There is Nothing Called SENIOR & JUNIOR in Life!

There is Nothing Called "SENIOR & JUNIOR" in Life!

Is experience good for learning? Why is there always Junior vs Senior problem? If we can see life in more deep and mature thinking, then we can easily get the Answers of Existence which can win this entire world! Do you think we can't win the world with our wisdom? Not at all! With your knowledge, you can win life. But with your wisdom growth, you can easily win the universe and also mingle with the Supreme power.

Likewise, from seeing the things from Wisdom level, we can get very different perspectives in all things as the wisdom person knows that everything is one, that is called as ONENESS! Because, when the point of view changes, then everything will get changed immediately! Things are the same actually, but the point of view and perceiving things are different from person to person.

So, when we start to see this world in wisdom level, Do you think Something is Big and Something is small? Not at all. It's purely called ignorance. How?

Draw a small line in Paper with a pencil. Now draw a big line under that small line. Tell me now, which is the big line? Of course the big one right? How did you measure? Because you compared the small line and big line together, and you came to the conclusion on which is big after Comparing! Now you erase the firstly drawn small line with eraser & draw a bigger line than previously concluded Big line. Now you say which is Big? 

Of course, newly drawn one right? How?

Yes, you are comparing both lines and came to the conclusion again. But you see, your previous conclusion on saying "BIG" became wrong now! Isn't it? That is the thing! If you can't grow your wisdom, your own predictions and conclusions itself will become WRONG often!

Without comparing you can't come to know which is big or which is small. But in God's creation, everything is the same. Humans are the only creature who are seeing the Big & Small, Good and Bad, Rich and Poor, Senior & Junior difference, etc, etc, which is called as partiality. But God created everything as same. The same means the Value of Experience Life! 

In God's creation, nothing is cheap here. For instance, We are keeping our slippers and shoes outside the home. But other things are there inside of the home. In this case, do you think that Slippers and Shoes are so cheap? Noooo! How? 

All are fixed in the human mind only. Not in the "CREATION" level! God created the Body & Mind! Mind created slipper. And the same mind felt that slipper is cheap right? But I am asking you, without Shoe or Slipper can you go outside freely and safely? No right? Because your mind always will think that something is missing which is saving your foot. Actually, the Shoes and Slippers are saving your foot. But you are keeping it away. Didn't you feel guilty ever?

You may tell me If you don't keep your Slippers and Shoes outside, then that Dirtiness or Viruses will affect your home & make the people sick right? Good point!

For this, let me ask you a question! Inside your stomach, You are carrying SHIT! You itself staying inside the Bedroom & Going prayer room with the SHIT! Moreover, your mind has more dangerous thinking, partiality, self-killing thoughts, cheap behaviors which are killing Yourself, Family, Society & the entire nature which are more poisonous than your Shoes & Slippers' dirtiness! Understood?

If those have a mouth, won't it scold you or feel bad about your partiality which is actually saving you? Yes... This kind of deep thinking is called WISDOM! This is maybe a little crazy to think or see. But when you start to see things from a very different perspective and Broad manner like this, then you will come to see the beauty of this world and also the creation of the Existence/God.

As mentioned above, in human nature there are more partialities. From born to die, there are many irritations, comparing, differences, ignorance & more which are killing the human's peace. When the mind started to think about something which is not comfortable to them (Actually there is nothing called uncomfortability, as everything is the self-created assumption of our minds), they will often think about it and start to die in mind daily.

Some particular people who have overthinking and overacting nature to the situations are, couldn't forget the uncomfortable happenings in their life and which is destroying their inner peace. As a result, they are getting diseases too, that is exactly starting from their MIND only!

Now I hope you understood the self irritation of self-creation by your own mind! In this case, people are living in this world with more Desires & Greediness. 95% of human life around the world comes under these two categories only! When the people started to live their life on these two categories knowingly or unknowingly, they are in the trap actually! How?

When you follow these two, then your mind will not get satisfied even if we give the whole earth to them to rule and enjoy! Even after getting the whole earth, their mind will start to travel for the next planet! That kind of Peace Killer is called these Desires & Greediness. When these two things hit the people's mind deeply, then they will start to travel to get it.

For this ignorance, they will lose their respect, time, money, patience, peace, food, health, wealth and everything as the Desires & Greed is closing their wisdom eyes as a shadow! At the time of this human life travel on this earth with this kind of mentality, they will start to see the people by partialities like how you treated your own shoes and slippers!

You treated your own shoes & slippers itself in a bad way, meanwhile, do you think will you treat the fellow human beings in a good way? Not at all! Even though they are bad, you need to learn how to treat them with Good manners. But we can't do it as the Desires and Greediness are still closing our broad thinking. 

So people will start to calculate the fellow human beings in wrong Measurements like Money, Personality, Beauties, Handsomeness, Family Background, etc, etc!

When they started to see the people in these measurements, then they can't understand the truth and beauty of this universe. They will get suffered in these life-related shits often. They can't go beyond as their EGO is hitting their head often. 

This world has a very bad impression on Experience & Age, which is absolutely bad and wrong. We can't judge people's ability just by seeing their age or experience! As the human population around the world is high, you may think that the majority of the people are the same. But the actual truth was hidden in small things which are actually in very less ratio in this world! What is that?

Age & Experience is just a point of view. Many small aged kids achieved many things in their life. The IQ level of the small aged kids is damn high than experienced & aged people! Many inexperienced people around the world are doing great in their respective fields than many experienced persons! They are getting success on the big level too!

For example, Take Cinema. Many Independent Filmmakers are not Experienced as Assistant Directors with Big Directors. But their films are earning millions around the world! Where did they learn filmmaking? How the kids are so smart and highly brilliant than aged and experienced? How is this possible? That is the beauty of God's creation!

God is showing us the examples just in small things that too in very less ratio only. To know the truth & get wisdom, we need to find it by searching and understand it. Big things won't come too early or easily if you are traveling on the wrong path! You have to find with eagerness by giving time to it.

In this case, do you think I am Senior to You! And You are Junior to me? Come on dear... You are going out of the truth. What will happen if you go out of this truth and travel only with your ignorance? Nothing much... You will not get the PEACE & HAPPINESS till you die even if you have earned Billions by your hard work or smart work! Because the life chain was designed by God like this only! 

Those who come forward to find the truth of this human life and start to see the things in Broadway, then you will automatically throw your EGO. Because your broad thinking will vanish it firstly. Once you started to travel this human life on this path, then you will feel every one as same and you will not hurt or hate anyone!

You will start to love each and everything, every human and every creature on this earth, even beyond earth! When you come to see life in this realm, then you will surrender your complete self to the creator of this tremendous creation called the universe! Still, do you think, SENIOR & JUNIOR mentality is must? 

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