5 Things to Remember When You RESIGN YOUR JOB

5 Things to Remember When You "RESIGN YOUR JOB"

Before seeing the Resignation Letter Sample to draft, there are some important things to take note of. Resigning your job will take a fraction of seconds in deciding. Further approaching the same with your company, will take some notice period to come out of it. But, before resigning from your job, you may have thought about High salary and your comfort things to join another company. But there are more deep things to see when you quit your previous job and interested to join with others. 

Don't follow the same template or format of your past career. You may have chosen to go to the same kind of job, or even you will change your entire career too. As the job is related to earning money, which is compulsorily needed in this world to live, you need to see the salary package for sure. At the same time, you need to see the following things to make your job time as the best experience.

Many people in this world are working, just for money without their interest. Because their passion, interest, and nature are completely different when comparing to their current working job. Due to their circumstances, the compulsion of family, financial position, without any other options, purposely they are working in different companies, which is actually not suited to them.

When you go to many companies and ask their employees, they will definitely say this. They won't like their current job. Just for money, paying EMIs, caring family, they are working under pressure. But if you ask them which is the desired job, they will say the lovely one. But the situation is not healthy and supportive.

Some people came to know what's their desired job. But sadder to say, many people still couldn't find a job, which is fit for their nature. So, you should find first, what will give a good future to you! Further, if you are going to resign from your current job, then you should assure the following things below. Or else, you will get suffer more in the new place and a new job too.

1. Raising Questions to Yourself for Resigning

Apart from the best resignation letter example, when you resign your job, your main motive shouldn't be the Salary only. Because all the employees are only focused on salary only. The salary alone can't get you happiness. You will realize it later. So assure yourself that you are leaving the current job for more comfortable and valuable reasons. Because, if you are jumping from a company to a company just for money, you may get a good salary and also, nice promotion level. 

But in the future, you will definitely feel that your life wasn't a good journey. All the days, you were traveled only for money and promotion. The people who know to make their current time as heaven will be always happiest persons. Salary is only a supporting thing for them. So when you resign your job, raise questions to yourself for, other main reasons & valuable things to quit. Your employment is your backup!

2. Analyzing Your Mental State

Before you give notice of resignation, analyze your mind. For some other reasons like Love/Affair with girls or boys, Traveling distance, Activity of fellow worker or higher-level person, etc, etc, you will resign. So whenever you resign your job, you may leave all those tensions and problems temporarily. But can you assure, the same problem won't come to the new company? Definitely, it will come!

Because, whatever the problem comes, if you know to behave gentle, clear & mature, then you can pass out any kind of life hurdles easily. 

But when your mind is not ready and always doing the same mistake again and again, then you will not feel the peace or happiness in any job. So when you resign your current job, it is compulsory to analyze your mental state. Further, assure your own mind that, it will not get repeated again. Even if the same or different things will come, tell your mind that you have plans and solutions to prevent it! So you should value your past life job experience more.

3. Shouldn't be a Blaming Person

For whatever reasons you may come out of your previous campus. But when you enter your new company, your new friends will ask that, for what reason you came out. At that time, even though if the problems and mistakes were with other people or with the company, you shouldn't blame them. Better avoid that kind of question to answer, and say them politely with the light revealing answers which will not make them understand clearly. 

Perhaps if the mistake was with you before, then purposely avoid answering. But in mind level, you should know the pain of it and also you should have realized it. This kind of silent nature in blaming times will make you a mature person. Moreover, your fellow workers and friends also will come forward to speak with you more happily as you are not being a blaming person. Blaming other persons even if they are bad, will not help you in any way! To grow yourself in a good way and positive nature, you should be in the places of positivity only. Avoid negativity. This will get you a good name and also a reputation around you.

4. Best than Before

Each minute is teaching you something in your life. Especially in your job, as it is your earning related, you should be keen to learn always something. And also applying past experiences to your better future. Whenever you resign from your job, after questioning yourself for good reasons, you should make yourself as, Best than Before! Yeah, because you are going to the new company. You are going to meet new people. The place, people, situations, working method, formula and everything may be different.

Even though you learn something new from there, you should show your value from your past experiences in front of them. But don't be a show-off! They should give respect to you and your abilities. The low category workers itself, have many talents. So whenever you go to the new job after resigning, then you should be best and also the finest version from your past! Which means, you shouldn't repeat your mistakes again. Though your new company people are worthless, you shouldn't stop yourself from learning something new. For better growth in your career, you should choose your job at the next level.

5. Very Soon to Your Desired Passion

Actually to say, life is not for earning money only. There are more things to see and experience. God gave us this beautiful life to live happily. Not to work always and just earn money. To live happily, we will need money. So till some point, earn money even if you didn't like your job. But till that, don't borrow any money with others. Because from using credit cards to borrowing money will make you to get into big financial traps. So you can't come out of this kind of big problem. Your entire life will go on, only in repaying your debts.

So when you work, make sure that you won't borrow. Even if you have borrowed, try to settle everything as soon as possible. Because there is a beautiful life beyond this regular job and earnings. For that, you should make your mind to live in reality and also in enough mentality. When you practice living in this mentality, then you will not waste your young age. Before your old age, when you have strength and health, with the available wealth, you should get into desired passion life

That life only will give you complete happiness. Whenever you do the thing which is close to your heart, whatever it may be, you will get unexplainable happiness always. So you should go towards that happiness only. When you resign your job, keep in mind that, you have another job to be done which is in your passion side! Keep remembering that, very soon you should quit everything and start to travel on the path of passion before your life ends.

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