Your Hostility Won't Help You in Any Way!

Your Hostility Won't Help You in Any Way!

When you keep hostility on someone, do you think it will make you proud or make you to live the happiest life? Not at all. You are killing your own happiness and also you are traveling on a very wrong path which is not going to help you in any way.

Hostility means the outcome of Your Anger & Misunderstanding. Even though some other people did the wrong thing, you no need to complain about them. Because,  the good things and bad things never happen to you because of others.

Everything exactly starts from you. If you complain to others about your problems made by other people, it is called ignorance. When you come to know this deep understanding on complaining, then you will not complain about any other people for your life happenings!

In this case of Hostility, you need to understand some important things which will save you from bad happenings in your life. Even after you read this and still continue to keep these behaviors and habits with you, then no one can save you from the negativities. Because this Universe is a Mirror! You smile, it will smile you back! If you show hostility, it will show you more hostility!

Hating people will take only a few minutes. But loving people will take more practice and patience. Whenever our thoughts going into judgmental things, we can't love people that much easier. Because our mind will think always about people's behavior, past happenings, their character and all. If we start to think about this always, automatically our thoughts and thinking will go the hating stage. We can't love, no no... Not even like anymore!

Why should you love people? What is the use of it? Loving them giving you more tensions only. Because they are reacting more negatively even if you show love. Nothing got changed. Because their character became like that. In between why should we love the people who are not worthy? 

You may have this kind of continuous questions in your mind. Let me tell you the clear backup behind this showing love on fellow human beings.

Firstly showing love is not for others, it is completely for your goodness only. Your love showing mentality will be useful to you only! Not for others. They will get benefited by 20% only.  But you will get benefited by 80%! Why and How?

When you start to project your character and personality as little short-tempered, hostile and irritated, it may help you to keep distance from the negative people. But you are becoming negative now! Did you notice it?

People may get afraid to come closer to you. But you are going in the wrong path now! Some persons are slightly hostile. Some persons are always showing hostility. Where it will lead them?

Whenever you start to hate the people and showing hostility with them, in starting it may be set you like a free person. But in future situations, you will use the same tool to show yourself more reserved or you will think that you are teaching lessons to sick people (Though if they really sick people).

Which means you are practicing the very bad habit unknowingly. You are thinking your hatefulness is safeguarding you with the invisible shield. But it is damaging you & your inner self in all ways. How?

Once you start to show hostility with people even if they did wrong things, then you will suppose to use the same hostile negative tool often. In this world, good people are very less. Because good things, good hearts mostly depend on self-discipline, positive attitude, broad thinking, showing gratitude, forgiving mentality & more related to it.

Unfortunately, very fewer people among thousand only having this positive mentality. Those who have this mentality, living their life very happily and peacefully. Some people may be very rich and may have millions too. But they are not the happiest persons or peaceful persons! Because money will not get you peace.

So in this world's design and people's situation, there are more negative people only roaming around. Many people may speak very nicely and more positively with their impressive words. But all those people are not good at mind wise. If we can scan their Aura Field, it will easily show that their thoughts are not good though their words are so sweety. So finding good people nowadays became so hard.

When we start to show a negative attitude, hostility for other people's mistakes, then we have to be in the same irritating mentality for life long. Because this world currently has very high negativity only in thoughts and activities too. So after seeing these people, if we start to have our mentality always with negativity suppression, our cells inside the body also will behave so odd and ill.

Whenever we use to say negative words, it is the outcome of negative thoughts. The negative thoughts are the outcome of bad practice and a bad understanding of the way of living. Because in this world, our studies and education didn't teach us the art of living. It is only teaching to earn money under a corporate company. Our main motive nowadays became only earning money.

When our thoughts are going to earn only money, then our all other positive ways of healthy living getting damaged mentally. In this case, we lose our patience first. We should learn to do positive things instead of showing hostility!

Further, we are about to have anxiety issues because of our misunderstanding in other people's cruelness. When a person into Anxiety and tension issues, then his body itself will behave so negatively to his own soul and body's health. When you don't have clarity about how your body is running and how your health is going, then you will suppose to lose all the life-saving things one by one in life.

Your health, wealth, positive thinking, adjustment character, understanding nature, forgiving and forgetting mentality, appreciation nature, temperance attitude, showing mercy and love and all other same related things will go away from your life. When you lose all these things one by one, then your body will be covered up with negativities only.

The negative energy always grasps more negativities only. So purposely without your intention or command, your deep negative nature will observe more negativity to you. When you start to observe more negativity, then your life will be stuck with so many issues in all moments. You will lose your opportunities, good people, good health and sufficient wealth.

At this moment when you don't have clarity on how to live, then you will suppose to make very bad decisions as went into the idiotic way of living. 

All these things exactly start from your first negative thought. That's why wisdom people are always saying you, think positively and behave more positively. When you start to behave so positively in your thoughts, behaviors, and activities then you will start to see the more positive and miracle things to happen in your life.

When some person is behaving wrong or they are cunningly planning to destroy you, better go away from them. Don't curse them or don't overthink about their character. Just forget and forgive immediately. If you always think about that, then you will have negative thoughts and sad feel to sprout into you! Do you need it even after coming to know the serious aftermaths?! 

The normal people will stay away from negative people. They won't entertain the negative people and also they won't entertain their own thinking by recalling those bad incidents often. 

The bold and one step forward good people will show love more on negative people. Even though they react bad and irritated, they will always show only love to them. They will do Ctrl+Alt+Dlt on their bad happenings :)

That nature will make the negative people to run away from them. Because the positivity of positive persons will repel the irritating negative people's negative energy. They can't stay with them as they were surrounded by full of positivity!

Showing love is very good and the most positive thing on this earth. But there are many people who are misusing it. The mature and enlightened people have crystal clear understanding of where to start, where to cut, where to avoid, where to do and what to do. But when the new people entering into showing the love on other people, they will face disappointments mostly. So practice matters. The starting people should be very careful while showing sympathy and mercy on other people

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