Power of Being Unite With Your Wavelength People!

Power of Being Unite With Your Wavelength People!

Each and every person are different in life. Everyone has their unique attitude, character and behaviour. So choosing the right persons who fit for your growth and career is more important in life! In the starting, you may see many people will come with you and travel. But afterwards, because of your situations, many people will go away.

Because the majority of the people who live in this world are selfish only! Including you and me! We can't deny it.

Assume that you are in the situation to die in hospital. At the same time your close friend's family person also severely injured in an accident and they were admitted in the hospital. At that time, you are having only very less money to take care of yourself and your family. In that time your friend is asking money to you for their family situation. Will you give? No right? Even though if you give, you will suffer more!

Because you want to save yourself first. Not only you, actually most of the living humans will do like that only. That is called selfishness. Don't feel so much bad about your selfishness. Because in this world nothing is right and nothing is wrong. Situation decides everything!

Don't think that your friend will not ask for money in your worst situation. Circumstances can change anything at any time! You should keep it in mind!

Moreover, you really don't know what kind of people you are dealing with. Because the human body is just doing the activities only. But the mind decides everything! You can see the human's outside body easily. But you can't see the human's inside mind that much easier! Because it doesn't have any shape or colour, and also it will change from time to time. Pure illusion!

We can't predict it. Understand one thing; when you couldn't see your own mind and couldn't control its thoughts, In between, can you find other people's mind and thoughts that much easier? Not at all. That is called pure ignorance! Don't trust so much and be a victim of it later! Wake up in the side of wisdom!

You will literally see the real colours of humans and their nature only in crucial circumstances. Everything will change in seconds dear! So keep yourself and position always safe personally, officially, especially financially too! 

That doesn't mean that you should be stingy or common people like others. Keep yourself safe and also help other people with a good attitude. That is much appreciated and more mature thinking!

So with whom you should have a friendship? Having a friendship with other people is wrong? No... I didn't say like that. You can have a friendship with your desired people. But you should always keep one thing in mind which I said above.

Keep a boundary line with you and other people! 

They shouldn't cross that line! That line is called your fundamental living safety line! Beyond that line, there should be only YOU! You shouldn't allow anyone beyond it... Not even your life partner, kids or anyone!

It may be a little weird and hard to accept. But because of your life situations, you will come to that position soon which will save you from many irritating issues.

When other people came to know that you are making some unexplainable distance with them, some people accept it, some other people may go away! Don't worry about them who goes out. Because "THE RIGHT THINGS WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU!" It was written by God & the Secret of this Existence!

Those who pass out from your living realm, they are not fit into your taste and your wavelength! Feel them like passing clouds. You really can't entertain all the people who come in your life. Understand this thing deeply. Even though some efficient and worth people go away at sometimes, you may feel that you have missed the great and valuable person in your life initially. But I assure you, later you will realize 100% that they passed out for your best only! 

God had made a great plan. So, the maturity will teach you that, most of the unhappened things & failures all are for your goodness only! In the starting, it will give you pain only. But later you will be so much happy for that same moment because it didn't happen, time god! 

That's why Life Circle is unexplainable and more powerful. To know that in deeper, we should be very conscious in life's all kind of situation like Happiness, Angriness, Anxiety, Tensed, Excitement, Hatefulness & all other states of mind!

So choose the people only those who are matchy to your wavelength and taste. If you are good, you will find good people around. If you are bad, you will find bad people around. Good or Bad outcome of life situations will be decided by yourself only fundamentally. So keep yourself clean, cool and good. Because that only will grasp all the positivity for your unbreakable life growth actually!

When you found that kind of good people, they will never leave you in any situation! Trust me, this earth still has more wonderful and good people around. Try to find & spend time with them. Don't think that, finding good people is not your work! Dear, without good things and good people, you can't achieve big and good things in this life! That will change your way of thinking & speaking very positively.

When you were filled with more positivity, then you can achieve anything in this world very easily. Because, when the quality comes, then all other things will come automatically. Because quality is the Magnet which will grasp all the possible wealth around you! It's a bonus of your quality! When you were filled with full of positivity and your thoughts are will trigger in very high positive ratio.

When your thoughts are so high positively, then there is no way to push you in the pit by anyone! Your growth also will be irreplaceable. So try to be a nice, kind and good person. All other things will fall into your place for sure. 

Once you got so many good people around you and when you have strong unity with them, then shaking your growth's basement and putting you in worst situations is not even can be done by God! Because, at that time you will glitter as Living God! That's why you earned all the positive people around you and your body and mind also filled with full of positivity! Cheers :)

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