You Won't Get Peace If You Are Running Towards It!

You Won't Get Peace If You Are Running Towards It!

How to get peace of mind? Firstly we should understand that peace is not related to any kind of materialistic things. Because it is completely based on the inner side of humans. Peace is called STATE OF MIND. It won't come from any other materials. If you are feeling that we are going to achieve it from outside means, then we will get frustrated more only. Our search for peace also will not end till our lifetime.

Moreover, if you are getting some materials or things from this world, and you are getting peace through that means, it is pure ignorance. Because your mind is thinking like that falsely. The actual and permanent peace blossoms in the inside body, not from the outside world. That understanding is called pure wisdom.

Each and everything that we are going to keep, save or carry for any purposes always will make the way to travel in excitement which will lead to disappointments. It will not give peace in any way. Because, the "search" term itself says that, you are going to search. Which means you will travel till you find it. That travel time, distance, urge, expectation and all other things related to it won't give you peace. It will always give disappointments, tensions, and anxiety only. In this world, finding peace after a toxic relationship in anything is more important.

At the moment when you stop searching outside even inside (Don't Search, Just Be as It Is and How It Was When You Born), without thinking anything (Emptiness) when you do nothing to make yourself calm & worry about nothing, immediately you will enter into the state of Bliss and Peace! That won't come that much easier!

You should practice yourself more daily without fail. Because it is another life illusion trap made by god. To reach a good position and enjoy the freedom of life, you should pass this exam!

Because our mind is always thinking about many things. We are giving rest to it in sleeping time only. Many people are, in sleeping time too thinking many things and it is Coming as Realistic Dreams. Do you know why dreams are so Realistic?

Because it's another known illusion which is related to Mind's Play only! Did you ever think, if we continue to run the mind like this always, will it get damaged or not? Of course yes! For instance, you take a fan. If it is running continuously, it will get issues right? The same is applied to the human mind. Finding peace in a frantic world is not possible at all.

So stop searching for peace outside. You will not get it at any cause or any cost. If you really need peace in your life, then you have to change somethings in your character-wise and also in mind wise. How?

Without consciousness doing the activities 80% will give you bad and worst results only in your life. 20% may give you positive results. You can compare it to any kind of activity. When 80% is failing, then with that 20% of success ratio, you can't live your life happily. It will always induce you to find the deeper truth more which is called PEACE! So always Do each and everything more consciously! It will be so hard at starting, but gradually it will be so easy for you. Results also will be at sky level, trust me!

With peace only your mind will get calm and composed. That mentality only will make you live as most happiest and most comfortable person in this world. Without finding peace, going towards anything and doing any kind of activities will not give you the satisfaction mentality.

I am not saying you to live your life completely like a saint or any spiritual person. But have the clarity about this peace while living! Because without knowing what is peace and how to get it, then you will not get it in any other impossible ways.

So when you are going to live in this world and doing your daily activities, take some time and patience to live in peace. Once you taste that thing, then you will not leave it. Many people doing it as meditation. The "Meditation" term maybe a little tired or bored to see and read. But Meditation is so simple and more powerful!

I  am saying you to sit and just close your eyes. Many thoughts will come and go. You no need to control it or stop it. Just watch which are all your mind is raising! Don't travel behind it. Whatever thoughts come, just watch it and let it go. But you shouldn't travel behind it strictly. Likewise, do this daily in your free time. If you don't have free time, then make yourself free for it.

Because without having peace in life, traveling outside always for money and other things will not get you satisfaction. So keeping your time for your inner peace is your first priority! Even if you got satisfaction through some other things means that it is temporary only. It won't stick with you for a long time.

When the situation change, then the mind also will change. When the state of mind will change, then everything will change. So keeping your mind steady is the first job to win in any other thing!

You may see many people are earning much outside. Even billions! They may have a beautiful partner, luxury cars, lavish lifestyle and more related to rich scenarios. But I am damn sure they are not feeling fulfilled or satisfied. Not only me, but many world surveys also say this. Those who know to earn money, they know to count it and save it. But they never know to make themselves really happy and peaceful. Finding peace in chaos is an ART!

The happiest and peaceful persons are in this world are Babies only! Why? Because babies only don't have knowledge. They live with nature. That's why they are smiling and keeping themselves happy always. At the point when we start to learn more things to make ourselves potential, happy and peaceful, we lost our happiness and peace exactly there itself! Because that is the trap of God which was made for us to close our wisdom eyes. To realize our real potential we should calm our mind first and should enter into the state of PEACE.

After we found peace only we can able to find Wisdom. Overcoming retroactive jealousy will make a way to it. That wisdom will teach us to win anything in this materialistic world easily. Perhaps if you are running only for money, then you may earn millions even billions. But it is like being thirsty when you got stuck middle of the Ocean Water! Even though full of water is there, you can't drink!

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