Be Careful With Your Words on People! BEST QUOTES

Be Careful With Your Words on People! "BEST QUOTES"

You may hear this same sentence in your life often. But did you ever think why the knowledgeable people are saying this advice often? Commonly, humans will run away from the spot immediately, if they are in the situation to get the ADVICE! Why? Because people hate advice and instead of it, they just need results. That too immediate and instant results in everything. What a pity...

Advice is the weapon that can be used in life war! Those who properly understand the deep meaning of advice, they will shine in wisdom level. Those who deny hearing the advice, they will just live the usual life. To achieve bigger things, you should vibrate your thoughts and think at higher frequencies.

Low frequencies give you stress, tension, guiltiness, anxiety & more it's related negative things. Higher frequencies only will give all the positive results like Happiness, Fulfillment, Wealth, Health, Gratitude, Courage & more! More clearly to say, people will give you much advice. Advice is the only thing which can get free that too often. But, you should be very clear about this. The advice is many. But the right advice at the right time matters a lot! 

In this case, Why humans should have control in their words? Why masters write about Be careful with your words quotes? Shall we examine it?

Words are the outcome of the THOUGHTS! Thoughts are getting born from MIND. The mind is coming from SOUL. The soul is the essence of Existence / Energy / God / Nature or you name it whatever. In this thing, you should understand one thing clear is that MIND operates everything! I mean this entire world! Each and every person's activities are the outcomes of each and every person's mind. Likewise, this entire world is running from the power of MIND. Without mind, we can't do any activities in this world.

Now, Why are we using words in this world? I mean any kind of words. You want to communicate with this world right? Why do you want communication here? Because you need something to you. That's why you are communicating through your language. The mind gives you the power to think and express it through body and language to these people and the world. So, without communication, you can't get anything from this world, right?

Then, why do you need materialistic things from this materialistic world? Because when all the time you get the thing which you liked, you are getting happiness right? For that happiness only you are running in this world, fixing your goals, earning health and wealth for it.

Assume, when all the time you get something from this world from your desired list, if you get pain or irritation through that getting things mean, will you run for it? Will you get it? No right? Because no one likes to be in pain or live in irritation. Everyone needs happiness only!

Okay... The secret is, PRACTICING the MIND like ALREADY YOU ARE THERE! It may be fake in mind level. But, it will bring you the exact result of what you assumed! Because mind doesn't know what is good and what is bad. It knows only vibrations! It will always give you what you feed! Now you keep this secret in your mind forever which will give you enlightenment!

When all the time you apply it in your life situations, then instantly you will see the positivity in heart! The secret is simple. But it will give great results only when you keep on applying it to your life situations by remembering it often! The Key is the same for your successful and happiest life. REMEMBER, MIND IS EVERYTHING!

So, when your mind is the king in this world then you should have control over it to win life easily with life winning secrets. You won't need any teacher for your success! Because your mind is the greatest teacher than anyone! Continuous practice on using positive words and being in positive thoughts is enough to start to find life winning secrets!

When I say, you should have control in your words mean, I am not only saying you to avoid bad words or yelling words at people. I mean, avoid using all the NEGATIVE WORDS! Why?

No matter where you are... The existence is there in all Galaxies including our Earth's Milky Wave Galaxy! More than our thinking the existence has tremendous power and unimaginable potential. One of nature's secret says that you will always receive what you give to this existence. This is another secret!

Why all the wise people say that, BE ALWAYS POSITIVE & AVOID NEGATIVITY? Because this life will put you in many struggles and problems. Without struggles, you can't get good experiences in life. Issues are the materials which is shaping you nicely! So stop complaining other people for your problems! Because It will hit you back like anything.

All you have to do is, be ready for it! Whatever comes, Don't panic, afraid or run away from your life situations! You should face it more boldly! Encounter it! This attitude and courage won't come that much easier, Even for mature people. Your mind needs continuous practice to reach this stage of enlightenment. Once you reach this stage, you will be worshipped as GOD by other people for sure! Because wisdom and maturity is everything!

When you gradually reach the stage of controlling your words, then you will literally see the miracles happening around you! If you don't know how to control your words, then better be SILENT! Not complete silence. You can speak in needful places. Because this world needs to see your intelligence in your speaking at the needful time!

Perhaps if you can be silent most of the time, then you will become an irreplaceable powerful person in wisdom gradually! Silence is the most powerful key to understand the truths and secrets in life. Once you are in silence, observe your mind and thoughts. Observe the inside feel! See how it works! You will start to receive the answers for your longings from the UNIVERSE itself! All the answers are within you only!

So when you have control in your mind and thoughts, you will only use comfortable and meaningful words with more consciousness. In many places you may saw, A single word hits more powerful and deep than 10 line Sentence! How it came? Because, when there is a clarity in mind and consciousness in using the words, it will come as CUTTING EDGE DIAMOND! It will be crystal clear too! That crystal clear words always will bring applause without fail! When it comes, then the people will start to see you like WISDOM KING / QUEEN!

Moreover, if you feel always low and negative in mind level, you will always shatter negative words. When you are negative in your thoughts and words, then your energy level also will be so negative. When your energy level is so low and negative, then it will grasp more negative energy people and negative happenings around you! So you will go more deeper level of hell in this living life.

At the same time, even though if you are facing negativity from people, tensions, issues, wealth and health problems or whatever you face, if you had practiced your mind to be in the mature mental state, then you will start to use positive and energetic words without your knowledge! How?

Because your past practice & positivity will be stored in your subconscious mind! When you always react and respond positively even in your bad and worst situations, then your body and soul will spit more positivity outside. That positive energy will grasp all the positive energies around you!

That positive energy is called OPPORTUNITIES, HAPPINESS, WEALTH, MAGIC AND MIRACLES! Once you come to the Importance of God's Creation on this earth, then you will start to unleash your real potential!

So that saying, please don't ever use negative words or negative thoughts even for kidding. It will immediately hit the universe and will get you the more level of the same energy to you! If you want to shine in your life and glitter like a gem, then you should be very careful in using the words and thoughts!

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