At least 10 Minutes of DAILY MEDITATION is Must in Your Life!

At least 10 Minutes of "DAILY MEDITATION" is Must in Your Life!

Word among us Daily Meditation means, not only prayer. It is about making you a more clear and successful person. How will it happen? When the meditators do meditation, it is the process called FOCUSING on a single thing. Some people will focus on their middle of eyebrows, some people focus on their breath, some people will watch their own thoughts whatever comes, some people will focus on some other things.

Meditation has more types and different ways depending on how they learned. But the entire process' destination is about to make our mind calm and cool. There are many Spiritual teachers who are ready to teach you meditation. 

Meditation also has very very hard types which will make your body leaner, it will also make you avoid food. Because at some point you will start to live only with Sunlight & Air. Very advanced and crazy level meditators only can do this to achieve their spiritual level high goals.

But you no need to do such hard level practices, avoid food and all. For your daily common life living, to get more successful and happiest things in this world, Normal Level Meditation Practice is more than enough. It will make you a very perfect person. All you need is the right teacher. A teacher to teach meditation, not from Readings!

Don't spend much money to learn meditation. There are more teachers around your territory, who are very much interested to teach you meditation for very little cost, some qualified teachers are ready to give it to you free of cost too! So just have time to find the right & good.

Let me tell you a very normal but powerful meditation technique that was taught by the great BUDDHA to his disciples. Through this method, many of his disciples were attained wisdom and got enlightened. Many disciples got supernatural powers too. Through continuous and desired meditation time spending, it is possible! So you must know the Importance of Meditation & it is the language of letting go!

At least 10 Minutes of "DAILY MEDITATION" is Must in Your Life!

Like shown in the above picture,

Choose the right place in your home. 

Sit straightly. 

Your spinal cord should be straight. 

That is a must for great results. In the starting, it is really hard to sit straight like this for very little time too. Because you will feel pain and discomfort. Don't worry, gradually the comfort will get increased. But, you should practice regularly. Because it is the Divine way which will take you to the Highest places in life! Once you sat like this,

Keep your hand posture as CHIN MUDRA (Shown in Above Picture).

Now close your eyes. 

You no need to do anything hardly or purposely. Meditation is called an effortless process. Only in effortless level, you will get miracle results. So whenever you do meditation, just go with the flow. Don't put hard efforts that are actually not needed. After sat, Spinal Cord Straight, kept hand posture in Chin Mudra, Closed your eyes,

Just consciously watch your BREATH!

This is the most important thing. You no need to do anything more. Just watch your breath...

Forget your surroundings, 

Forget your situations, 

Forget your life, 

Forget your life problems, 

Forget even your body,

And forget everything just for some minutes. 

No one will come and eat you or kill you within these minimum time of 10 minutes. All you going to give is just 10 minutes of your time to your miracle, healthy and wealthy life! So be dedicated and truthful to this meditation time. The main issue that you will face is that you can't concentrate continuously on your breath.

Because your thoughts will take you to many places. It will distract you always. But don't worry about it. Your thoughts are the outcome of your memories and the storage of your desires. So the thoughts won't end until you die. But gradually by watching your breath, the thoughts will come to control automatically. So don't worry about it. It will come to a good end, Trust me.

There are more methods like scripture reading and meditation, daily mass readings and meditations, daily prayer meditation, Regnum Christi daily meditation, Om chanting, catholic daily reflection and meditation, Dalai lama practice, Daily zen meditation, Hazelden daily meditation, Bible reading meditation, Kriya Yoga, Vaasi Yoga, Siddha Viddhai, Raja Yoga, Kundalini, Vipassana, Nava Kanda Yoga, Pariyanga Yoga, Athma Visaaram, Sleep meditation, Transcendental meditation, Loving kindness meditation, Chakra Meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Tibetan singing bowl, Guided sleep meditation, Silent meditation, Wall seeing, etc, etc around the world.

But your BREATH IS THE KEY to control your thoughts in all types of Meditation!

So why should you control your thoughts? What is the use of it? What is the benefit of doing this meditation?

The mind is the fundamental thing for a single person's activity and it becomes the world's activity. Each and every person's activity is the outcome of the human mind's thoughts only. So you can understand that the mind is operating everything in this world. From layman to the country's president, everyone needs MIND to do the activities. Without mind, you can't even move from a place or shake your hand. Now, I hope you understood the Importance of the mind.

The scientific research says the mind is creating more than 60,000 to 72,000 thoughts in a day. So if we run our minds always like this, with many thoughts, we can't focus on any particular thing. Which means, our mind was automatically practiced to run continuously like this without our knowledge. To witness this, just sit silently and speak nothing. In this way, are you able to sit without thinking anything? No right? Because our minds will think always something.

Your mind is your biggest destroyer! Once you learn how to control it, then it will be your greatest power & most powerful weapon to win this life. First, you should understand that YOU & YOUR MIND BOTH ARE DIFFERENT THINGS. Both are not the same. So don't be the victim of your mind's unnecessary thoughts which is actually giving you the pain all the time, even without happening anything in reality! The mind's overthinking and thoughts are killing your peace and happiness!

This is like, switching on your home's fan and not switching off. What will happen, if you don't switch off your fan? It will run always, at some point the fan will get mechanical issues right? The same thing is applied to the human body!

Yeah, if you don't know to control your thoughts and mind, then it will run continuously even if sleeping time. That's why you are getting a dream while sleeping. Our continuous thoughts running in mind will make our body so tired. That's why we need to sleep at night to get Cosmic Energy from this universe. The cosmic energy can be passed and filled throughout our body, only in the time when our mind is not running and we don't have any thoughts!

So, the Cosmic Energy needs Emptiness in our Body & Mind. In this case, if we don't know the art of making our mind empty, then we will suffer by more pain, disturbing feel, tiredness, and more early age diseases too! Everything is the aftermath of our Mind only!

So, this meditation is making us to have emptiness in our mind even in a conscious state. So consciously we can feel the cosmic energy which is passing in our body. This is a little hard thing only in the starting stage of meditation practice. But, it will be very easy for you by getting into daily meditation practices. Morning meditation or any time is ok. But the same place is important to get connected to the achieved state in mind very soon.

Once you started to do this daily minimum meditation practice of 10 Minutes as said above, or the instruction given by your trained meditation masters, you will definitely start to see the changes in your Body & Mind! Yeah, you will start to feel so light and kind-hearted. The cosmic energy's flow will make you a Divine's Special Creation! It will teach you many life's secrets from the energy level. You can't see the energy, but you can feel it!

Your ego will start to go away. Anxiety feel will never disturb you again. You will gradually get into the stage of peace. When you start to get peace, then you can find the available and possible opportunities around you very easily. It will give you very positive results too. You will be loved by your surroundings as your nature became so impressive. When the calm & coolness becomes your nature automatically by practicing meditation, then you will feel bliss inside your body, without doing any activities! 

You will also get the answers to your life-related questions immediately when you are in daily practice. Because this universe has all answers and secrets in the shape of ATOMS. In the conscious level of observing nature's beauty and things, you will observe the info from this universe's ATOMS by your body and mind. All information will pass into your subconscious mind in a fraction of seconds. And there are more unbelievable things and undisclosed miracles will happen in a meditator's life!

You will see the world from a very different point of view. You will perceive things from a very different positive nature. Everything will become easy and effortless for you. Even if something is can't be done by you, you won't feel bad or worry about it. Because, you will know that, this has happened for a good reason. This kind of maturity will sprout into you! And it will take you to a higher level of divine things to win this materialistic life!

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