4:00 to 4:30 AM Early Morning Wake Up MIRACLES

4 AM to 4.30 AM Early Morning Wake Up "MIRACLES"

You may hear that getting wake up early in the morning is very good for health and also for a successful life in this world. Many successful people are saying this only in their past life. And still, they are following it. In between, why are they saying this often? Why all the successful people are following it? What are all the secrets behind getting wake up early in the morning? That too specifically between 4:00 AM to 4:30 AM?

In the Tamil Language, we call it "BRAHMA MUHURTHA(M)" (The Crucial time of World Creator's Presence). Let's see it in detail.

There are more secrets behind this universe. Still, we couldn't find many myths' background and also it's reliability. Science is getting tired sometimes and they couldn't go beyond some point. Earth is one of the planets in the solar system. And there are more planets. As we are living on this earth, finding it's real potential and powerful resources is much necessary to live a better and successful life in front of this society as the winning competition also very high.

Let's see the universe's secret for successful life & getting up early in the morning now!

You may hear this continuously by your parents and other people. But the sad truth is, as we didn't know the real and it's unbelievable power's realization, we didn't start it yet. When a person really understood and realized the result of getting wake up early in the morning, then they won't leave it till their last breath. Because it will make you addict towards your highest life growth. How?

Everything in this world is made out of humans after the creation of God. How humans made it? Did you think? Yeah, it is all are the outcome of humans' thinking from their minds. You can call it knowledge. How the knowledge came? Through reading books, their own experiences, hearing speeches, watching video, etc, etc.

So everything came out of our invisible thoughts only right? From the remote car to the BMW car, Small light to satellite, Pocket to Rocket, everything is made out of Humans' invention only. God had created all of its raw materials. The invention all are come out of Mind & it's spark only. That's why we are saying thoughts should be very sharp and positive to achieve big things in this world as the competition level very high. You should be always keen to learn from many teachers in your life! 

Now you got my point, right? Yes, to win big things, you will need the finest thoughts, powerful mind and also Irreplaceable knowledge!

Where will you get it? How will you practice it? Even if you practice, do you think will you get it easily in reality? Not at all! It will take years! This early morning wake up 4:00 AM to 4:30 AM is like waking up in the middle of the night only for many persons, but the next day started already. It has some immense and unbelievable power which won't make you suffer much to achieve what are all you need in this world. Yes, this whole universe's cosmic energy will be so high at that time, and it will make you an enlightened person!

Nature itself coming forward daily to support you! All you need to do is, just be aware of it and consciously witness it without sleeping! 

The main thing is, once you woke up between 4:00 AM - 4:30 AM in the morning, then you shouldn't sleep again! That is compulsory. Even if you feel sleepy, you shouldn't sleep. Till the sunrise, make yourself engaged in doing exercises, meditation, doing prayers, writing, drawing, seeing nature & wishing about your desires, or anything! The point is, you shouldn't sleep again! Why?

Because, at this time of the early morning, most of the people will sleep in their homes. Very few people only will wake up. So when the mass numbers of people are sleeping, then this earth won't have the human minds' mixed thoughts vibration, which is actually very huge in working hours. The human mind's many invisible thoughts from many people are actually the destroyer & distraction of your focus! It will disturb you in your unseen base & won't make you healthy & wealthy too! Their thoughts will dominate you. That's why you couldn't manifest anything through your thoughts. When the focus misses, then everything will miss!

Which means, when the people are sleeping, their mind will go to Delta State when they don't have any thoughts. That's why they can sleep peacefully. Those who will have Dreams in Sleep, then it means that they are having thoughts in sleeping too. As a result, in the morning they will feel tired and they will like to sleep more. So, through our deep sleep only, we feel refreshed in the morning. How? Because we are getting energy through our sleep by putting our mind free and thoughtless at night sleep. Some people are using sleep calculator, alarm in wake me up in 20 minutes, Sunrise clock, etc. But nothing will work when you don't have strong desire to wake up.

Advanced human beings (Meditation Persons) who know the universe's secrets real potential are purposely making their mind thoughtless through their hard practices of meditation at any time. As a result, they feel refreshed, healthy, active & energized all the time. That is the secret of making our minds into a thoughtless state. The anxiety will be destroyed!

That is the power of thoughts. Thoughts can make you positively and negatively too. It's all are depends on your thinking and understanding level on this cosmic energy's grasping power.

So in the early morning said time, there is no suppression and hurdles of humans' thoughts around you. Most of the people will sleep at that time. At that time only, this universe's cosmic energy will start to work in a very positive way and it will hit our body and brain deeply, which will activate the brain's deeper neurons and cells. The higher level scientists themselves, only used 12% - 14% of their brains. Still, there is more potential of the brain. But the common people are struggling to use it even 3% - 4%. 

When our brain was activated very deeply and started to work more efficiently, then through our brainy mind and powerful thoughts, we can do MIRACLES in this world for sure! Yeah, literally you will start to see the miracles happening around you! I am experiencing it daily. And I really like, you too feel the power and achieve the same! This power and brain are just miraculous, Trust me...

Most creative persons like Filmmakers, Content creators, Writers, Artists, Music Related Persons, etc, etc are making their award-winning projects at this time only! You can ask them! They will wake up at this time & start to work. As a result, this universe's cosmic energy will hit their brains positively and make miracles. Yes, the content, ideas, thoughts, and creativity will start to flow in very unique, creative & also so powerful at that time! Some people ask me, waking up at 5am is Good? I say it will give you 60% results only.

Which means you will not work at that time actually. Really to say, the EXISTENCE itself will come as cosmic energy, it will enter your body's each and every cell, give you instant energy which you never felt before, and like a dream, the miracle will start to happen! Witness it later by following the same.

Once you got the result, you will come to know that, you didn't do that work actually! Yeah, you know very well that, your brain and mind started to work like a Flash of Light which was never done before! So you will feel clear that, it is the activity of GOD/EXISTENCE only! 

All you need to do is, just make yourself available, conscious & aware without sleeping at 4:00 AM - 4:30 AM in the morning! When you are so conscious at that time, then you can feel that Divine/Cosmic energy's passing flow inside your body. So get up early in the morning. You shouldn't need any tips for waking up early. It should store in your mind as it is your life changer!

It is really hard to wake up early that too daily. Because your sleep is the biggest killer of your success. Sleeping 4-5 hours daily is more than enough for a successful life. Many successful persons are sleeping only 3-4 hours in a day. In many interviews, they said this. So, if you want to achieve big things in your life, make your dreams come true, become a more successful person, then definitely you will need the Divine's Support. Without divine support, we can't run a long-lasting successful life. When the brain and mind start to think in a negative way, then you will fall down again. So you will crystal clear clarity!

So when you start to get Divine's energy daily by witnessing it consciously, then you will start to glitter as Diamond in front of this world. And waking up early in the morning will be a great SECRET of your successful life forever! Follow it without fail & taste the miracles! All the very best for your Positive, Happiest & Peaceful life!

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