Why Dreams are SO REALISTIC While Sleeping?

Why the Dreams are So Realistic While Sleeping?

Nightmares every night comes to some persons. They are afraid of it. Some people sleep peacefully. Because our mind doesn't know what is reality and what is an illusion in the start! "You are Not You!" But it's your mind at the start! Don't see the human as people! See them as the mind! When you start to see like that, then You can easily handle everything in your life!

That is called wisdom! At some point, your mind too will melt into ONENESS! Every human at least once in their life experienced the Dream/Nightmare. Some people experiencing it often. Many people hate to get it. But some people love to get it. Apart from these people, there are some people who can control their Dreams too! Do you know that? They are called vivid LUCID DREAMERS!

They know that they are dreaming while sleeping! The lucid dreamers purposely practice or joyfully doing it without knowing it, in between the mental hybrid state of Sleeping & Being Awake! At that time they can control their dreams! Yeah! They can recreate the dream, can add particular special characters or kill, even if they wake up from the dream, they can reconnect from the place where they left exactly! And they can do whatever in their dream as they have the power to control it, even if they have Bad Dreams Every Night!

Do you know that? Most of the people who dream while sleeping, they don't know that they are dreaming. Because they will believe that IT'S REAL! Because, the Visions, Experience, FEEL and everything will be realistic! Moreover to say, if a person feels a girl/man with an erotic feel in the dream, he/she will feel high pleasure and erotic feel in a dream more than actual reality! (Actually Reality itself an illusion, that is a different story) 

Did you ever experience it? If not, ask with your circle of friends. They might know it. Did you ever think that, why the dreams are so realistic while dreaming? Let's see the detailed explanation about dreams and constantly having nightmares are below!

Before going to explain dream/nightmare, you should basically know a little about your mind! Without knowing the mind, you can't get into a deeper understanding of the dream. Toddler having bad dreams also.

The mind is the power source that operates this world. Without mind, a human being can't do any activities. For example, if you want to get up from your place, first you should think that. Without thinking, you can't move! To think about anything, you should have the mind! Now you know well, the weird mind operates everything! I mean, this complete human world! Without mind, you can't do anything in life! I hope, now you understand the more value and power of the mind now!

Dreams are nothing, but your THOUGHTS & DESIRES only! You will always get the dream based on your past life, thinking, thoughts & desires only! Most of the people can't get the dream which is not related to them or their life. But there are some psychic people who will dream about the future of other people. Excessive dreaming at night will give tiredness to the next day.

A dream can say about more miracles too. Some times, some of the people's dreams itself turn as miracles. That is a different story. People feel it as power. And it's true too! Do you know how? Those who are so connected with their heart more than the brain, are so emotional people. 

For those people only, this NATURE will show the secrets of beyond human life! Do you know how? Simple. In some cases, meditation takes people into more miracle parts. Apart from them, those who practice themselves to trust their intuition and take decisions boldly by believing it, then gradually they will get into the state of a deeper subconscious level and will get connected to cosmic energy.

Cosmic energy means the energy which doesn't have the start and the end! We call it "Existence!" You may call it nature, God, Supreme Power, Almighty & more. You name it whatever! Those persons who understand the wavelength and energy of this existence easily can achieve anything in this world! Because this world will guide them in all ways. It's the boon of god. To go on this level, we should understand the Importance of God's Creation on this earth! 

Further, you can easily judge a sleeping person about their sleeping state by seeing them. How? Watch a sleeping person closely without disturbing them. If their closed eyes are moving a little bit, then you can understand that they are dreaming!

If a person is sleeping without blinking or moving their eye, then they are into DEEP SLEEP! A person approximately getting more than 60000 thoughts in a day! Too high and it's hell! You should admit it! You can't manifest anything if you travel your life by having this much thoughts. For some people, these thoughts continue even in sleep too! 

If you have more thoughts, you will get tired soon or you can't do anything works properly. Because, when the thoughts are more, you can't focus on a particular thought. Why should you FOCUS? Because, without focus, you can do namesake works in this world. But you can't do any WINNING or APPRECIABLE WORKS in this world! So that we say focus is everything! Through the proper focus of mind, you can achieve anything in this world! Those who practice controlling their thoughts and focus, then literally they will start to face the miracles. Miracle people say this! I am not saying...

We are going to sleep for what? Do you know that? Because our body needs rest! Not soul! Soul is always energetic & it has unbelievable power. Through the power of the soul only, the mind is running. Through the mind only this body is running.

Through our works only, this world is running! In this level, you can come to know, by the instructions of mind, our body is doing everything in this world! In a day, while we are in a conscious state, our body is doing all works. At some point it needs rest. That's why it is going to take a rest. We call it as SLEEPING. But do you know what is happening in sleeping?

When our mind is sleeping without thinking anything, then we are absorbing energy from this universe. Like, the moon is getting energy from the sun! Through cosmic energy only we are able to work in this world every day! Without cosmic energy's support, this body won't be active. Do you know how our bodies made? 

It made up of air, water, fire, land, and sky! Not only our body, each and every material and thing in this world are made up of atoms. And the energy operates the atoms alive. In this case, our body also made up of atoms. So while going deeper state of a deep sleep, immediately we are getting connected to this universe's cosmic energy. Once we absorb enough energy we are getting up from the bed and actively running in this world. This happens every day. But we didn't notice it all these days. 

Now I hope, you completely understand the importance of sleeping and dreaming. Try to sleep without having thoughts. Because, you will get disturbed next day, if you didn't sleep peacefully or deeply in the past night. So sleeping without having a dream is much important thing for the human beings to live this life more efficiently! Once you start to taste the essence of this non-dreaming nature of sleep, then you will suppose to land in the side of God's Realm. 

So practice yourself to control your thoughts. It's not that much easy! Because, mind and thoughts are related to BREATH! When our breath has control, then you can control everything in this world! I mean, gradually cut down your thoughts. Especially in dreams! Once you understand it's real value, then you will leave everything in this world! But not this taste of being in the Conscious State even in Dreams!

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