Shocking Truths Behind Live-in Relationship! Think Much Before Commit!

Shocking Truths Behind Live-in Relationship! Think Much Before Commit!

Before getting married, most of the couples are so much interested to have a detailed understanding on each other. They want to know about their partner's character, attitude, likes, dislikes, understanding level, maturity, adjustment level, approaching and more. As a result, couples are starting to live their life in the same home. Some couples are doing it with the acceptance of parents. Some other couples are doing it without any acceptance. Somehow they are getting into it. 

They share their Income, love, thoughts, food, works, shopping & everything to each other including their bed with sex. But they won't get married. We call it Live-in Relationship or Living Together Relationship. 

Why couples like this kind of relationship, when there is an option for marriage?

Because the male and female both hesitate to get into life commitments in the name of Marriage. When the couple is getting married, then their responsibilities also will be so much. It is so hard to handle basically.

Moreover, we are coming into the Law of the country when it is about marriage. And we are so much answerable for the future aftermaths. So that, with the mutual understanding and to live the life so happily, couples are so much interested and beloved to get into Live-in Relationship.

They are actually in the search of same wavelength partner. When they find them, immediately they are getting into it by taking pre-oath on Live-in relationship. It will be like, their limitations, liabilities, freedom level, commitment sharing, income generation, monthly expenses management, conditions on other activities, etc, etc.

But marriage won't be the same as this. When the couple is getting married, then immediately the common law and conditions like other married couples applied to them. To avoid this much burden and fixed irritating marriage lifestyle only, the new age of male and female love to break the rules and live the life as per their interest in the live-in life.

The married couple can't live like Live-in couples as strict rules will be followed as per instructions of each side of family people, relatives, and society. 

Live-in couples mostly hate the rules on after marriage and common couple relationship styles. 

Actually to say, the Live-in couples are living their life happier than married couples. We can't deny it. Because the freedom level is so high as they just living together without marriage. The partner also can't ask much about their partner's privacy. If they had made some important conditions and some other needful promises before getting committed to Live-in relationship, then it will be so much easy for them to roam their life more peacefully. Because they already made certain conditions on their live-in relationship. 

When a partner crosses it, they will get a warning. When they do that again and again, then without any much thinking, they will make relationship Break-up. Do you think is it possible in the after marriage scenario? Not at all! Because the family and the country's law on Divorce and it's related settlements will follow! Big tension Nah?

To examine the marriage need at the deep level, Why are we getting married? Simple... Firstly WE ARE IN THE BODY NEED called SEX! Then we can make babies officially if we like to make. And further, we will need help in Washing clothes, Cooking food, Cleaning home and all other needs related to homemaking. Mainly for this only people are getting married around the world. 

But in a live-in relationship, couples hate to make babies. Because they are seeing each other as babies. They give importance to their life and their enjoyment first than making babies and caring for them! They are sharing everything with each other. From works to bed. I mean everything. But in their mind, they have some conditions made by each other. So they will travel more happily with that pricking conditions silently. So they can't go out of it. When they do, they have the authority to raise questions. But marriage is not like that!

So, do you think the Live-in relationship is more comfortable and appreciable when comparing to Marriage life?

Yes. If you want to enjoy life, then the Live-in relationship is more Good as you can feel freedom (Limited). In marriage life that is also not there. Because the partners will question yourself more for everything in the name of Care, Affection, Love & More! All these things don't have a certain level in percentage and it will go to the level of possessiveness and more at the end! When this comes, then you will lose your freedom in all ways.

That's why 95% of the married couples are saying, DON'T GET MARRIED! Just be single and enjoy life. But what to do, as men and women both are in the need of Sex (The Trap Design of God), without further thinking, at some point they are getting married to a beloved one or hateful one. Whoever you marry, the life travel will take you to the stage of disappointments, as the expectation level of the Partner's mind is countless.

So Do you think Live-in Relationship doesn't have any problems? Not at all... They also have more issues in their life. How?

Firstly we should understand that,

The Men & Women both are to be ENJOYED! Not to be UNDERSTOOD! -Osho

When a couple follows this word deeply, they can cross any kind of relationship and life hurdles so easily. But to understand this, people will need huge acceptance and a high level of maturity. Most couples fail to have this. So the issues are there in Live-in Relationship too!

Do you know what, when a Man or Woman shares their body to their partner to have pleasurable sex, then their mind automatically will start to think the partner like "THEY ARE MINE!"

Because sex has that much intense power to change anything. Moreover, the Sex experience will get stored in their SUBCONSCIOUS MIND level, which can't be erased that much easier. So the possessiveness will get started in the Live-in relationship too! Even though if you had put a condition on this possessiveness things or some other things which are questionable on your talking and outing with another girl/boy, then you will face the problem by your live-in partner.

In the starting, they may not ask you anything. But gradually their mind will compel your partner to ask you WHY and also DON'T! Some times you may take these questions freely. But as the mood changes from time to time, in some situations, it will get turned as Fight as you will get irritated!

Moreover, in a live-in relationship, money also has a very huge part to make things happen. Sometimes a woman earns. Sometimes a man earns. Sometimes one will earn always, another one will not earn forever. In the starting level of a Live-in relationship, they can easily accept and manage. It can go even years happily. But for sure at some point, because of misunderstandings and small fights happened, they will hate to earn and spend for you. They will like to send their partner too for earning.

When a partner leaves their comfort zone, then that thing also will get turned into a big fight. Not only for this but actually the Live-in relationship also has More EGO Issues same as married couples. So cohabitation before marriage fails most of the time.

Living together before marriage couples may have past conditions, rules, and regulations in their relationship. But in the life going flow, the bondage on each other will go to the higher-level body and mind contact with each other. As a result, you will be in the stage of answering! When the pleasurable and deep unexplainable feel hits the couple's deeper conscious level, then the past conditions, rules, and everything will get broken automatically! It can't defend you anymore! However, you will lose freedom. But comparing to marriage life, it is also painful, but the aftermath is not much like a married couple. Surviving a loveless marriage is became fashionable nowadays.

In some cases, as a man/woman tasted the high pleasure through their live-in partner, they couldn't leave them just like that! They need that essence of taste for lifelong. You can do break-up and just walk away. But in some Live-in relationships, even after the break-up, a Man/Woman files a lawsuit against their partner for Cheating and used their mind, body and all other resources! In the end, they need you or they need to punish you!

To say more clearly, this Human life has more problems while traveling. From marriage life, live-in relationships, family relationships, friends circle, business circle, stranger circle, and all other things have more issues. Your Apologies are no more Valued! This is also happening around.

We don't know this in the starting stage. But when we start to travel deeply into that, the issues will get started gradually! Those who are mature to handle it, they pass in this life exam. Those who are so emotional and deeply connected to the problems are suffering much and losing their freedom in life! To master any kind of problems in life, you should know the Art of Living! For that, you should know the Difference between body and mind!

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