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Why You Couldn't Shine in Your Field? Which is Stopping Your Wealth?

Do you really think, the real PURPOSE of your birth and living on earth is only for money? Is it? From a young age people to old age people, everyone is running only behind the money and saving for their future. Did you born in this world only to earn money?

Is that purpose of your life? If you say yes, then 2 minutes of silence and condolences to you! Money is just a part. Apart from earning money, there are more wonders, miracles, features, secrets in this earth & beyond earth! 

When will you start to find it? If your thoughts, thinking, nature and search are always towards money mean, then your search on it will never end! Because it's an illusion and infinite. Money is just numbers. So if your search is towards the money mean, then it won't end and your life also not enough. You will roam in greed & your greed will close the doors of your wisdom! 

Perhaps if you say that you are completely ok with only to earn money, then it is up to you. But did you earn money completely for your need or still struggling? If your search is towards money mean, you should have to find the way and earned much right? If you didn't find it still means, then you are searching for the money in the wrong place!

If you have enough mentality in earning money without greed, then let me tell you a Universe's Secret to earn wealth for your fundamental lifelong needs! Not for your greed...


You can't take water from the desert. If you need to drink water, then you should search in Well, River, Lake or all other Water Available Places! Searching the water in the desert is meaningless and your search also won't end. Moreover, in thirst, you will die there soon! What I mean by searching in the right place? Let's see in detail.

Each and every person has their own style, uniqueness, nature, talents, attitude and more. It won't be the same for all persons. For example, see your left thumbprint. In this world, no one is having the same left thumbprint like you! Lived, living and going to live people don't have the same as you! That is the beauty of this creation by existence. 

Same as that, everyone is unique. Some people may good, some people may bad in character. But in the deep calculation of God's theory, there is nothing right and also nothing wrong. That is a completely different calculation. As of now, we can see from the common audience point of view.

Do you know the familiar Portuguese Football Player Cristiano Ronaldo? If not, google about him and read. For instance, you take him. He is a king and monopoly in playing football on the ground! He knows every nook and corner in football. He knows all of its techniques. More clearly to say, he is a wise person in FOOTBALL PLAYING! There are hundreds of secrets, techniques, methods in football to learn from him. As he is so much connected to it & he got enlightened in the Football game.

Now you take the familiar American Actor Leonardo DiCaprio. He is an Oscar Award Winner! He had acted in many films. He knows complete in and out about cinema. He has a great fan base around the world. Apart from acting, he is also mature in choosing the scripts. His many movies won many international awards. Moreover, he earned millions and millions in his career. He is completely into cinema and he is achieving in his field like a beast! 

Now we shall compare Cristiano Ronaldo & Leonardo DiCaprio together!

Ronaldo is earning much and he is familiar worldwide. DiCaprio also earning much and he is also familiar worldwide. But Ronaldo can't be an Actor like DiCaprio and DiCaprio can't be a Football player like Ronaldo! That's the secret! It may be a very small thing to see from outside. But, inside this, the secret sleeps...

Even though if Ronaldo is ready to act in movies, he has more money to produce his own movie, he can do it actually! But, he can't do it continuously. Because the audience is crazy about him only for his football kicks and game smartness. Not movie acting! He was blessed to do playing Football only! It is his destiny... Not cinema!

Same as that, DiCaprio also Can play football for a while or for time pass.  But he can't shine in that field. Because he was born to entertain the people through the cinema only! Not through football or any other mediums! Because that is DiCaprio's destiny! 

Likewise, each and every human being in this world have their unique and own destiny! We can't shine in any other field if we are choosing and traveling on the wrong path. DiCaprio and Ronaldo have found their destiny and running behind it. That's why they are achieving in big!

Same as that, if we can't find our destiny, our complete life will be in living hell. Because our mind will not accept and enjoy the travel of life as that is often disturbing in mind level deeply and unknowingly!

Without knowing this only, here many people are roaming in many wrong ways, fields and mediums. Only for money, they are running in wrong path. In that path, they may get money. But not fulfillment! They will run the life only for namesake. Happiness also won't come when the mind the searching for comfortability and royalty in another appropriate place! Badly they don't know, WHAT IS THAT SEARCHING MATERIAL ALSO!

So how to find your field? How to Shine in Your Field? How to Earn Millions in that? How to Live Fulfilled Wealth life? Can you live your life like other achieved successful people? Yes, you can...

But before that, You should Find your destiny! Destiny was written by god. When God decided, then no one can change! Without knowing destiny, your search also will never end! 

Sugar's Destiny is Sweet. It won't give Salty Taste! And it can't win prize in Saltiness! Salt's destiny is Saltiness. It can't give sweet taste! And it can't win prize in Sweetness!

The same is applied to humans! You should find your destiny first! Without knowing destiny and traveling in life is, sailing a boat on a river with a hole under the boat! It will sink as soon as possible! And life travel also will be in hell of afraidness!

So how to Find your Destiny?

That is a million-dollar question! But it is very easy to find. We know everything at the knowledge level actually. But we are underestimating it's value and leaving it simply just like that. Simple and casual things only giving giant results around! As said above, A small hole in a sailing boat only inverses into water. Not all holes can do it... But where the hole has pointed is matters!

The Ability or Talent which easily comes to you is Your Destiny! Some people have more talents and abilities. In that what is your destiny? How to find it exactly? Let me explain in detail!

Assume that, a man or woman has more talents like Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Narrating and Running. They can do all of these. But if you are going to note it in deep, any of one Talent / Ability only will get praised much by the audience! Other talents and abilities will get praised at a normal level only. The audience will get stunned and appreciate it so much only for your destiny! Not for all! I mean that particular talent/ability! When you are done with your destined talent/ability, you will feel like, 

"What is big in this? I just did it very casually! Why people are praising me so much for this? I did this very effortlessly!"

Exactly! The activities which you are doing effortlessly with your talent is been praised much and miraculously seen by the audience is called your DESTINY! You should stick with it! You can blindly trust it... You no need to ask anyone about it. Just go behind it without thinking much or examining it! Because God had given you that destiny! You should go with it! It's your fundamental responsibility! It will come to you like flowing water! No one can stop it!

Some people even after knowing their destiny, due to their unavoidable situations, work in the wrong places. They can't avoid it too because of their personal and family problems. But it is your fundamental responsibility to come out of it and travel in your destiny! You should have that courage and plan to come out of it. No one will guide you! That is completely based on your willpower only! Keep that in mind!

So if you follow that particular talent which is your destiny, even though you have other talents/abilities, it will take you to higher positions with unimaginable wealth! The person who found the purpose of their life with their destiny, then winning in this world is not a matter at all! If you win, that is because of You only! If you lose, that is also because of you only! So, don't complain others for your ignorance!

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