You Will Have More Than 1000 Teachers in Your Life!

You Will Have More Than 1000 Teachers in Your Life!

Teaching strategies are gold & Learning is called life! Learning won't end until our last breath. Each and every person in this world is learning something daily. Perhaps if you had thought that, your learning process was ended in education level till your school or university studies and you started to live the life in this materialistic world in your own thinking and ideologies mean, then it is called Ignorance. You should wake up from the dream now itself!

Many people in this world are thinking that they are having only limited Teachers who taught education to them. But that is not the actual truth. Education doesn't mean that Language, Science, Social Science, Maths or some other subjects in the syllabus on studying. The real education means, learning forever! So you can get the core values of teachers.

Actually, the real-life accidental and strange teachers are more valuable and powerful than comparing to your past life school teachers.


Your school teachers were teaching you only the basics to understand the subjects. Getting good rank, grades or appreciation from parents and school teachers alone won't give you life's fulfillment. Basically, you should find, teacher beliefs and values to get the real meaning of teachers.

Which means, your exact studies are getting started only when you walked out to this society and earn! Some people are earning money, some people are earning knowledge, some people are earning respect, some other people are earning fame and there are more varieties in earning. 

But the actual life travel will go on continuous learning! Many big scientists, Wise people, Successful Business Personalities & Enlightened Gurus (Wisdom Teachers) are still saying that they have learned only the less in this world. And there are infinite things to Learn! That kind of Big Subject is called learning! Teaching and learning strategies are much.

Through your school, it's parent teacher association, university & more studies, you were learning the fundamentals only, which is called Base Formula! With that formula, you should solve the Practical Life Issues, Life Puzzles, Strange Unexpected Circumstances, Unexplainable Situations & more related to it.

Actually, to say, many people are getting stuck in very small situations of life in very early stages. They are struggling more to come out of it! Because their understanding of learning was stopped at some point. Why? Many times their EGO is stopping them to learn something new. Most of the time, their lethargic and negligent activities are stopping their life growth. Personal values and beliefs around teaching and learning continues forever.

Life growth means, Health, Wealth, Appearance, Education, Personality, Knowledge, Wisdom, and more! So the demonstration method of teaching comes there. Teaching moral values in school are very little only, but it is getting started from society.

Those Gems who are open-minded to listen, observe and learn always, then this world is a treasure to feed them in all ways! Because open-minded learners are always eager to receive new things, they admit the change, love the acceptance and they will live in adopting the things.

But those people who stopped their learning in life and start to live by only Earning money or Some other less valued life things, they can't grow their knowledge level. When your knowledge level itself being struggled with your own self, then getting wisdom on this earth's life is not possible at all. So, people always should love to hear first! 

If you can't live your life as a good listener, then you will face many problems in your life!


Clearly to say, Wise people alias Good Learners, on the flow, even in passing roads, within a fraction of seconds they will learn something new from nature, humans and other creatures. I mean, literally within some of the seconds! 

Their Brain also will start to work in a broadway. So, the brilliant people alias Instant learners who don't have any EGO to learn, immediately they will surpass any kind of hurdles in their life! Because, even though if they didn't face the same kind of bad situation before, they will not see that Situation as Problem. Because they will see that situation as an opportunity to solve by their own self!

Even though if they struggle to solve it or they are new to that problem, their open mind and focused thinking will immediately find a way to solve it. That's why knowledgeable people are never worried about any kind of issue. They will face situations with bold mentality! And they will fight with the situation with their Will power, Confidence, Knowledge & Talent! So lovely right?

At the same time, the people who hate to learn new things in their life will suffer a lot, that too often. They will even worry about silly things like Vehicle is not getting started, Food is not tasty, I was late to the destination, Traffic jam is irritating me, Someone is badly looking at me, My Costume is Not Good Comparing to Others, etc, etc...

Why are they getting suffered for these? Because their understanding level of life is not mature! They may have got Top Rank in University, and Highest Marks in Campus, but real life things don't need your marks are Rank! It actually needs your brilliance in solving!

Moreover, to say, until you finish your studies, you may have lived with your parents and their support. They took care of you completely on Food, Costumes, Pocket Money, Study Fees, Personal Desires, Extra-Curricular Activities, and all other life-related things.

But when you enter this world without the support of your parents, everything will be so new, giant, and tough to handle! All of your studies will get vanished in winning the actual life. No no, winning is the final thing. Handling itself will be hell to you!

In this kind of situation only, the exact learning process starts. Approaching the People, Showing Gratitude, Living with Manners, Analysing the Truth, Examining the Life Situations, Impressing the People, Winning the people's heart, Appropriate Words Usage, Forgetting & Forgiving Mentality, Responding & Reacting to the Situations, Stealing Good Attitude From Other People, etc, etc are there to learn!

Once you learn something, among society, teach your monster to read or hear from you. I meant the non-hearing monsters who are in your close circle. So you will learn new things, shocking truths, Mind collapsing solvations & more from each and every moment and other creatures in this world!


When you became open-minded to learn, then this universe will start to feed the needful things as a boon! Actually, it is already happening there from second to second. We only didn't notice all these days, as we were continuously running with the wrong understanding of life and learning. So how are all we can learn and how are all this universe is teaching us in all moments?

Being a Good and Eager learner, You can Learn the AGILITY from an ANT! By seeing more consciously, you can learn to SWIM from a FISH! LURK from a TIGER! ROAR from a LION! FLYING high from an EAGLE! BREATHE & PATIENCE like TORTOISE, RUN like CHEETAH, FIGHT like MONGOOSE & more are there to learn from animals and birds. Each and every creature has it's uniqueness. No matter will you do the same as those. But open your vision and have some patience to observe these beautiful life's actual happenings!

Moreover, there are many persons are who are living in this world below your financial level. Many people are poor. But poverty doesn't mean that they are less valued or cheap in this life! In this God's Creation, Everything is the same in Broad thinking point of view and it's the truth too!

So obey everyone. Even the poor have their life, family and hearts. Appreciate their efforts and value their living. Give some confidence to them from your place! God gave you a little good position compared to those poor for, to like and support them only. Not to hurt or hate them. You can't support and feed all the poor. But you can do it in your available resources, right?

Even many poor people are having more talents than you! They have very good hearts than rich people. Respect it! Learn from them! Without EGO or Hesitation, when you start to learn anything from anyone, then you will go into the Realm called Positivity! So when you got showered with so much positivity, then you will absorb only the positive energy around you, wherever you go! That positivity will get converted as Opportunites. 

Through those things, you can achieve the greatest and fulfilling things in this world, which will give you complete happiness. Now you got my point, right?

Yes! When you start to see the world like this and live life in this mentality, then you will definitely have more than 1000 Efficient, Valuable & Powerful Teachers in your life for sure!

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