with very good intentions, then this world won't like them and they will kill them for sure!

There were more wisdom persons like Osho, Nikola Tesla, Jesus Christ, Bodhidharma, Socrates, Che Guevara, Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Luxemburg, Toussaint L’Ouverture, James Connolly, Emiliano Zapata, Frantz Fanon, Leon Trotsky, etc, etc, who wanted to teach this society about the TRUTH OF HUMAN LIFE & WAY TO HAPPY LIVING, but all of them got killed by these idiotic and greedy demon people! ❌

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