Shocking Truths Behind Food Industry Will Kill Your Peace!

Shocking Truths Behind Food Industry Will Kill Your Peace!

It is time to know the shocking secrets of food industry. Without food, we can't live in this world. Particularly to say, eating healthy food is another important thing for long life living. In this urgent based, anxiety and tension surrounded society, people are eating just for their hunger. But they are not concentrating to eat which is good for their health. 

Moreover, to say about food, in any of the countries around the world, there are many hotels, restaurants, small food shops, traveling food vehicles and more are there. But 98% of people who are running their food mediums, mainly focusing on "SELLING & EARNING" money only. Their main motive became only to earn money! This is an absolute curse to human livings. How?

When the person is running Food shops, restaurants, and other food-related mediums, they initially want to give Good quality food and also healthy service to their customers who are coming to eat. But gradually, they couldn't compete with their competitors. Because when the person follows the quality of the food, and healthiness in the food, they need to spend much time on caring and more money on it. But the other food industry people, using light chemicals, low-quality groceries and all other food-related things in bad condition to their customers. Most unhealthy food in the world are very nearly available in packed things.

You may have heard in the news and other platforms, that restaurants are using old items, spoiled food items, wasted materials in their cooking to serve their customers. Very few people only respect their customers and value their money and health. But many of the food industry people are having their main intention to make money, that too in huge!

Yes, They can achieve it too! 

Because food need is evergreen need for human beings and also to other creatures. Without food other than true Yogis, no one can survive in this world. Humans are eating thrice a day. Some times more than that in a day. So after seeing this importance of food-need, the food industry people are misusing it on large scale. If our Food had a mouth, it will cry out and spit on us for sure, as we are misusing and hurting the Food, which is actually saving our lives! 

By showing stylish and colorful advertisements, composing heart-melting and impressive Background Music and Efficient Beautiful Actors' acting, corporate companies and other food industry people are impressing the society in a bad way to sell their products (Even it is poison). Fast food bad for health and for our society.

As our eyes and knowledge always trust the negative shadow things in the start instantly, we easily trust the gimmicks of the corporate people. That Impressive trap called ADVERTISEMENTS. So the truth is being destroyed gradually! Common people are going behind these immoral things & supporting it unknowingly. False is getting fame very early around the world! People also spending their time, concern and money for falseness only. 

As a result, the food industry people are selling Junk foods like Pizza, Burger, Sandwich, All kinds of Cool drinks items, Preserved food items, Genetically modified food items and more to fellow human beings. Without knowing the seriousness and aftermaths of eating this kind of Health-Killers, for respect related issues, showing their financial worthiness in front of the public, trusting it as hygienic food, and pity humans also easily getting caught into slow poisonous traps. Junk food is not good for health.

The very bad and worst thing is that the common people are giving these slow poisons foods and snacks to their kids and young age persons also. Those who eat this kind of life killing foods daily without awareness, then they will suffer from many diseases at a very early stage! Unhealthy food for kids is getting increased by parents' ignorance daily.

Some diseases are getting continued with them for lifelong! These pity people are spending money first for healthy food (Which is not healthy really), and then getting affected by diseases badly, then being suffered by pain and irritations in mind level and body level too for a long time, and also they are taking Injections, Tablets and other treatment to come out of it! Isn't it ignorance and idiotic choosing?

Yes, it is! Do you know what? The medical industry is another TRILLION DOLLARS BUSINESS dealing medium! Many Mafias are working in the background to making the people sick

The main intention of the Worldwide Pharmaceutical Medical industry is to kill the people slowly by giving life long medicinal drugs! They are not interested to make people completely cured! You can't believe it, But it is the fundamental truth! Even though some good doctors are there around the world, the main active and economical players are operating the whole medical industry from the top-level background! No one knows who are they... 

If I continue to say about this, it will take a very long post and much to explain in detail. To say in a short and as best example, You take Diabetes problems in humans. Do you think is it a disease? Not at all! Those who know and examine the best about this diabetes issue, they will surely say that it is not a disease!

You can search in Google to know more about this big-time lie of Medical Mafia!

Actually, diabetes is just the Level of Sugar in Blood. Simple! But these medical mafia people around the world are making us to believe that it is a DISEASE! Not at all... They want to sell their Diabetes tablets, Artificial insulin, and other diabetes medicines and drugs around the world! They are seeing the affected people as CUSTOMERS! Not as PATIENTS!

Yes, it is happening in each and every country! Because Diabetes is the biggest medium where they are doing Billion Dollar Business Monthly Around the World! You got the point? 

As I started to tell about the Diabetes issue, let me tell you a Remedy for it within 3 Days! You just try it. Then you will come to know the truth. I bet you... If you do this continuously, then your diabetes issue will go away from you permanently! Thousands of people got unbelievable permanent results from it! All you need is Patience for 3 Days to see the results.

You no need to Buy anything! For the next 3 days, from morning to night, whatever you Eat, just CHEW IT VERY SLOWLY! Let the SALIVA mix with your food. Don't swallow till the saliva and food getting mixed as one! You should have full of consciousness in eating only! You shouldn't use cellphone, TV, or anyother things which is distracting you! Focus fully on chewing and swallowing! When the taste of food disappears and it got mixed completely with your Saliva, then you can feel it like Mixed Liquid Item inside mouth. Once you feel this stage, then swallow it! Not before that!

Like this, you need to eat and swallow for the next 3 days whenever you eat something. This will take much time only to eat. But this kind of food eating only will give you life long relief from diabetes. Do this without seeing the time consumption of eating. Then check your sugar level. Then you will immediately throw your Diabetes tablets, insulin, and medicines for sure! All these days, the afraidness of your life only made you keep using these Diabetes medicines. Just follow this for three days. Once you saw the unbelievable results, then Come and thank me later!

This kind of slow & conscious eating not only will cure your Diabetes, but it will also cure all of your health-related problems. Because the fundamental Root Cause of all major diseases exactly start from Bad Food Consumption and also BAD FOOD EATING STYLE only! When you got the awareness of this food eating style, then you will literally start to see all the discomfort and problems in your body and mind will go away! Let God & Gurus Bless you & your family always 🤗 Guruve Saranam 🙏🏻

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